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Oksana Had Lawsuit Ready Against Mel Gibson

7/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva had a civil lawsuit prepared and ready to file against Mel Gibson back in May, in the event Gibson failed to negotiate a custody and financial deal she considered fair.


We've learned during the two day mediation in mid-May,  Eric George, who was Oksana's lawyer at the time, drafted and threatened to file the lawsuit, alleging assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

As we first reported, the parties agreed to a $15 million package for Oksana.  When the outline of the agreement was signed, George abandoned the idea of suing. 

Sources say although lawyers on both sides were well aware of the secretly-recorded tapes -- which one source called "the 800 pound elephant in the room" -- the lawsuit George drafted made no specific mention of tapes, nor of Gibson's racially-charged comments.

As a result, the tapes could have been used as leverage to settle the lawsuit after it was filed.  Now that the tapes are out, Oksana has lost a lot of that leverage.

The suit George drafted sought unspecified damages.

Oksana ultimately refused to sign the mediation agreement in its full form ... she says because she didn't want to give Mel unsupervised visitation.  Gibson's lawyers scoffed at the notion that Oksana had a problem with visitation, claiming that after January 6, he had regularly spent time alone with Lucia and she encouraged him to have even more visitation.


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So, TMZ, how much is Mel paying you for the remarkable change in slanted reporting????

Posted at 6:52 AM on Jul 23, 2010 by japaneseprimrose

LOL!!! Another one who thinks if someone prints something that doesn't praise Oink$ana they're being paid by Mel Gibson. LOL!!!

1552 days ago


Can she get her story straight. She told her friend (see link below)that Mel would hide behind bushes (bwahaaaaa!!!) in front of restaurants and wait to see if she would go home alone. Now, she says he hires people to do that.

And get this, that bedroom incident - Oksana came running into the bedroom and told Sasha "Hide Sasha. Mel has a fit." Sasha hid under the bed AND SAW Mel strangling her (she said on the bed recently, right?), lol. Guess he has Xray eyes.

How did Oksana find out about Violet Koval? You'll laugh your head off ............

Read it here :

1552 days ago

A. Conda    

Please disable Sweetheart.
Serious problem there.

1552 days ago


Looks to me as if this WAS NOT AND IS NOT about Lucia or any CHILD SUPPORT. This was and is about Oskana believing she is entitled to money because she was Mel Gibson's girlfriend for 16 months.

Didn't she realize MEL never married her, they were never even engaged, he didn't live with her, and their relationship lasted a shorter time than many high school romances.

Why would her attorney have a lawsuit prepared and ready to be filed in civil court in May should Oksana not get what she wanted at the negotiation table those two days. Assault and battery? Aren't those charges usually pressed by POLICE, not in the civil courts? And why did her attorney allow and why did she choose to sign ANY child custody paperwork that allowed Mel unsupervised visits if she was afraid for her daughter's safety? Wait, she had been letting Mel see Lucia unsupervised didn't she? Hard to negotiate when you have been inconsistent. She keeps chasing her tail doesn't she?

When I think about the perks she got while in the relationship I can't believe her gull! I wonder why Mel did not have her sign to promissary note to pay back production costs he paid upfront to help her music cd become a reality. Then again maybe he did? He said on the tapes he had to sell paintings (remember all of this HELP he offered Oksana was occuring after Oskana got pregnant prompting Robyn to file for DIVORCE. I am sure most assets were frozen until the marital assets distribution were finalized for the almost 30 year legal contract/relationship). Mel remarked he had paid $5Million on HER (Oskana). That is $312.500.00 a month for the life of their relationship! I bet he didn't mean Lucia and I bet he didn't count every expense either. I bet he was talking music career expenses including legal bills (she filed three lawsuits: one about a website, one about copywrite violations, and one about a 2004 underwear photo shoot she did). And what did he end up with for being so generous? And when it ended what did she do? She wants the money to keep coming in.

Her screaming, "I APOLOGIZE for NOTHING" and her trying to deflect the real dollars he spent on her by claiming he supports "an army" and "maybe the problem is with THEM" showed her true colors to the world.

This woman has carved a life by being a manipulative parasite. Her whole life she has used her body and looks. She is now 40 years old and already under the plastic surgeon's knife multiple times. She has three failed marriages and who knows how many failed relationships. Yet she believes she is entitled to compensation simply by becoming involved.

Life doesn't work that way.

Any chance TMZ can find out how much Mel helped with the Sam Oriti case?

Can TMZ find out if there was a lingerie company at all? Obviously she or someone bought lingerie from some company and Sam or someone Sam paid took photos of her back in 2004 crawling all over a piano in her panties and bra.

Hey, bra.... didn't she take up with an OLD (70+ yr old) American bra-maker while in England? Alan Bergman was his name. Is he still alive? he would be around 90 now. He is on the record saying Oksana was an "opportunist". He did however remark she was a "lovely girl". What bra making company does that man or his family own?

1552 days ago


If this bimbo gets one dime, I will be very angry. If Mel wants to leave some money for the baby do it through a trust fund leaving one of his children with Robin as Executor of the trust fund. Give OSTINKA no control over money -

1552 days ago


geewhiz, that needs to be added to the oksana said game post.


1552 days ago


Hey folks,
How ya doin'? Just thought I'd let you know...Sweetheart is a character I've been creating for my new movie - Fish Brains. Thanks for indulging me... FYI...The character was formed by combining a retard with a douchebag...and from some of your comments, I feel quite confident I'm on the right track.
Take care,
Danny Devito.

