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Lindsay Lohan's Jail Ride

7/20/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan got a chauffeured escort from the Beverly Hills Courthouse to the Lynwood jail in a cop car this morning.

At around 9:42 PDT, Linds arrived at the place she'll call home for the next 23 days.



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lol@ Eric Clapton. OMG laughing out loud for real. This is good stuff today!

1559 days ago

J D     

I thing Lindsay's dad is stupid for thinking Jail isn't the place for her! She been in Rehab 3 times already and it hasn't done any good so it's time for Jail, The parents of Lindsay hasn't helped her and her Mother has only partied with so now it's time for Jail! Most people that has gotten 2 DUI'S In this short of time would at least do 6 months in Jail plus pay a $2,500.00 fine and loss there license for 5 years!Lindsay is already getting a break!!!!!! Lisa Bloom should be ashamed of hershelf for taking this case!!!!!!!!

1559 days ago


@ kimd - - You feel sorry for her because you have never had the pleasure of beig exposed to her. She is a toxic, self-absorbed, irrepsonsible, spoiled, little girl who is now a woman-child. She is a loser who has s h i t on every opportunity given to her because her parents (and everyone else, until now) has never held her accountable for her words or actions. Who paints "f u c k you" on their nails before court? A disrespectful know-it-all, spoiled, bratt....that's who. She thought she was going to walk out of that court room, once again, with no jail time and she thought the "f u c k you" on her nails would be just so funny ha ha in the media and to her friends - - but it didnt quite work out that way. You can clearly see she held her hands to her mouth and face multiple times so the cameras could get a clear shot. She is exactly where she belongs. Though, a trash chute is more appropriate.

1559 days ago


driver to LiLo, " Show me your t_tties!"

1559 days ago


"There's NO WAY I'm going to jail!"
/ Lindsay Lohan

I guess there IS A WAY after all.

1559 days ago


Maybe she will find love in jail. It is after all an all woman facility. Then she can star in a new reality show to jump start her career. The show could be called "In Paradise with Butch and Lohan">

1559 days ago


Glad we do not have to see her face for at least 20 days, better than nothing.

1559 days ago


Lets take it easy on the young lady. she was born a read head a natural disadvantage to life.

1559 days ago


She looks eerily like Ana Nicole in this picture!

1559 days ago


She looks like her old mother in that picture.
Hopefully we don't have to hear about her for the next 23 days. I really hope she serves the full time and is not out in a few hours.
She needs to disappear, her so called D-list career is over. Who would hire her?

1559 days ago

Tha Queen Rider    

Wa Wa, should've went to your alcohol classes now huh? No one feels sorry for you now (except for the wannabes). I would've showed up in some sweats, tshirt & a scarf on my head to turn myself in, but I've never had to turn myself in for any jail sentence. Then you dis a judge who holds your freedom in her hands w/your nail polish insignia? Try that in jail, the 1hour you have to play. Ha-ha.

1559 days ago


HA HA! Best posts:

Duck lips are mesmerizing

Reptile neck

Eric Clapton driving

1559 days ago


Seriously.... I would welcome solitary for 90 days as a vacation from all my whining kids wanting crap from me 24/7. Stop all the drama and suck it up. Take a cue from Martha. Enjoy the wonderment of the inner workings of jail and make some GD afghans with your weave for the ladies of cell block H already, and that's a good thing.

1559 days ago


Find love in jail? Yes something better then that tall flat chested ugly butch she runs with. Anythings better looking then her. Skin and bones .....

1559 days ago


How did they get Michael Crichton to drive her?
I thought he was dead.

1559 days ago
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