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Paris Hilton -- My Private Jet is Better Than Yours ...

7/16/2010 8:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even at 10,000 feet ... Paris Hilton always ends up in bed.


Paris was flying out of Paris this morning in a ridiculous private jet when she decided to take a nap ... in a frickin' queen size bed aboard the jet!!

So, we gotta ask -- if you're in a bed on a private jet with another person ... is turbulence a good thing or a bad thing?


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It's going to be a sad day when Hilton's daddy dies, Paris inherits the money and loses it through mismanagement and overspending.

Actually, not really.

1523 days ago

Miss Bu    

And now the MOST part of the story she is ALONE in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1523 days ago


Hope she can have the same kind of accomodations when she dies. She will be either in Heaven or Hell. The choice is hers.

1523 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

She's just a waist of skin..

1523 days ago

Ron Golden    

Who is Paris Hilton?

1523 days ago

The Judge    

People care so little about this look-at-me skank that they don't even comment on her stories any more. It's almost all Paris' media flacks posting comments. She is stupid, racist, entitled, unattractive and all the PR stories in the world will not change that...
TMZ, your readers are becoming smart enough to realize when a photo has been sent in by the subject hoping for a positive story. My, what a candid shot of the herpes whore in her plane ! There she is with all of her world cup luggage ! There she is reading a book,.. no wait...

1523 days ago


What ever happend to 'I'm going to help people in Africa?"

1523 days ago



1523 days ago


It's not her private jet, some rich guy lent it to her. Bet she spent some time on her knees and more grabbing her ankles for this ride!

1523 days ago

hot snot    

with all that money she still can't get away from being scuzz

1523 days ago


Hey gay Parie ... where's that aftercare home you were going to open for all those poor gals you did you time with at Lynnwood Jail? Stiff! You used Larry King to spread your lies about caring soooo much for inmates coming out of jail with no place to go but the street. Then you did NOTHING ... ZERO ... ZILCH.... Do you think about them while you are lounging on your queen jet bed??

1523 days ago


These young, celebrities don't realize how blessed they are, it is just normal to them. It's a shame how a lot of them don't appreciate it.

1523 days ago


Lisa - most are lost without any real meaning or purpose in life. Look at Paris.... she could do so much for this the less-fortunate and all she does is flaunt her wealth and make people dislike her even more. What is the matter with her? If she did one thing to give back maybe people might like her. But she just keeps making the same senseless worthless gestures like this photo that just turns people right off. She had the opportunity to help inmates and she blew it big time. People would have remembered her... especially the ones who would have benefited from a jail aftercare home. It would a never ending monument to Paris and she didn't even have enough sense to follow-through on her promise. Is it any wonder people can't stand her? Wake up, Hilton and do something positive then continue to run around like a fool.

1523 days ago


Paris ... do you think people really care about your jet bed or your luggage photo you posted of you jetting off to the World Cup?? How does this compute in your little brain that folks will like to see your waste of money while half the country is broke.. trying desperately to make ends meet and put food on the table? Do you think people will really like you more if you flaunt your wealth in their face? What are you thinking? Are you that dumb? I guess so because the only thing that changed about you is you hired someone to drink your drunken ass around to keep you out of jail. What new beginning? Isn't that what you told Larry King? You experienced a "new beginning" in jail? Really? And where is the fruit of your "new beginning"?? You have not followed-up on anything you said or promised. Therefore, young lady ... who cares about you anymore? No one ... LIAR!

1523 days ago


Please let it crash! It would be worth the 2 months of constant media coverage of her death.

1523 days ago
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