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Robyn Gibson Supports Mel in Court

7/15/2010 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's soon-to-be ex-wife, Robyn, has written a sworn declaration on behalf of Mel, saying he has never physically abused her or any of their children in the 28 years they were married ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned in the declaration, Robyn writes, "Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage."  Robyn also says there was never any domestic violence perpetrated by Mel against any of their children. 

Yesterday, Robyn was spotted out running errands in Malibu.

We've learned the declaration was filed with the court this morning.  We're told Robyn's declaration will also be submitted to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department when Mel's lawyers present their evidence to deputies next week.
In the 1-page declaration, Robyn acknowledges that she is divorcing Mel but says,  "Mel was a wonderful and loving father."

Robyn -- who is widely respected in Hollywood -- could ultimately be very powerful ammo for Mel.



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Voice're humiliating yourself. No one believes are both doing yourself a disservice to protect yourself in the future, as well as causing irreparable damage to ALL YOUR CHILDREN.

1539 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

and wow... you slut supporters would have evidence against Oksana dropped in your lap and STILL you'd say "mel's lying, mel's a psycho... blah blah blah" what about the psycho trying to ruin him?

1539 days ago

JVM Fan    

I just saw MG ranting in a straight jacket--yes he is wearing a real straight jacket....and still ranting. OMG

1539 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

and # 128 you're just an idiot... go home already

1539 days ago


Good for Robyn for sticking up for Mel. What a sweetheart she is! She was married to him for a long time. The world would have heard something if Mel had hurt Robyn or any of his children during that time.

1539 days ago


@bleh what ones? Oh you mean that DUI wwhere only that one cop heard all of this and his own dept doesn't believe him?

You mean that one that there is no proof besides the cop who tipped tmz off and i bet got a cool check lol...

Yeah my brother who i a cop says its BS. If he was that bad they would have called in more to help and they have the power to remote record and they didn't. So nothing on the cars video tape, nothing on record on dispatch system, no other officers to back him.

All you have is One Cop no one believes. The one the Dept tossed the arrest report because they told him there is no way he could prove it and they could be sued. Mel could have walked out admitted to the DUI and then sued the snot out of that PD and they would have lost.

No he went to rehab.. and refused to sue because he said he didn't remember.

1539 days ago


Well, she had 7 children for the man, that's enough abuse in itself. He seems like the type, if he doesn't get what he wants, he'll just go nuts . "Love me, or I'll make your life hell!" - that's his attitude. He's a self-loathing narcisist. This ex-wife of his seems to have been very much the doormat, and happy to be so, and I suppose that kept him (kind of) calm. She reeks of 'dysfunctional', and is the type who keeps quiet when she shouldn't (like those neighbors who see children being abused, and look the other way), and also opens her mouth when she shouldn't - like now. She knows that he's behaved like an animal, yet she'S happy to support him. She's just as nuts as he is, and EVIL. I suppose she's eager to come out smelling of roses, and to prove that she was 'the good wife', and that the other lady must be the bad one. This whole thing must be giving her a new lease on life. Nothing but trash.

1539 days ago


Well this is a GOOD woman who would not lie and has no reason to support her almost x-husband. She already is getting 1/2 of a lot of money, so to call him her "gravy train" is pathetic thinking. This woman is a pearl who is going through a difficult time already and certainly there is something very alarming about this Oksana woman....something behind these rants besides a "crazy man". Something hurt him, something she did was horribly deceitful and while that does not justify his words entirely, it certainly might justify his anger. He handled his anger absolutely wrong...but who hasn't. I would bet my x-husband's and my words at the end of my marriage if recorded would make both of us look like pathetic unprofessionals...but they do not convict him or point to anything other than a person very hurt, angry and in need of some balanced advice and therapy. I believe Robyn and THANK GOD for women like this.

1539 days ago


herewegoagain... Exactly! I'm glad someone finally gets it! You've lived with it, so you understand. People are so ignorant on the subject. Just because he wasn't psychotic with Robyn means very little. Mental illness can change forms or be exacerbated at any time. I don't know if Oksana was a trigger. As I've said, I've worked with mentally ill people. You can be doing absolutely nothing to them, and be called every name in the book. I'm not telling you anything you don't know I'm sure. This society needs to be enlightened on the subject. Maybe this situation will help do that. Although, if this comment board is any evidence, I doubt it.

1539 days ago


This is evidence on what a lowlife Mel Gibson is; this is Mel Gibson's PR team desperately trying to find a villain to blame for MEL'S despicable behavior....if they drag another woman into it, they think somehow people will believe it was "caused" by one woman instead of Mel owning his behavior.
Robyn.....have some self respect and think of your kids....BE TRUTHFUL AND DO NOT BACK UP YOUR SLEAZY EX-HUSBAND THAT THREW YOU AWAY!!! He's a monster!

1539 days ago


I feel sorry for Mel, and yet I don't. He cheated on his wife with this woman and in a way he does deserve it.

She's obviously setting him up. She's being cool, calm, and collected because she knows it's being recorded. I do think she could be in legal trouble though. I think in CA both parties have to give permission to record a private conversation.

1539 days ago


A good and loving father, but not a good and loving husband though. Telling, very telling.

So he promised you an even bigger slice of the divorce pie then, Robyn, and no long, dragging it through the courts, hm! Of course you're forbidden to talk about it, that was part of the deal.

1539 days ago


@harryNipples umm yeah her letter to the court will help in family case.

Letter from her just killed any hope of gold diggers chances...

1539 days ago


what the eff has it he got to do with her,she admitted years ago he has a temper.His team got hwe to do this,denise richards bad mouthed charlie then recently while facing court again she came out in his defence.He is abusive on the tapes,sorry i find it hard to believe this man was not like this during the marrige.Wasn`t he married to her when his last hate filled rant happened.This is the hollywood machine going into damage control 4 him..Pathetic

1539 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

what is wrong with you people?!? ANY female celebrity could call TMZ right now and claim they're being abused by their husband and RIGHT AWAY you will take her side without ANY regard for his feelings? I feel sorry for anyone who dares try and marry you evil morons

1539 days ago
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