Lindsay Lohan -- Plenty to Munch On in Jail

7/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan -- Plenty to Munch On in Jail

Even though Lindsay Lohan is banned from smoking cigarettes in jail, TMZ has learned she can still appease her insatiable oral fixation ... with all the munchies her 118 pound frame can handle.

Turns out there's a program called the Keefe Commissary Network Gift Pack Program -- which allows anyone with a couple bucks to buy copious amounts of belly-bursting junk food for the L.A. County inmate of their choosing.

We're told each inmate is allowed $135 worth of the KCNGPP's gut-bombing grub baskets per week -- and just to give you an idea of how much that'll get you, here's what comes in the $22.73 package:

-- Spicy Velveeta Refried Beans
-- Spam
-- Kit Kat Bar
-- Vanilla Creme Cookies (14 oz)
-- Cheese Curls (11 oz)
-- Country Time Rasp./Lemon. (6 oz)
-- Lime Chili Ramen
-- Flour Tortillas
-- Cupcake SS

That means in addition to her regular jail-made meals, LiLo could conceivably choke down around six of those snack packs a week -- but considering she has to use the bathroom in her own cell ... we'd advise against it.