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Enrique Iglesias Takes His Own Crotch Shot

7/20/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Enrique Iglesias pointed a fan's camera down his pants and took a picture of his junk while performing in Vegas this weekend -- but the craziest part ... he gave the camera back to the fan!!!


Between the naughty pic and his promise to water-ski naked in Miami, the 35-year-old is overexposed.


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listen if you know the story he didn't take a pic of his family jewels he only lifted his pants but not boxer( or briefs).
and made sure it wasn't focused. and ppl who say he a small **** remember! how does he have anna wrapped around his finger then. by she's way hotter than all of your guys' girlfriends! if you have one

1537 days ago


He's sexy! Who cares if he takes a picture like this?! STOP HATING!

1536 days ago


Holy crap, you people need to seriously lighten up, he did this as a joke, he might not have even took a picture. Important thing is, this guy has a sense of humor, more people need to take that example up and not be so serious.

1511 days ago

lex O.    

well I think you guys are wierd. so what he is just trying to please his fans. teachnicaly it is none of your biz he can do it if he wants. thats that

1484 days ago

Rosangela Moraes Silva Roque da Luz    

Fala serio,que mal a nisso se essa garota quizer pode me mandar uma copia,vou achar TDB ou seja tudo de bom,eu adoraria se a maquina fosse minha agora tem uma coiza para fazer isso tem que confiar no seu proprio tako e ele é homem pra caramba amo esse cara ,no brasil não tem homem como ele bjs galera .

1483 days ago

Rosangela Moraes Silva Roque da Luz    

Não vejo nada de mais,se realmente apareceu alguma coiza que mal a nisso,qual é o homem que não tem um "p" e qual sera a mulher que não vai querer ver de uma celebridade como a de Enrique Iglesias a galera fala serio e digo mais se essa garota quizer pode me mandar a copia vou amar rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrsrs

1483 days ago

Rosangela Moraes Silva Roque da Luz    

Nesse momento estou em minha casa ouvindo Enrique Iglesias "Bailamos" é muito boa essa musica um dia eu sei que vou poder ver Enrique de perto e poder ouvilo cantar "Heroe" bjs galera .

1483 days ago

Rosangela Moraes Silva Roque da Luz    

Se voces poderem fazer com que esse comentario chegue até ao Enrique eu adoraria,dizer a ele que eu so quero velo,poder sentir nem que se for de longe o calor de seu corpo o brilho do olhar carinhoso que ele tem com todas as suas fãs,o Brasil é longe mais meu coração esta sempre perto do coração de Enrique Iglesias,valeu galera vou nessa bjs.

1483 days ago


Please...are you all so naive to believe he doesn't have the intellect to realize that if he had really taken a pic of his basket that it would be on the Internet and around the world immediately? He may have snapped a pic, but only of his underware/boxers - which is NOT illegal even for a minor to receive.

1445 days ago


Well...Maybe it is overexposure maybe it isn't?...It depends on the person honestly. But I think it's alright, given that whether or not the fan wants to delete the picture? (Because honestly, if they wanted it, then they could've kept it; if they WERE against it in any way, they would've delete it the first thing he hands that camera over. And don't try to flame this comment, I'm just giving my opinion.) And well, different ppl have different tastes and such right? So maybe this is just a "different" sort of fanservice? (It's not really "overexposure" if the person wants it right?)

1395 days ago


i love him so much! im from india and when i see this i hate this part of his actual behaviour.... not good enric ur gonna loose some ofthe fans out there if u try to be vulgar try to be who u are and for whom we love you!!! please come to india soon...specially to banglore.... please hope u read this . just a hope! u come in my dreams sometimes :(

1217 days ago


i wish I could see down there!!!! get it get it! let me see your area down there!!! SEXY!!!!! SEXY!!!!! SEXY!!!!

1066 days ago


Omg you guys tbh y'all need to shut up! Okay you guys know (girls/boys) the celebrity your gaga over gets your camera and takes a picture of their nonos (boys) or tatas (girls) you guys would be siked out and excited like for real though if Enrique or Chris brown did that I'll be the luckiest and happiest girl in the planet! So be quiet cause y'all know you would do the same for another celebrity

1059 days ago


Hes so hot & sexy even if he had a small pennie hed be hot .buty i dont think he has a small pennie he jokes because he has king kong wong hong dong down there>>And he did it to be funny.hes a sweet guy period!!

937 days ago



832 days ago
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