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Lucille Ball's Daughter

Sued over Mom's Stuff

7/13/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lucille Ball's daughter has no right to some of her mom's memorabilia that's about to go up for auction ... that's according to a lawsuit filed to make sure the auction doesn't get derailed.


The lawsuit was filed in L.A. County Superior Court by Susie Morton -- whose late husband Gary Morton was previously married to Lucy when she died.

According to the lawsuit, Gary inherited a bunch of autographed pictures, artwork, and furnishings from Lucy when she passed -- stuff that Susie claims became hers when Gary died.

Susie is planning to auction off the items this weekend, but Lucy's daughter -- Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill -- now claims the items belong to her, according to the legal docs.

Susie wants the court to declare that she is the rightful owner of the Lucy treasures, thereby clearing the way for the auction.


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Lucie has become wealthy beyond her wildest dreams - all thanks to the legacy her parents created and left - and by no accomplishments of her own. She has NO RIGHT to claim belongings left to a daughter from her dead father. In fact, Lucie should be ashamed of herself for making a mockery of the gift her parents left us all. Lucie gets the royalties for all the Lucy garbage on the market. One would think that is more than enough for one greedy woman. Please !! Lucy cows !! Not to mention all the other junk produced daily. Most likely by slave labor in China. I'm sure Lucy and Desi are very ashamed of their first born.

1561 days ago


Lucille Ball's Trust Agreement states as follows: "Upon the death of the Grantor (Lucille Ball Morton), the Trustees shall make the following distributions from the trust estate: ... B(3) To Grantor's daughter, LUCIE ARNAZ LUCKINBILL, all jewelry, furs, clothing, and personal effects."

This normally private information is being made public by Lucie's attorney to eliminate any confusion about the ownership of the items. How this is being missed by some of the media and the public is fascinating. The 'personal effects' Lucie is seeking are a few personal letters and awards that have little, if any, commercial value, and these 7 items are a VERY small portion of the total number of items Ms. Morton is planning to auction. Lucie has nothing to gain financially from these items and intends them to be donated to an appropriate museum to ensure their proper handling and preservation for the future.

BUT even if the items were left by Lucy to her husband, it seems that if Lucie or Desi, Jr. wanted a few items of their mothers, it would be appropriate and correct to not sell them to strangers. Any of us would want that, whether we were in the public eye or now.

And by the way, both Lucie and Desi, Jr. are incredibly talented performers in their own right. And very nice and honorable people. At least that's MY opinion as I am lucky to call them both my friends.

1560 days ago


Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's first gr child doesn't have one memorabilia from either of her famous gr-parents. I just dont think it is fair to this family member, She is blood and their first born grandchild, I think she is the one to have these items.

1559 days ago

John N Connor    

I think Lucie Arnaz, has so much class, that she did not want to take her mothers things, while her husband was still livng. I'm sure he treasured them himsef.

Now that he has past, those items should be split, and passd onto siblings Lucie and Desi jr. Her two kids, with Desi Arnez.

I'm still wondering how Lucie Arnaz, doesn't have the $1/4 million dollars to put a stop to this, so called Susie Morton, who comes off like a gold digger, insead of putting the items into a museum where they belong!

1559 days ago

Jayne Roberts    

If you are reading or have read this article. GET A WILL. Leave to your kids what you want them to have, leave the rest to whomever you please. Ball must not have left her daughter much because she could not come up with the money to stop the lawsuit.
There must have been a reason for that. I do not personally know any of these people so I really do not know the true story behind any of this. I would agree that the present Mrs Morton would have no reason to keep the items because she is not emotionally committed to the them and has no reason to be. If the daughter wants the property then she should have to pay for them. Her mother chose not to leave them to her in her will.

1556 days ago


you people are just brainless if Lucy wanted her kids to have her stuff she would of willed it u know how your family does, Lucy and Lucy were not getting along. Personal problems fans should stay out ,anyone notice Ricky jr makes no sounds he knows what was going on .Lucy was not that kind of friendley person in fact her and Gary were mean to fans I saw this in person. Lucy was great on her show thats it she was not the I love lucy as you think. too bad

1477 days ago

MaryAnn Posalie    

Maybe they could come to a compromise as to what could go to Lucy...truly sentimental things vs. things that she could let go and Let Mrs. Morton sell.

1387 days ago


for heavens sake people the above article reads that Suzie Late husband Gary Morton was PREVIOUSLY married to Lucy Ball when she died. So before Lucy died she left her Then husband Gary Morton those posessions in her will. They then Legally become Gary's property. Then After Lucy died he married Suzie, apon his death Suzie was his legal wife. In that case any posessions belonging to Gary when he died became the property of his wife Suzie. Lucy Ball did not leave those things to her Daughter Lucy Arnaz Luckinbill. They are suzies property to do with whatever she wishes. Good Luck Suzie I hope you win because you have the legal right to everything your husband left. P S PLEASE READ ARTICLES PROPERLY BEFORE YOU COMMENT PEOPLE.

1373 days ago

Randolph Burns    

Lucille Ball was a crude and ignorant woman. Her personal asistant Greg Watson had found some rare movie posters of Lucy in my movie poster store Cinema Moments in the 1980's. I offered to give them to Lucy for a meeting and to sign some autographs for me. The posters were valued at $1,500. Greg set the appointment. Lucy acted as if I was a bother and told me she was going out if her way for me. This was at her office at Lucille ball productions on Sunset Blvd. I was not going to be intimadated by this sad clown. I told her I could sell them, and really didn't need her approval. She told me I was not funny, through her squinted little beedy eyes. I told her if she wanted an original set to call K-Mart and maybe they could find them for her. These were 1933 Goldwyn Girls originals.I purchased then at an auction. She pushed a few autographed photos towards me over her desk, without even looking at me. I threw down the posters on desk. Later Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous featured my store on an episode when I had a Golden Stars of the 1940's party. She insisted on being featured by sending me a letter and a signed pencil drawing lithograph of her form the 1940's. In my interview I explained how "gracious" Lucy was to my business. Immediately after the shiw ended I sold the letter and drawign to the highest bidder. I am sure her secretary Wanda wrote the letter and Lucy was just trying to keep her name out with the latest and hotest show of the time. She disgusted me. Meetign her was a nightmare. I should have just sold her the posters, but I thought she would be gracious like the other gret stars I had met. She was not.

1314 days ago


well it should belong to lucilles daughter, shouldnt matter what the law "states" the government just likes to screw people over

1282 days ago

Lisa Smith    

Bottom Line is we 'ALL" Lost the Greatest of Treasure's...
" Lucille Ball" and ' Desi Arnaz "
yet..." The Greatest of Gift's " We'll ALL FOREVER POSESS...

Our Memories,

Thank You for them

Lisa Smith

1225 days ago


Who cares!

998 days ago

Kathy Smith     

I have a Lucy Arnaz Vanity and Mirror For sale It Has the original Shipping tag That reads Jamestown N.Y. furniture To Mrs Desi Arness 1000 n. Roxbury ect. Call Kathy 661 397 8767

959 days ago
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