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Tim Tebow Penetrates Colt McCoy's Wedding Song

7/20/2010 4:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Texas Longhorns legend Colt McCoy got married this weekend -- and even at his own wedding party, Colt was upstaged by his former college rival Tim Tebow ... and Tim wasn't even there.

During the celebrations, McCoy got a special country music serenade from former Texas teammate Jordan Shipley -- who now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

McCoy and his new bride Rachel Glandorf happily clapped along with their guests during the tribute -- but it wasn't until around 1:55 into the song that the crowd goes completely ballistic ... when Shipley found a way to work Tim Tebow into the lyrics.

All in all, it's pretty awesome -- check it out.

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They do know its his wifes wedding too, right? Meaning not all about McCoy.

1565 days ago


Texas Longhorns legend? Not quite. But nice try.

1564 days ago


OMG really tx legend not?!? He will go down in record books!! He is a legend here! I am from Austin, love the longhorns, love the video. And yes the song is all about him, the wedding is for her. WHOOOO HOOO hook em horns!! Looking forward to a great season this year!!

1564 days ago


congrat to the newlyweds! love the longhorns and love colt mccoy as a person and a player (hope he can stay the same now he is in clev. which i just got his jersey for my bday in a celv brown jersey and i am a steelers fan). CANT STAND TEBLOW.(i hope he gets his a s s knocked off in denver) awesome song and video! ill have to send it to my mom bc she is a teblow fan.

1564 days ago


Be just like Colt McCoy??? Bitter loser! Never won a MNC! Never won a Heisman! FAIL!!!!!

1564 days ago


And a coward!!! A senior QB waited until half way through the 3rd quarter to come out and support his team in the National Championship. This supports what I have heard about Colt....spoiled brat!!!

1564 days ago


Coward?!? He was hurt!! They wouldn't let him out because they thought he might be able to come back in the game PLUS he was devestated...come on he was knocked out of the biggest game of his college career...come on jerk!

you obviously have never met COlt BTW where are u from? I have met him numerous times around austin...he never acted like a spoiled brat...he is a very humbled guy! I don't like his christian stance personally but he has NEVER acted like a spoiled brat!! Your bitter....BITTER STEVE!!!

He is very accomplished...of course the national champ or the heisman would have been nice...but he is GREAT w/o it so get over it...he's an awesome guy!!

1564 days ago


Wow, Steve, you really are an idiot, aren't you?

1564 days ago


Two big whinny babies as far as football is concerned!

1564 days ago


Spoiled brat???? He was raised in a small farm town in TX by extremely religious family. You are a fool Steve. McCoy, Shipley (and heck, even Bradford and Tebow) are all class acts. Football will be better because of them. I think they will take it back to where it once was. I AM TIRED OF PRIMADONNAS in the NFL!!!!!

And do you really think he would play an entire college career, make it to the big dance and back out intentionally?? It was his dream. He was injured. Again, you are a fool.

And yes, he is a legend. He broke NUMEROUS SCHOOL RECORDS. Why don't you guys look it up before you get schooled by a bunch of girls.

1564 days ago


WHOO HOO KCGIRL!!! MCCOY is awesome...and steve is bitter, with diarrhea of the mouth!!

He broke numerous school records as well as 4 NCAA records!!

UT - Most Total Touchdowns, Career: 102 (Took lead on October 18, 2008 versus Missouri)[14]
UT - Most Touchdown Passes, Career: 85 (Took lead on September 20, 2008 versus Rice)[12]
UT - Most Touchdown Passes, Single Season: 29, (2006 season),[6] broke own record in 2008
UT - Most Touchdown Passes, Single Season: 34, (2008 season - reached 30 on November 15, 2008 vs. the Kansas Jayhawks) [13]
UT - Most Touchdown Passes, Game: 6, (October 14, 2006 versus Baylor)
UT - Most Passing Completions, Game: 41, (January 5, 2009 versus Ohio State Buckeyes)[63]
UT - Most Consecutive Passing Completions, Game: 18 (October 25, 2008 versus Oklahoma State (surpassed his own record of 17 on October 18, 2008 versus Missouri).[14]
UT - Most Career wins as a quarterback: 45 (November 27, 2008 vs. Texas A&M, surpassed Vince Young, also most career wins in FBS history)[15]
UT - Most Career passing yards, Season: 3,594+ yards (November 27, 2008 vs. Texas A&M, surpassed Major Applewhite)[15]
UT - Tie - Most Passing Attempts, Game: 58, (January 5, 2009 versus Ohio State Buckeyes)[63]
NCAA - Highest Single Season completion percentage: 77.6%.[97]
NCAA - Most wins by a starting quarterback in NCAA Division I history with 45.[98]
NCAA - Tied for second place for most passing touchdowns by a freshman with 29 alongside Nevada's David Neill in 1998 [52]
NCAA Colt McCoy is the only quarterback in college football history to have at least ten wins per season during all four seasons.

HMMM not a legend...your sadly mistaken...getting schooled by a BUNCH of girls steve...Bitter bitter steve :) Whiny?!? Oh please!!

1564 days ago


Yeah, but all of that was done at a weak school in a weak conference.

McCoy had a bruise on his shoulder, because his offensive line was not used to blocking a quality defensive line. Everyone knows "defense" is a four letter word in the Big 10 (formerly known as the Big 12.) He was devastated because he couldn't play in the game??? He knew he was over his head against Bama's defense and figured it would be better to hide and go out "injured" instead of taking his beating on the field. There have been many cases of players finishing a game with broken bones. He could've came out with the rest of the team after half-time with his little bruise. Be a man and support your team.

1564 days ago


So it's colt fault they had a weak conference I am sure he hand picked each game...yah shut up!

And really it's either make millions in the NFL or play the one game that you went into as the underdogs and now your hurt when you have a very decent QB to back him up...and have a chance to win.

He made the right choice...of course we would have all liked to see him play...(wiki)After receiving x-rays, he consulted with his father who along with doctors advised McCoy that he should not re-enter the BCS title game.

So he didn't go in the game and his true fans were happy either way!! WHOOO hooo hook em horns!!! And then we got to see what the next few years of tx would be...your a bitter...negative nancy...why you hate so much, he's great!! and always will be!!!

1564 days ago


And there are always what if's or someone has a stronger conf...or whatever...they made it to the national champ for a reason...the same goes into play the year before when they did not...get over it he's awesome and you are Bitter!

1564 days ago


He's awesome? The NFL did not think he is awesome. The middle of the third round is generally where the moderately talented players with a question about "lack of heart" are drafted. You Horned Cows need to step back to reality and realize UTx has become a mediocre program.

Oh and BTW....I'm not bitter, we won!!!!!! Bitterness is reserved for losers like Texas!!! LOL

1564 days ago
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