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Oksana Demanded Millions for Tapes ... Allegedly

7/16/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Mel Gibson tell TMZ they have "hard proof" Oksana Grigorieva tried to extort Gibson, demanding more than $10 million from the actor in return for keeping the secret tapes just that -- secret.

Our sources claim Oksana demanded a specific amount of money. They would not reveal the exact sum but say it's more than $10 million.  And the sources say there are emails and other "physical evidence" to prove it.  As one source said, "There's a long trail of evidence"

TMZ broke the story .... Mel's lawyers will be meeting with L.A. County Sheriff's deputies, making a presentation of evidence which includes alleged evidence of extortion.  We're told the lawyers want the Sheriff's Department to launch a criminal investigation after they present deputies with emails and other physical evidence.



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Get over it Sweetheart ofcourse the tapes were edited by the site that posted them peoples names and places I would imagine had to be edited out for fear of a law suit and naturally they had to be edited to small clips so they could be released over time so the site would get more traffic. I can't believe you don't comprend that no one but the courts will get the completely unedtied tapes which probably will have more juicy stuff in them. And regardless of what you believe about this woman either you believe she was a horribly abused woman or a gold digger nothing excuses what Mel said and the sexist and racist comments that were made by him. Sorry but that's how your favorite actor and your idol feels inside about certain races and women. It my break your tiny little heart! Dun worry you can cry on my shoulder I'm here for you.

1525 days ago

Miss Cali    

Knew it! This Russian wh()re is so transparent!

1525 days ago


In the end I believe that most men or women in her shoes would gor for some $$ too.

That is just the society we live in now. If it's easier to play a victim...or get paid cuz you are one...most folks would.

I'm NOT saying that's what people SHOULD do, just what they would. No one takes the high road anymore.

It's much easier to just go to the bank rather that go to work, ya know?!

1525 days ago


I totally believe she tried to extort him. Having had experiences with manipulative, vindictive people she fits the trait. I saw it a mile away when she hooked up with him a few years back. Russian women are pretty ruthless when it comes to living a better lifestyle from poverty. They will do just about anything and screw anyone along the way. I hope she serves time. When is the next Mel Gibson movie coming out because I'll be sure to watch.

1525 days ago


The other day Harvey was talking abt shock factor on TMZ live.

About the lawyer who worked it to his clients advantage.

I could not agree more. I am hearing Mel's rage every time I walk into a room that has a television in it!

It does not have that shock value to me anymore. I've heard it too much already, people are saying they are sick of hearing it also. The jokes started long ago around these parts!

It may not have been such a good move to release them pubicly.

Wonder if that's dawned on her camp yet...wink, wink...

The public is slowly turning on her now.

Americans are more known for loving them some celebrity than they are for loving them some Russian!!

1525 days ago

pat m    

Regardless of any alleged extortion this is one very sick man. Those tapes tell a story that clearly will be impossible for him to live down. Sure, some of these posts support him but MOST will not. The damage has been done and even if he shows some intent to extort the information released show him to be a fool and a creep. Neither one makes good box office.

1525 days ago


Ok, I admit it, I was WRONG!!

She's a GoldDigger!!!

Sorry Mel, but, you are so innocent either. You have to learn to control your temper! You can't go around talking to people this way or look at what they will try and do to you!! At the same time, she's just trash!!! That's just crappy!! They ought to take those kids away from her! What an evil and sick thing to do! I'm still not on team Mel but, not on team Oskana either. Team Lucia!! (God help her, really!)

1525 days ago


its obvious to anyone that mel gibson is crazy and violant,,,his poor wife has outed him as a person who hits women for no reason at all and hates black and jewish people,,he assualted a girl scout asking for donations last year cruel can a guy be??
ladies and gentleman I implore you to boycott mel gibson until he donatews 5 million dollors to my favorite charity the human fund.

1525 days ago


She probably needs that money to treat that honker of a cold sore on her lip. Such haters!

1525 days ago

Miss Cali    

This woman was a hostess at a restaurant when they met. Not saying anything bad about being a hostess, but a far cry from her alleged successful music career. Of course she saw dollar signs when she hooked up with Mel. He spent 5 million financing her failed career and again, she flopped and he cut her off. That is when she hit the road. Listen to what he is saying in the tapes. She used him, took his money (and in the tapes shrugged off the 5 million on career, saying it wasn't paid directly for her..selfish ****!) and then set him up with the tapes and extorted him for millions. With joint custody she wouldn't get a penny of his money under CA law. She was going for full and a big payout.

Remember when she agreed to the 20 million payoff, but then backed off? I believe it was then she tried the extortion of another 10 million. The greedy are never satisfied. He could've offered her 40 million and it still wouldn't be enough. She wanted the upper hand and control. Just like she is in control and has the upper hand in the tapes. She led this ill man off the cliff.

When the glimpse of him not being stripped of visitation and custody was when she released the tapes. They were not admissible during this hearing. All of a sudden they are leaked during the days of the trial. Her plan failed and it's only going to get worse. She is a control freak and gold digger. The gloves are really off now. Wait and see.

Black widow. Women like her love to destroy men.

1525 days ago

Miss Cali    


I think it's cute how TMZ changed the picture above..taking off the one with her herpes lip.

1525 days ago


I don't like it when anyone is setting someone up. It shows their true character and it really bothers me that this gold digging Oksana did it. She's conniving and ruthless. so many people are defending Mel against this manipulator now. The truth shall all come out. Now Mel is not a bad person, but he needs help. This conniving women took him for a ride and he lost it. He lost everything to this black widow. She's going down. I hope the authorities arrest her.

1525 days ago


mel is broke

1525 days ago


What seems odd to me is the 5th tape makes her look soo bad. If she did tape/edit/leak or anything with these tapes....that 5th one just tears her apart. Mel even critizes her as a mother to her 12 yo and as a golddigger. It basically, sums up what everyone is already thinking. Not to bright of her to release that one if you ask me. Made her look even worse. I know, no one asked, lol.

1525 days ago


i believe you Sweetheart. i would not put it past this hore to try to extort more money out of Mel. she is a singer. she prob has some contacts on recording experts who may be able to edit these tapes. Mel was angry about something not just this witch talking so calmly about nothing. she prob has given back as much verbally as she took from Mel. but we are not hearing her crap..not fair. even if all that mel has said was true recording, she prob changed her side on the tapes. again, would not surprise me if she altered all but at least her responses.

BTW Sweetheart...WILL U PLEASE KEEP REMINDING PPLE THAT SHE WAS SHAKING THE BABY AND HARMING HER AND THAT IS WHY MEL WENT CRAZY TRYING TO SAVE THE BABY? pple keep forgeting that part of it. perhaps mel did hit this witch but it was to try to save his child from her and in the process may have accidently hit the child but it was HER fault for trying to harm the baby!
ANYBODY would go crazy if their child was being harmed. yea God help anyone who tries that with my children, i would chase him/her down and beat him/her to the pulp or worse!

1525 days ago
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