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Oksana/Mel Tell Different Stories Re: Extortion

7/13/2010 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is a "long paper trail" showing Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort money from Mel Gibson in return for keeping the tapes secret ... this according to sources connected with the actor.


But a source close to Oksana tells TMZ, "She did not try to extort Mel Gibson nor did she ask him for money in return for the tapes."

As we have previously reported, Mel's attorneys plan to meet with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to make "a presentation of evidence" -- which, we're told, includes their evidence of alleged extortion.



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im tellin u if them courts take his daughter.. mel is going to go bat **** crazy

mark my words lol

1527 days ago


Allie its men who create skanks.The stripclubs,brothels,sport and video game adverts r all about skanks..Men create women like this by using them as sexual objects.If men could control themselves we wouldn`t have half the problems in this world..

1527 days ago


Well, ROL would not have this: WARNING: This audio may not be reproduced or republished....if Oksana didn't get a big pay-out from them for leaking the tapes. (ROL must have paid big money for that, why their server can hardly keep up.) She obviously didn't get her extortion money from Mel and had to go another route for $$$ since the gravy train was drying up from Gibson and Dalton.
Oksana sure knows how to push buttons, lead and direct the actor into getting the results she wants. She's cool, calm and collected and sure to say all the right words, push all the right buttons, people can usually do that when they know they are taping someone without the others' knowledge. Betcha anything she was working with a certain someone that has been waiting to stick it to Mel since 2006. Too bad that person is a greater hypocrite than Mel Gibson.
Get sober Mel Gibson and take personal inventory again, you already know the answers, just do it. Where are the friends that Mel Gibson stepped up and helped out in Hollyweird when they needed a hand up?

1527 days ago


Mel is getting what he deserves...............thank goodness his ex wife Robin has her freedom and is free of him!Can you imagine what she endured all those years?! really don't think that THIS Mel wasn't HER Mel..........Psycho Mel?!She was the way most abused wives are............quiet, because she didn't want to ruin his image......after all he had a litter of kids to provide for, and she was brainwashed,scared, and probably loved him. Mel just met his match and got outplayed. How does it feel Mel to be the one on the other side of control? Now YOU know what it feels like to be manipulated,and scared. Doesn't feel very good does it. There's no fool like an OLD fool. You really didn't think she was going to have a litter with you and be the scared obedient new little woman did you? You met your match and maybe you needed to!

1527 days ago


i'm in Mel's camp. I've seen women do exactly what he is saying. She just drove him to the point he couldn't control himself. People in his position that are on the verge of losing everything blurt out things they shouldn't say. You know many use language in anger they usually wouldn't say. A high percentage of sane people can be driven to that point. Everyone just always wants to blame the married man for cheating. A lot of married men that never considered cheating and are in good marriages are lured by women that aren't even in love they just want to take the man's money, use them and then spit them out. This is no innocent woman. She drove Mel to the point of snapping.

1527 days ago


I hope Mel's mental illness doesn't continue to be untreated due to all of the yes men and fans that surround him. It's a shame, a talented man with such success, and he's striken by this horrible psychotic condition. I hope he gets strapped down and shot of meds in the ass if need be. He might be a perfectly decent person, but clearly, this disease has taken over his mind.

Oksana didn't create this monster.... chemical imbalance did. If he ever recovers, I bet he will never forgive himself for what he did to her. It's really sad.

1527 days ago


Well I listened to the tapes and I agree that he was verbally abusive however I am of the opinion that she incited and deserved it.
Women like these know the type of men to play these games with and they never would do this kind of thing with a man who would act instead of talk.
As for the bat and rose garden comment, Firstly, a rose garden is a beautiful scenery. No one would equate something ugly with a rose garden and since he does not mention the type of bat, I also have to assume that he could have meant throwing a dead bat at her head. She does seem to be a person who would scream if she see a dead bat or one flying around.
I have been in a situation with one of these type of creatures complete with the cheerleading and advisory friend whom would not have hesitated to step into the breach and make herself available to me. All I had to do was to say to her friend "Hey! why don't we...........". The things that prevented me from "acting" was that I could not put the pressure of having to grow up with what I would have done to correct the situation, on our son, her two daughters and also my nieces, nephews and other people who knew me and that I had become anti gun and had gotten rid of my weapon.

1527 days ago


Don't care who said what or who put out the tapes. He should go to jail for knocking out her teeth.

1527 days ago


Hang in there Mel, You've made a huge error of judgement and am paying a very hefty price for it. Stay calm and deal with what you have control of. Don't let this situation take anymore from you than what it already has. Keep your own person in place. Remember your only human. Try and stay calm no one should be able to do this to anyone. You have reacted aggressively due to the exceptional situation you are faced with. You are you. Your talented, handsome and you need to find yourself. All the best and take care.

1527 days ago


Is it true that Mel was diagnosed as bi-polar back in the 70s? If so, that explains much.

1527 days ago


One of these days you’re going to wake up and realize how much you care for her and when that day comes she will be waking up next to the guy that already knew.

1527 days ago


EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has just been released actor Mel Gibson is in talks with the rainbow coalition to do a bio on the "Life and times of Rev Al Sharpton...starring mel gibson and Andrew(diceman)Clay.

1527 days ago


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh extorting money is such a horrible thing to do to him! POOR POOR MEL......... WOW WHAT THE **** EVER!

Thats the least she should have done to him after how he's treated her and the baby! Mel is grasping at straws now, he's desperate he's been caught.

Just imagine we only her tapes of phone conversations, think about how he was when he was with her and the baby....... its so horrible and sad.........

he should pay her alimony and child support and his ass should go to jail......... the emotional and physical abuse she they had to endure............. not caring the fact she was holding the baby as he beat her?

I use to like Mel, but wow HE MAKES ME SICK!

1527 days ago


15. 'None of this would have happened if Mel would have just given this woman enough money for her to sign a confidentality agreement and sign over half custody of his daughter with her.'

Agreed. Michael Jackson was smart enough to get a confidentality agreement with Debbie Rowe, she got the $$$$$ and keeps away and keeps quiet. Mel, I mean MadMax was not capable of doing this.

1527 days ago


Oksana is no fool. She gets pregnant by another celebrity ( will always have money off of the kids support) She had these tapes "leaked". She will get Gibson one way or the other and looks like she will. That was one pissed off man. Even if the tapes don't make it in court the dammage is done. They are public now. Gibson hung himself just like Tiger Woods. By their own words on tape. Woods was just a kinky lier and cheat but Gibson's no mistake physical threats is a whole different ballgame. I don't think Gibson is worried about his movie career I think he is worried about possible jail time if this plays out. This is not the first time. Gibson is showing a pattern of threats and violence. Gibsons own words "you deserved it". I think Gibson lost his baby girl.

1527 days ago
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