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Sandra Bullock -- Baby On Board

7/12/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock held the cutest piece of carry-on luggage ever -- her adorable son Louis Bardo -- as she boarded a flight in Austin this weekend.


The 45-year-old new mom headed to Los Angeles to attend a funeral.


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ya we know its only the white people that are racist, weve heard all that before. so when a black man says he wants to kill all whites its not racist, ya we know....

1564 days ago


And, yeah. I think that baby Louis is dang cute but for those who say he isn't in their eyes... I'm not going to accuse them of being racist. Because, honestly, there are plenty of babies and kids who are dang adorable and plenty who aren't; it's silly to assume someone's a racist because they think a kid isn't sweet.

I happen to think that the following celeb kids are quite unappealing: Ryder (Kate Hudson's son); both Knox and Pax (Jolie pitt sons); Honor (Jessica Alba's daughter); Bronx (Ashlee Simpson's son); Sascha (Jerry Seinfeld's daughter). Many of you might disagree. I'm not wishing ill on these kids, but I do find them not at all cute. Each of you is entitled to your own opinions and I'm not going to accuse you of being racist if you agree or disagree with mine. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

1564 days ago


@susie - I don't think you're a racist. It's fine to ask questions about race, identity, adoptions, etc. I believe that open discussion is healthy and although you make points that some others mightn't like, you're doing so in a respectful, thoughtful way.

I'm just happy for Sandra and for Louis. He will grow up being well cared for - both emotionally and financially. And she now has a wonderful family, in spite of her ex's horrendous betrayals. Like any family, Sandra and Louis will have various issues they'll have to sort out through the years; that's just life... for folks of any colour.

Quite frankly, I'm much more worried about Sandra having to deal with her lout of an ex-husband, his insane second wife, and the poor kids from his previous marriages.

1564 days ago


The kid is ugly. I think this adoption was gross. I wish people would keep their legs crossed and stop producing ugly, unnecessary children. That goes for all races, btw.

1564 days ago


What does lily white Sandra (German descent, no less) know about african hair, skin, etc. That boy should be with black parents, with a black father as his role model. And yeah, why don't rich blacks adopt and save some of their own people? Tiger Woods, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Michael Jordan, Oprah (African girls' school, but nothing in this country), Kanye West, Halle Berry...The list goes on and on. Not only do most of them have children, so they could have adopted, but many have children with a white partner. Is anyone catching on yet? Blacks get rich and leave their own behind. Disgraceful.

1564 days ago


SARAFINA: If Americans are all dumbasses, wtf are you doing on a site that revolves around American celebrities and culture? You all love to hate on the US, but really you know that you're just envious of what our country has. Get over it, and take your dumbass foreign self elsewhere!!!

1564 days ago


"Only anti-human being look at the color of one's skin"

That's what we're saying! Sandra only wanted a black baby. It's the fad right now and Sandra jumped on the bandwagon. Sandra put her career above children for 45 years and no natural mother would do that.

1563 days ago


shelley & briana: You poor brain-washed idiots. You sit there and watch the crap that is on TV now and think that is the real world. Do you really think black women like it when black men marry white women and when white people adopt black children who have no father because he's out reproducing with a white woman? Believe it or not, those white prostitutes and hardcore pornstars on all those reality shows who are married to black men are not common. And now we have old rich white women purposely adopting minority children for the publicity. Did it ever occur to you that this may have a large impact on the minority population? Is it even healthy for the children? The real racists are those who believe that white's are doing a favor for a minority child by "saving" them from their inferior minority background.

1563 days ago


Wiley>> I am hardly a brain washed idiot. I do not sit here and think it's the real world. I live life and KNOW in my world color and culture does not matter when it comes to loving people. I am a white skinned North American born to a Romanian/Hungarian father (immigrated at 1 yr old) and Irish/Russian mother. I am married to a dark skinned Latino man (and I am not a prostitute or pornstar as you seem to believe would be the only ones to marry outside their race). I am the mother of a beautiful mixed little boy (who will learn about both his parents background) and most of my friends are of one culture or another. I do not see people's color but respect their values regardless of what they are or where they came from. If black women do not like when other's adopt black babies then they can adopt too. I encourage them too and I support whether they want to adopt a white, black, asian, etc. There are few 'white' babies for adoption so what is a person who wants a family to do? Would you still have this hatred if Sandra adopted an Asian child? I doubt it. I believe in your case, and many others on here, it is strictly to do with color and not cultural or ethnic background.

As for what impact on minorities will this have...dear, God, I hope there is a POSITIVE impact. Where people of the world accept another person for who they are and not what color they are and that the world minority is no longer used. A world where people are just people. Ok, so Sandra has to figure out his hair as a previous poster seemed to think would be her biggest problem. And there will be some extra time and parenting needed regarding the adoption and interacial thing but that does not mean it's a bad thing. I don't understand why people see only color. Why can't a white person adopt a 'minority' baby? I am very much considering adopting a baby from Haiti. Not for publicity (as you seem to think is the only reason a white woman would adopt) but because I have been to Haiti, I have seen the devastation, I have seen the need the children have. Haiti has touched my heart and soul in a way you can never imagine. Why can't I help?? Because I'm white? There are simply not enough adult Haitians to adopt all the childen that are orphaned. It makes no sense to me that when a child is in need, I can't help because our skin tones don't match. I am not 'saving' it from it's background and would fully support if it wanted to someday go back to help rebuild the country.

I do not agree with people such as Brad and Angie who adopt for the sake of it...they are not providing a stable loving home and can not possible be providing the love their children need. But in Sandra's case, she wants a family and is prepared to settle down and do what's best for Louis, so why hate on her?

I thank my father for being open minded and knowing well enough to teach me at a very young age to accept people for who they are. People are people and we shouldn't hate on someone because they are trying to build a family for themselves.

I encourage you to see beyond the color of people's skin. I encourage you to travel outside your hometown and see life. I encourage you to LIVE YOUR LIFE AND STOP JUDGING OTHERS. I believe it may be you who watches tv thinking it reality.

1563 days ago


Shelley- Why is it that people like yourself are forgetting about the huge number of babies in THIS country that need homes? Haiti is a terribly devastated place, but what about the children in the USA that are orphaned and alone, what is wrong with adopting them?

1563 days ago


Gemini81 >> there is absolutely nothing wrong with people adopting from the USA! I wish everyone who was in a position to adopt would regardless of what ethnic background the baby was from. The issue on this thread seems to be that Sandra should not have adopted a black baby. The process in the USA took her 4 years and that's who she was placed with. She did not set out to adopt a 'minority' baby...just a baby. She's happy...why can't everyone else on here be?

As for I don't really want to wait 4+ years and secondly..once you see the things I saw, it's hard to turn your back. I know new born babies will be adopted right away here. In Haiti, there are 1000s of babies and children (young & old) waiting. Maybe if I had never been there ((I've been to the island several times)) I wouldn't feel such a strong connection to them and would adopt closer to home.

As I mentioned earlier..everyone who can adopt and can provide the love, stability and support that a child needs should adopt whether in the USA or internationally.

1563 days ago


i think he is so cute! he always has the best expressions on his face, like in these pics, i imagine him saying "step off! don't you dare come near my momma!" lol!

1563 days ago


whats wrong with his feet?

1562 days ago


I think that whatever Sandra wants to do with her life is just fine. It doesn't matter what color you are or if you wear designer clothes or not. I may sound like a freak but I'll pray for her.

1559 days ago


wow wat an ugly baby no offense y cldnt u just adopt a baby your color come on.... and plus that your getting back with jesse

1552 days ago
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