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Mel Gibson Not Stripped of Visitation

7/16/2010 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the judge in the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva custody battle is keeping the status quo, meaning Mel still has visitation rights with his daughter, Lucia -- at least for now.

Mel's visitation agreement -- signed off on by both parties earlier this year -- provides for daytime visits and one overnight a week.


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I guess money CAN buy ANYTHING. He is a filthy animal who needs his ass beaten all of a sudden, from behind, without warning.

1530 days ago


Money has nothing to do with this decision.. He has every right to see his baby...

1530 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Guess the judge wasn't swayed by the pic of the bruised chin. If there was even the shadow of suspicion, the visitation would have been put to a halt pending further investigation.

1530 days ago


Mel is a GREAT DAD.

1530 days ago


well we all saw that coming didn't we? judge paid off and obviously male! mel is guilty as hell but will never spend a day in jail - i'll go out on a limb father and state THERE WILL NEVER BE CHARGES FILED AGAINST HIM EITHER.

i'll bet no charges will be filed against Oksana either because then while defending herself in court ALL mel's dirty little secrets will come out. they won't be able to file charges against her either.

1530 days ago


Come on people...get a's only her word that he bruised Lucia's chin. Many things could have bruised it...does she have pictorial evidence like she has with the tapes??? It's harder to doctor a pic these unless she has a pic or video showing Mel hitting his daughter...there was very little chance he would have lost visitation. This has been a waste of time and money today. DO NOT GET ME WRONG...I AM NOT ON EITHER SIDE..just the judge has to rule on ALL the facts and not just one side...

1530 days ago


That's good... He wouldn't hurt his baby!

1530 days ago


Good!!! Leave Mel alone. She is just another money grubbing ho trying to get rich off of her who ha!!
Team Mel!

1530 days ago

get a life ho    

Mel has proven himself 7 other times of being a wonderful father, whereas that skank whore has only proven she is a gold digger who will spread her legs and drop a baby for a paycheck

Posted at 4:58 PM on Jul 15, 2010 by barnswella

Proven himself ? Yes he has proven himself to be a jerk and a creep of an alcoholic father . Some role model .

You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about . Some of kids have problems , major ones . You just dont read about it . How do I know ? If you live in the LA area in run in certain circles you know . Don't assume anything !

1530 days ago


Mel Gibson is obviously insane. He has proven he's a nut time and time again. Oksana did what every abusive woman would love to do! Prove that he's not what he appears to be. Gotta love revenge!

1530 days ago


Here's the thing, IF the child was "bruised" it would support Mel's claims that Oksana was shaking their daughter when he allegedly hit her to stop her from harming the child...
Not once in ANY of these ILLEGALLY obtained tapes does Oksana say that Mel harmed the child...
Oksana has openly committed several crimes in her quest to secure the $$$...
She ILLEGALLY recorded telephone conversations...
She violated an order of the courts by releasing the tapes...
She failed to report any instances of alleged domestic/child abuse...
She continued to subject the child to alleged violent situations...
She drug her Dentist into it, whereas he is also a criminal for failing to report suspected domestic abuse, which he is MANDATED to do by law...
She violated the court order in regards to visitation - contempt...

Can't wait to see her house of cards fall completely...You see, whether it's Mel or not on those tapes, Oksana used them to disparage MEL'S character and she WILL be civilly liable for any damages the tapes cause him...

1530 days ago


What a load of horse ****. Just another innocent child swept through the cracks of the Family Court System - where the best interest of the child is NOT what these dumbass judges have in mind.

I pray for that poor baby when she's in the hands of this monster.

1530 days ago

Miss Cali    

I hope the Russian gold digger loses custody.

1530 days ago


#16 GET A LIFE HO, THANK YOU FOR STATING THAT. I KNOW TOO THAT A COUPLE OF MEL'S KIDS ARE SERIOUS DRUG ADICTS. THEY COULD MAKE MICHAEL JACKSON LOOK LIKE A VIRGIN TO DRUGS. there has also been criminal charges filed in juvenile court and adult court against his kids. yet the die hard mel fans won't listen. please give more info!!!!

1530 days ago


Could have backfired where the child will have been removed from both of them and sent to Robin...

1530 days ago
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