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Lucille Ball's Daughter

Sued over Mom's Stuff

7/13/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lucille Ball's daughter has no right to some of her mom's memorabilia that's about to go up for auction ... that's according to a lawsuit filed to make sure the auction doesn't get derailed.


The lawsuit was filed in L.A. County Superior Court by Susie Morton -- whose late husband Gary Morton was previously married to Lucy when she died.

According to the lawsuit, Gary inherited a bunch of autographed pictures, artwork, and furnishings from Lucy when she passed -- stuff that Susie claims became hers when Gary died.

Susie is planning to auction off the items this weekend, but Lucy's daughter -- Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill -- now claims the items belong to her, according to the legal docs.

Susie wants the court to declare that she is the rightful owner of the Lucy treasures, thereby clearing the way for the auction.


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Diane Marie    

And what about Lucy's son? Why is everyone concerned only about her billionaire daughter? This whole thing is sooooo petty - so Morton's wife has a few trinkets to auction off - who cares? I'm sure Lucy's daughter has hundreds of her mother's most valuable treasures, not to mention the entire Desilu fortune. When you're greedy, enough is never enough.

1561 days ago


Lucys stuff belongs with her daughter....The reason Susie can sell it is because it means nothing to her! Bad JuJu Susie!!
Give it back to the family!

1561 days ago



1561 days ago

Elizabeth Hunter    

How low down can one become; well this women is a lowdown dirty rotten scoundrel !! Little Lucy good luck; I hope you get what is rightly yours, everything your Momma would have wanted you to have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the courts do the right thing and block this woman from selling $$ and benefiting from something that is not hers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1561 days ago


O course they belong to the daughter, why would they belong to an X? Money hungry ****e, those items mean nothing to you .

1561 days ago


I'd like to know what company is handling the auction so I can see the items up for auction.

BTW, I can't believe Lucy didn't leave anything to her kids. She probably did and you'd think Lucie & Desi would have sued a long time ago if they didn't get what was left to them. So if the items up for auction are items that Gary inherited from Lucy, Lucie & Desi Jr. are SOL.

I think a copy of her will is online somewhere. I know it was listed at ebay years ago.

1561 days ago


Sorry no question the items belong to Lucy's children.

1561 days ago


Luci Arnez should get her mother's things. The daughter of the man who was married to Lucille Ball has no right to Lucille Balls items, period. They weren't left to her in a will were they? I think Luci Arnez has a good case in recovering her mother's items. Blood is much thicker than water.

1561 days ago


I originally thought Susie was gary Morton's daughter too, but reread the article. She was a wife he married after Lucy passed away.

1561 days ago


Scavengers of any description are dispicable! Gary Morton left his former deceased wife Lucille Ball's property to this woman when he died? What is this widow - one of those scavengers that buy the personal and private contents of public storage units in order to re-sell at flea markets? Shame on you! Return these items to Lucy and Desi, Jr. Or, bad karma will catch up with you.

1561 days ago


Greedy beeotch. If they are anybody's they are definitely her daughter's. Just because your husband was once married to somebody does not make you anything. I hope the judge throws her out on her greedy butt.

1561 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

This is sad for so many reasons. Of course it would seem only right and fair for Lucy's two children to inherit all her belongings, certainly not the woman Gary Moore married after Lucy's death. But...unfortunately, what's fair and right isn't always what's legal. In this case, when Lucy left Gary her posessions, that's when her "rights" ended. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that unless there was a trust in place where successive rights would be determined, what was Lucy's, then Gary's, is now the property of Gary's family, not Lucy's. Sadly, Ms. Morton is the legal beneficiary.

I mention this because something similar happened in my family years ago with my paternal grandmother's estate. She lived in Florida at the time of her death, and back then, at least, when a spouse died, the surviving spouse was entitled to 1/3 of the estate, no matter what. So after she died, 1/3 of her estate went to her husband (who was not my grandfather...she remarried after becoming a widow). Yet...her husband died shortly after she did, and guess who got my grandmother's 1/3? His children, who literally did NOT know my grandmother and certainly didn't care one whit about her, just her money. No one in my family would have had a problem with her husband getting that share, but for it to go to people who were complete strangers? The lawyers should have just taken the money and thrown it off a bridge, because that's how senseless and unfair all of this was. We tried reasoning with the inheritors, but our pleas fell on deaf and greedy ears.

The moral of this story is -- learn from our heartache. If you care at all about what happens to your money and personal posessions when you die, then by all means get everything in order while you have time. What Lucy should have done was set up a trust with Gary as the first beneficiary, and then when something happened to him, it would all go to the next person named, NOT Gary's next of kin. And come to think of it, this also happened on my other side of the family after my maternal grandmother died and my grandfather remarried. He died not long after and his new wife got everything. I remember just how heartbroken my mother was to see her beloved mom's possessions now in the hands of this woman. Fortunately the woman was gracious enough to give the children all the sentimental items, but they all lost out on the rest of the estate, including the home where some of them had grown up and where this woman lived only a very short time.

Yes, it's a crime to see Lucy's items to go to someone who had only the most tenuous connection to her, but perhaps Lucy should have been more savvy way back when to insure that her two children would wind up with everything, not someone who is basically a stranger.

1561 days ago


If the items belonged to Gary Morton, then upon his death the items would become the property of Susie Morton. She was married to Mr. Morton for 10 years and California is a community property state.
I agree that the personal items should be given to Lucy’s daughter. These items should stay private especially the love letters and cards Lucy wrote to her husband of 28 years.
If only Lucy’s daughter would have asked for these items to be given to her upon his death.

1561 days ago


Her daughter is Greedy I would keep verything Thats so rude.. Yea My mom was there when she died also .. They had a ranch down the street from where i used to live its not there ne more but always though be cool actually see the ranch it was in Norco California if any one knew that ..

R.I.P LUCY still watch your show when it comes on t.v

1561 days ago


From what I remember Lucy Arnaz Luckinball is the executor of her mother's estate and as such was awarded those items her mother deemed appropriate in her will. It would also appear Lucille left her husband of 28 yrs., Mr. Gary Morton certain items of art and memorabilia she deemed appropriate for him. His widow, Susie, was awarded his items at the time of his passing. If she chooses to sell them now it is no ones business but her own. The fact that Lucy Arnaz is now claiming the items belong to her - well where was she when Gary passed? Who's the money grubber now????

1561 days ago
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