1552 days ago


heave ho heave ho
its time for ok-ho to go
i hope mel wins
heave ho heave ho heave ho

1552 days ago


Damnnnnnnnnn, how many lawyers/lawsuits does this chick have ??????? And what the hell does she need to speak to an employment lawyer for????? Since when manipulating rich older men and making babies just for the money became a job?????????

1552 days ago


Mel's getting what he deserves. Never should've left your wife of over 30 years for a piece of a**. Don't you know a gold digger when you see one? You been out of the game too long Mel, you got pay to play these days... Thought you knew.

1552 days ago


Please LA Courts get this case put to bed and this despicable woman and her children deported to Britain or Russia where American men will not fall prey to her lacking personal integrity. Hopefully, the child is deemed not to be of his DNA and this creepy, non-talented Russian who has been taking men (along with the help of her sister and mother) on various continents will meet-up with a guy that will actually play-out her story. I've been pro-feminism but what is playing out via ROL and the ignorance of television are the acts of an illicit and truly disturbing woman (with Mel Gibson haters behind her).

I'll never view another T. Dalton film, again. Any high-profile British actor who would permit his pre-puberty son to live with this woman cannot be of high ethics himself.

1552 days ago


Oksana got pregnant on purpose. The only way to get a celebs money. She played him for a fool and won that one. Gibson was wrong no doubt but I think she had this planned all along and Gibson fell for it. Gibsons career is shot. As bad as those tapes are she sounds very scripted like she wanted to piss him off further to get this on tape. She did it. Why did she not seek help if she was so scared? Gibsons text of "I'm not safe for you last night" doesn't sound good either but sounds like he calmed down and wanted to make ammends as he stated. They are both stupid. Oksana will win on this. Gibsons career is shot she doesn't have one to worry about but she will get money and child support and go her merry way.

1552 days ago


There it is. Proof that this russian bitch is a lying, money grubbing gold digger. She claims that this was not about the money, it was about "her child; only about the safety of her child". If that was the case, why was she ready to sue him if she didn't get a financial settlement she liked? She's a money grubber, a gold digger and a total piece of sh*t; she's the one Mel should kneecap & leave in the desert...

1552 days ago


Read that Russian article. WOW, they don't do a good job of getting their facts straight do they?

They make it seem as if Mel and Oksana lived together at his house in Malibu. WRONG -

Mel lived in Malibu. Oksana lived/lives in Sherman Oaks. Here is a great link.

Also, that article tries to claim Mel wasn't supposed to be with anyone other than Oksana. That whole "violet" thing. WHO SAYS? Oksana was/is NOt wife.They were not engaged. They didn't even live together!

The article mentions how folks were waiting last July for wedding bells between Mel and Oksana once Mel's divorce was final. WHY? Oksana was the transitional person, wasn't she? Rarely do relationships like Oksana's and Mel's end in marriage. And again I have to say, they were not even engaged. Maybe that was why there was a baby? That is what led to some sort of marriage contract between Oksana and Timothy Dalton, right? Her friends and her might have hoped for wedding bells, but clearly Mel was not interested!

And most glaring is the way some of these media outlets have all added time to this relationship. Maybe to try and NOT make it so glaring that she got pregnant with 90 days of meeting Mel. Relationship began late Sept 2008 and unraveled Jan/Feb 2010. 16 months NOT this odd 3 year (36 month). She is even quoted in that article that Mel was "angel the first 2 years of their relatiohship". That would have been the WHOLE TIME since the relationship only lasted 16 months - that is one year and 4 months months. It is not even a year and a half!

makes me very curious WHAT OKSANA was up to between 2005 and Sept. 2008. In 2004 the piano crawling underwear shoot in CA happened, right? Happened according to Oksana's legal filing at her home. Wouldn't that also have been Timothy Dalton's home at the time? What happened to that house? Didn't imothy Dalton have to provide a home for his sone? Timothy Dalton's relationship with Oksana lasted the longest.

When did Sasha start school in the US? I would have thought he would be in prper school by now. He is twelve afterall. They do have Welsh prep schools. Maybe with all that is happening in his mom's world, and because school is about to start up soon, maybe it is time for Sasha to hop across the pond and attend prep school close to DAD?

1552 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

Hey STEVE JAFFE! . You should be ashamed of yourself!!! I thought you were a decent guy. Being Jewish myself, I am appalled that you would live up to the expectations of anti-semites like Mel and sell your soul and ethics up the river to make a quick buck. You're were a nobody publicist before this, representing no "big name" celebrities and mostly businesses and restaurants. But now you hit it big with this whore and are LYING and Being GREEDY all to make a quick nickel, and living up to a negative Jewish stereotype. Thanks for being an unethical greedy yenta and setting back people's perceptions of our people.

"Blood Of Jews on His Hands"? Really??? REALLY????? What kind of a ludicrous statement is that? Who really speaks like that? That sounds more like a script from a period piece movie rather than any modern person's words. Perhaps those are Oksana's ridiculous words as she's a foreigner. But no. I think you told her to say that and you went too far. I feel bad for your lovely wife Susie Blakely. Like she really wants the bad press that you may bring to her for being involved with this skank.
Maybe you desperately need money or something since her show was cancelled, (which she was great on).

1552 days ago
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