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Lindsay Lohan -- Plenty to Munch On in Jail

7/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though Lindsay Lohan is banned from smoking cigarettes in jail, TMZ has learned she can still appease her insatiable oral fixation ... with all the munchies her 118 pound frame can handle.


Turns out there's a program called the Keefe Commissary Network Gift Pack Program -- which allows anyone with a couple bucks to buy copious amounts of belly-bursting junk food for the L.A. County inmate of their choosing.

We're told each inmate is allowed $135 worth of the KCNGPP's gut-bombing grub baskets per week -- and just to give you an idea of how much that'll get you, here's what comes in the $22.73 package:

-- Spicy Velveeta Refried Beans
-- Spam
-- Kit Kat Bar
-- Vanilla Creme Cookies (14 oz)
-- Cheese Curls (11 oz)
-- Country Time Rasp./Lemon. (6 oz)
-- Lime Chili Ramen
-- Flour Tortillas
-- Cupcake SS

That means in addition to her regular jail-made meals, LiLo could conceivably choke down around six of those snack packs a week -- but considering she has to use the bathroom in her own cell ... we'd advise against it.


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Fascinating news, thanks TMZ!

1554 days ago


+1 on that headline TMZ.

Notably absent from that list: Carpet.

1554 days ago

RJ Hunt    

You forgot the top ramen and popcorn...the key ingredients in the jail house spread...but since she is not in general population she'll probably never learn how to make a "spread"...too bad for her.

1554 days ago


So she won't go too crazy, is out in two weeks and will make money with the jail interview. Linds FTW

1554 days ago



1554 days ago



1554 days ago


$135 bucks of junk food allocated a week. DAMN! Well, it's better than all those meds she's been downin' in other copious amounts.

1554 days ago


Has anyone heard from Chantix? LiLo would have a great chance now to start with the Chantix program...

1554 days ago


She'll be teewking in order to loose the weight she'll gain with all that junk food

1554 days ago

Roy Di Vittorio    

Now tell me, who gives a rat's ass about this loser dirt bag? we have engineers and scientists that are coming out with things that are changing our lives! and all the magazines & newspapers are making a big deal out of a tramp!!!

1554 days ago


It’s 2010. Odds are we all know at least one person who is a screw up. Sometimes they grow up and overcome it, sometimes not. We’re not giving Lohan a chance either way. She’s what 24? She has PLENTY of time to rebound.

Here are the Best Four Options for Lindsay Lohan waiting for her once she gets out of jail:

1554 days ago


Nobody is making a big deal out of this. It's just frivolous news. Play accordingly.

1554 days ago


Man those velveeta refried bean farts are the worst!

1554 days ago


And don't be writing that she will NOT be able to smoke any while she's locked up. She WILL be given cigarettes by the guards and she will get some better better food too. Everyone is trying to make it sound like she will have it so so so bad. Shoot, she better enjoy the down time while she can. This will probably be the last free ride of her life. They are so taken with celebrities in jail but the only celebrities the guards usually get the chance to handle are the criminal ones, like say, common people who have committed crimes that have been noteworthy. Usually, in jail, the more hideous the crime or strange or one that has been publicized, the better that criminal gets it in jail. It's kind of like their own little popularity contest. If I'm lying I'm dying.

1554 days ago


If only she could have someone send her some red bull and she'd be all set with the ambien in that cell. WTH! Sentence cut from 90 days to 13-14 in jail WITH food other than what is provided AND the RX that she needs to get her high as a kite. Great system we have here. Don't think she's going to learn anything from this. Let's hope they don't cut 85% of her rehab too.

1554 days ago
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