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Tony Curtis Hospitalized --

Breathing Problems

7/13/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Tony Curtis has been hospitalized outside of Las Vegas since last week -- after experiencing breathing problems during a local appearance.

Sources close to the actor tell TMZ Tony -- who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -- was at a Henderson, NV Costco on Wednesday debuting his latest artwork products when he began to have trouble breathing.

We're told Tony was taken to a local hospital ... where he's still holed up while doctors conduct tests.

Sources say Tony is in stable condition and will hopefully be released soon.


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Is that Gregg Allman?

1562 days ago


Her Royal Highness Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and so many other beautiful women had the hots for Tony. Beautiful Janet Leigh married him. Talented and handsome. He still is a Silver Fox!

I cannot think of even one actor today that matches Tony's Silver Screen popularity. Rest comfortably and get well, honey.

1562 days ago

Debra Grutzius    

I was at Costco on that day and had a picture with him and got my book signed. He seemed fine. He is a true gentleman, a class act and one of our few remaining Hollywood legends. My prayers are with him for a sppedy recovery.

1562 days ago


He's a self-centered, obnoxious bastard-always has been-and still thinks he's a big star fifty years after his last non-embarrassing gig. Don't waste a moment of your lives worrying about him or crying if he dies, because the so-called human being behind the facade was never worth it. Ask his daughter.

1562 days ago


To # 19 Raejean - You act like he did something to you personally, although I'll bet you've never even met him. Just what is it we are supposed to ask his daughter? Something that you read in the tabloids? Something that his daughter was upset about and called him out? Reading your comments makes me feel like I would rather hang out with him than you any day. Your rude comments only go to show that you are no better than him.

1562 days ago


I'ts no secret the Curtic had a HUGE cocaine habit in the 70's AND eighties... he's fortunate to be able to breathe at all.

1562 days ago


...that'd be CurtiS.... (I hate typos, too.)

1562 days ago


Ah, he used to be so handsome. He needs to leave his face alone. Talk about misplaced vanity!

1562 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

R U All Kidding Me??? No one is going to address what a FREAK He Looks Like? WTF? He has had so much plastic surgery he looks like a different person. He looks more like the Cat Lady "Jocelyn Wildenstien" from NY then he does his old photos. He looks like a cheek implant monster. YUCK

1562 days ago


For all you who are hoping he'll "get well," he won't. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmanary disease) is also known as emphysema. You don't get better, only worse. And then you die, by suffication. I know, I watched my mother go through it. RIP Tony...

1562 days ago


I'm sure Tony is regreting all of those years of hard-partying and cigarettes, 'cause this is the end result. Curtis admitted to cheating on Janet Leigh throughout their marriage and divorced her to marry the 17-year-old co-star of his movie at the time. Curtis went on to marry three ladies, and had 6 children (one dead of heroine overdose, Jamie Lee an alcoholic, Kelly doesn't speak to him, etc.)
Oh, and I remember when Jack Lemmon had ridiculous and corspe-like looking plastic surgery right before he kicked, too.

1562 days ago


Wishing him a speedy recovery...
Acai Max Cleanse

1562 days ago

Devon Walker    

Modern Science can keep Tony Curtis alive past a million, but we can't put a cap on that damn hole at the Gulf.

1562 days ago


The submarine movie was Operation Petticoat and it also starred Cary Grant.

1562 days ago

Stacy Harris    

All investigative reporters know- and the general public should know- the true definition of "stable condition," as the phrase is a favorite ploy of hospital flacks and celebrity publicists schooled in the art of obfuscation.

The term denotes, just as it implies, no change in the patient's condition. Not for the better, nor for the worse.

Generally, a patient's condition is categorized (though sometimes with qualifiers) as being excellent, good, satisfactory, fair, poor or grave condition.

Therefore, a person who is "stabilized in good condition" has good vital signs but is not improving to the extent that there will be a same-day release. ("Good but stable" often borders on redundancy.) The hospital may be running some more tests, but recovery is expected and the patient appears to be out-of-the-woods. (Still, the hospital is hedging its bets.)

Regardless of the medical team treating the celebrity (or any other patient), when it comes to "news" about a person in any "but stable" condition less than "good", that patient is already in the hands of the spin doctors.

So when inquiring minds really want to know, they usually look past the "stable" modifier, unless it is a situation where no news is good news.

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor
Stacy's Music Row Report

1561 days ago
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