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Rachel Uchitel -- Pick an Addiction, Any Addiction!

7/20/2010 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel must have picked "pill popper" out of the "Pick Your Addiction" hat -- because just a few days ago, she was telling people she didn't have any addiction of any kind.

Rachel Uchitel addiction.
Sources close to Rachel tell TMZ she was telling people in private -- as recently as Friday -- that she didn't have a problem with prescription medication. The one addiction Rachel would admit to? Married men.

The only cure for that is ... a sense of decency.



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This girl is smoking hot !

1554 days ago



1554 days ago


The best cure for an addiction to married men is having an enraged wife beat the piss out of her. Now that's something I'd watch.

1554 days ago

Get back to work!    

The best cure for an addiction to married men is having an enraged wife beat the piss out of her. Now that's something I'd watch.

Posted at 2:24 PM on Jul 20, 2010 by CriticAl

I would so pay to see that.

1554 days ago


Tiger to Rachel: WTF? I gave you $10 effin' million and this is the effin' thanks I get? We agreed you wouldn't effin' say anything and now you go on effin' Celebrity Rehab? Anything you effin' say will be tacitly effin' assumed is about me!Effin' me! This has turned into an effin' train wreck for me. $100 effin' million to effin' Elin. Can't win an effin' tournament.

Rachel to Tiger: You have an addiction to dropping the "F" bomb. I'm going to talk to Dr Drew about getting you a spot. You need all the help you can get to return to the Golfing God I was intimate with.

Tiger to Rachel: EFFIN' YOU.

1554 days ago


Rachel has a blow job addiction, look at her lips full of come.

1554 days ago


It is apparent that this woman would go to great lengths to get more attention. Thankfully Mr. Trump "Fired " her before the show began. Why put someone in front of the cameras when they truly don't deserve to be referred to as a "Celebrity?" She was no one famous until the Tiger Woods scandal hit the airwaves. Due to Tiger's fame, her name and her ability to seek out married men, has given her the opportunity to make a bundle of money based on her now famous encounters with Tiger. Like most Americans, we have to pay our dues through hard work, and proving ourselves to our employer. What has this woman actually achieved along the way? She surely hasn't earned respect and has never shown decency in her actions. Now we hear, not at all surprising, that to get additional attention, she will expose herself in Playboy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for this, I say this woman isn't all that and than some. There are beautiful women through out the world, but they don't have to prove themselves by chasing and pursuing married men, or baring all to the world. Why can't she leave a legacy that will be a positive in her life, and one young women could look up to in the future? I wouldn't want my granddaughters to grow up wanting to be just like Miss Rachel...just my thoughts.

1554 days ago


Did Tiger set Dr. Drew on her? He's the one that had the texts where she admitted they had a problem with ambien. Hmmmmmmmmm

1554 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Most drug rehab programs tell everyone they have a problem. When you deny having a drug problem, they accuse you of being in denial. You need help, is always their standard line.

1554 days ago


The one addiction Rachel would admit to is married men. The only cure for that is a sense of decency?


Oh, that was good. Thank you!

Why are all the Tiger-hoes so ugly? Is it their inner smirk? Shouldn't she just quietly fade away with her millions?

1554 days ago


Celebrity? The porn actress Tiger-hoe is more of a celebrity.

1554 days ago


Easy task, addiction to Plastic Surgery. Let's count : Nose job, eye lift, brow lift, stomach and thighs lipossuction, sausage lip injections, veneers, breast implants, hair extensions...

1554 days ago


Yeah....I hit that piece of white trash last summer, while my wife was pregnant. Little did this ho bag know that I was hitting lots of other hot gals, too. Yes..I was a such a stud, until I got caught, and found out the Uglitel was blowing Tiger Woods and ME at the same time. Now she wants hush money from me, but I ain't as rich as that Tiger, and my wife is going to cook my nuts for breakfast! more thing, folks.....Rachel is a MAN.

1554 days ago

Flagrante Delicto    

Rachel who? What is she famous for?

1553 days ago


Why is she here? The only thing she's "famous" for is sleeping with a married man and getting PAID for it. In my opinion she's a ho...I won't watch her on anything and by the way her face is fugly.... she looks like a drag queen

1553 days ago
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