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Lindsay Lohan -- Cooperative, Clearheaded

7/20/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is actually handling jail well, sources at Lynwood tell TMZ.


We're told she's "polite, compliant and responsive."  She's not crying and is handling it well.

And there's good news for the newly-minted jailbird.  A Sheriff's official tells us she will probably be released around August 1, after serving only 13 or 14 days.   A lot better -- for her -- than 23 days behind bars and, even worse, without cigarettes.


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That'll tech her!
90 ----> 14

you naughty girl you!

1558 days ago

People Investigating Toxic Sites    

Hopefully, the incarceration of Lindsay Lohan will help bring attention to the many jails and prisons across the country that were built on or adjacent to old dumpsites. She is in the Century Regional Detention Center, a short distance from the closed Leslie Cantrell Dump which was in operation during the 1940s, a time of few government regulations on waste disposal. Many closed dumps had no cleanup and were simply covered over by a few feet of soil, encapsulating carcinogenic chemicals and highly explosive, highly flammable landfill gases. If the Cantrell Dump was never properly remediated, Century Regional Detention Center may be a very dangerous and unhealthy place for staff and prisoners, including Lindsay Lohan.

1558 days ago


Ahaaaaaa I knew it!!!!!!! She hired a stand in to do her time while she spends two weeks partying with a black wig!!!!!!!!

1558 days ago


what has she got to be scared of? it's not like she's in prison doing hard time in the general population.

1558 days ago


Make her do the 90 days!!! Start putting these celebs on notice and stop letting them get away with all this crap! You wanna do the crime... do the time!

1558 days ago


That dump pales in comparison to the nastiness of Loserhan.

1558 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan is actually handling jail well, sources at Lynwood tell TMZ."

Well geez, it's only been a few hours...give it a little more time before reporting such an assessment, because this one is pretty meaningless when it's only been a FEW HOURS.

1558 days ago


Oh, she'll be compliant, alright. When Big Bertha comes into her room tonight with the broom handle, LiLo will learn to be very, very compliant, indeed.

1558 days ago


Wait til she eats that food for a few days and we'll see how she's "feeling" then...

1558 days ago


aw she's getting the sweet special treatment, how good it must be to be a celebrity, I knew she wouldn't be spending anywhere near 90 days in jail.

1558 days ago


@5 Any jail time is hard time if you've never been to prison.

I knew she'd be out by next week.

1558 days ago


Well damn, I'm gonna go out, get drunk, get arrested, get probation, violate it for over a year, get 90 days, serve 14 and hold up my finger to everyone.

Unbelievable she gets off this easy.

1558 days ago

No comment    

Growing up in Hollywood Lindsey went from Jail Bait to Jail Bird.

1558 days ago

Lilarose in Oregon    

What B.S.! Why call it a 90-day sentence with it is a two-week vacation (or nearly so). She is still going to be waited on (all meals prepared for her, for example) and she is going to have all those attorneys and shrinks going in and out, so she won't be lonely. This whole thing is a joke, not a punishment.

1558 days ago


Maybe some true alone time is just what she needs, she's been ridden and pimped her whole short life .. jail will probably wind up being the first bit of real rest and peace she's ever had.

1558 days ago
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