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Mexican Prosecutor: BBR is Lying About Cell Phone

7/17/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone in Mexico may have racked up a huge bill on Bruce Beresford-Redman's cell phone, but it wasn't the prosecutor ... according to the prosecutor.


TMZ broke the story ... after Mexican authorities seized BBR's cell phone in April, someone racked up a bill for $3,800 ... and that was just for one month.  BBR's lawyer, Richard Hirsch, claims it's a clear abuse by authorities.

But now prosecutors claim they don't have guilty digits, calling the allegations "lies," adding, "That's information the attorneys made up."  Translation -- they didn't make the calls and they're not going to pay the bill.

Prosecutor Francisco Alor tells TMZ the cell phone allegations won't affect their move to get Bruce extradited  -- but Bruce's legal team begs to differ.  Hirsch and company claim the police investigation is thoroughly tainted, in an effort to cover up a crime wave at the hotel where Monica Beresford-Redman was murdered.


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Fact. The mexican cops are corrupt, but just because they used his phone does not excuse him from the murder.

1524 days ago


It certainly wouldn't excuse him from murder, however it's been said his phone was a key piece of evidence in the case, and if someone did use the phone then the evidence was tempered with and it can't be admitted in court anymore. If that was their only piece of evidence then the case will be tossed out and there will be no reason for extradition.

Thing is, this isn't about whether or not he did it- no one will ever know that but him. This is about whether or not they have a case, and if they tempered with their only evidence, they don't.

1524 days ago

Politico Pablo    

That's not the only thing he's lying about.

Our extradition treaty with Mexico is reciprocal, if our government denies their request, they can begin doing the same. We'll have people fleeing to Mexico to escape murder charges.
I'm innocent, and therefore should'nt be tried isn't a valid argument.

1524 days ago

look mother I'm dead    

If I recall she was pretty good looking.
She should have called me and I would have handled this situation.
He will not get away with this bad thing.
its hammertime

1524 days ago


Fact is, IF the US wants Mexico to extradite drug dealers/criminals to the US when it wants and wants other countries to extradite US law breaking criminals back to the US, they better extradite this F'ing murderous clown sociopath. It doesn't work one way only. Fools.

1524 days ago


I don't know if he did it or not. But from past deaths at this resort I tend to believe him. The news networks here in Canada have covered the stories of 2 different times over the past year Canadians died. Both seemed to be muggings go wrong and the Mexican officials tried to blame foreigners for the deaths. They don't want tourists to stop coming to Mexico so they lie and make up evidence.

1524 days ago




1524 days ago


Eh. Times are crazy down in Mexico. Lots of mafias, drug cartels, and yes, the majority of the cops are definetly corrupt.

I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out he didn't murder his wife and that someone "powerful" staying in the hotel did, and the cops are covering it up.

Who knows though.

1524 days ago


I see right through this effort to discredit the investigation and get this killer off the hook entirely.

Richard Hirsch-your motives are so clear and inadequate it's glaring. Is this all you have for a defense? Good luck. It's clear your client murdered his wife and stuffed her in a sewer.

1524 days ago

Jesus Sanchez     

Mexican authorities don't understand technology. They probably think if they disguised their voices while using his phone, they couldn't figure out that it was being used in Mexico. It's pretty easy to trace the calls, that's why the police use cellphone records to track people's movements.

1524 days ago

john smith    

Someone who kills their wife, the mother of their two children in cold blooded premeditated murder deserves to die. EYE FOR AN EYE, jail is too good for this piece of garbage. I hope that someone puts Bruce in a septic tank, and his co conspirator father David belongs in one also. This coward will run again soon like a little girl, he will never return to Mexico. Brazilians know how to take care of people like him, sooner or later KARMA wll get him.

1524 days ago

I Chinee    

Then who made the ****ing call then? ****ing corrupt idiots!

1524 days ago


Personally I think he did it. But I think they have no case because he planned it out well. The only reason I'm "defending" him so to speak is because the law is the law. It's not about "gut instinct": yes most people think he did it, but to convict someone you need proof. They don't seem to have any, so whether or not we all think is guilty is irrelevant. No proof, no case, no convicting.

@8- He had planned to take her somewhere else before (was it Dubai?) and changed his travel plans at the last minute; that's what the news outlets reported. If that is true, it's possible he was *seeking* a place with lots of recent crime so that he could blame it on that when time came for the discovery. I don't think it's a coincidence a wealthy couple chose a murder and rape-ridden hotel for their vacation when the husband had just been caught cheating, was going to go through a nasty divorce that would make him lose LOTS of money, and when he'd just taken out 2 life insurances on her shortly before leaving.

1524 days ago


Hey Max thanks for the link I did check it out very interesting stuff. When I finished ten minutes ago I wanted to see one part over again but could not "This video has been removed by the user" check it out for yourself fishy stuff goin on?

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1524 days ago


Harvey's 'persons of color' interns keep trotting out this mexican crime mystery to incite hatred toward Bruce and his parents.

1524 days ago
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