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Lindsay Lohan -- Plenty to Munch On in Jail

7/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though Lindsay Lohan is banned from smoking cigarettes in jail, TMZ has learned she can still appease her insatiable oral fixation ... with all the munchies her 118 pound frame can handle.


Turns out there's a program called the Keefe Commissary Network Gift Pack Program -- which allows anyone with a couple bucks to buy copious amounts of belly-bursting junk food for the L.A. County inmate of their choosing.

We're told each inmate is allowed $135 worth of the KCNGPP's gut-bombing grub baskets per week -- and just to give you an idea of how much that'll get you, here's what comes in the $22.73 package:

-- Spicy Velveeta Refried Beans
-- Spam
-- Kit Kat Bar
-- Vanilla Creme Cookies (14 oz)
-- Cheese Curls (11 oz)
-- Country Time Rasp./Lemon. (6 oz)
-- Lime Chili Ramen
-- Flour Tortillas
-- Cupcake SS

That means in addition to her regular jail-made meals, LiLo could conceivably choke down around six of those snack packs a week -- but considering she has to use the bathroom in her own cell ... we'd advise against it.


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This article was obviously written by a five year old. I want to see the original crayon version. Shouldn't TMZ investigate itself?

1521 days ago

sara naim    

I love lindsay lohan,,god help her!!!!:)

1521 days ago


@ #25 "netrek" - I would like to know where you live that you can get all that food for $8? Where I live the Spam Single package alone (and it only comes with 2 slices) is $2.50.

1521 days ago


instead of funding something like this for inmates, the Keefe Commissary Network Gift Pack Program needs to put the money towards feeding the homeless - they are much more deserving

imagine how many sandwiches even can be made for that amount of money

the inmates can still have 1 treat a day, lest they feel they are being subject to "cruel and unusual punishment"

jail is a joke for some-not serving much of the sentence and all the treats you can eat! pathetic!

would like to see truth ion sentencing where if you're sentenced to 90 days- you serve 90 days!

but that would mean higher taxes to build more jails to eliminate the overcrowding that causes early release- and sadly most do not want to pay higher taxes -or they can't afford to

1521 days ago


The state of California is so deep in debt, but it can still supply unhealthy crap food for the losers. Even if it's a county lock-up, they get money from the state. Here's a place where money could be saved.

1521 days ago


After a diet of that, Lindsay will come out hangin' with her homies in a low-rider.

1521 days ago


She will lern from this. She never wants to return again. Like how it suppose be. She will learn that chasing all this happiness through drugs, booze and fame does noet make on ehappy. She has finaaly woken up and realisez she is in jail. She will come better out of this. She still can life for her art. But must realize that she is gonna become permanent happy with all this crap. The permanent happineess lies within the freedom of spirit. She has experieced that with all those drugs , money and fame she is not free. No, she is in prison. It came back to hunt her. She should read and learn more about karma and the Dharma teachings. That should set her spirit free.

1521 days ago


Although I love much to Lindsay Lohan she used cocaine and directed clutch it will pay for what he did. Lindsay Lohan Excuse me but you did something wrong and now WHAT did you pay for. your Fan Giovana

1521 days ago


Nasty article and not at all funny. Now I know for sure never to click on TMZ.

1521 days ago


Lohan is a car crash waiting to happen. She'll be dead before her 30th birthday!

1521 days ago


LMFAO@ whoever the fan was that said she needs time off! Are you freaking serious? This twit has had "time off" since 2006! She hasnt done crap since then other then crawling outta clubs and falling on plants at 2:00am! Get the hell outta here you moron! You must be 14 or something!

1521 days ago

Janice Wilson    

OMG Will Smith Kisses his 12yr Old on Lip!
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1520 days ago

Cat girl    

Give me a break! Why is everyone making such a big deal. She's not going to prison. She's getting a "time out". She's going to be alone for 2 weeks, poor thing. The judge was right to put her there. She should use the time to think of ways to straighten herself out, before she ends up dead. She's going to milk this.
Her mother & father are pathetic media whores. Can the apple fall far from the tree?

1520 days ago

truth and mercy    

HOW CRAZY is that? I don't want my tax dollars feeding our criminals JUNK FOOD POISON... how about giving all the inmates positive affirmations, low cost fresh fruits and vegetables, and lets see some IMPROVEMENT when the jailbirds re-enter society instead of a bunch of junk food/toxic waste addicts who are worse off than before they entered the pokie!

1520 days ago


Really, now that is just disgusting. Do you really have to go there on her bathroom habits? God, that's just tacky.

1520 days ago
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