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Not All Kardashian Butts Are Created Equal ...

7/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two hot sisters ... two great physiques ... one massive difference.

Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian (left) took her booty out for a stroll in Cabo ... and unlike her little sister Kim (right), she managed to fit her entire ass into her swimwear.

Question is ...


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your right buddah, her ass crack goes halfway up her back. the fact that we are all writing about this reminds me of how great america is! back to the ass, it's hugh,yet she dresses around it, to show it off, like those tight skirts. maybe thats why she wears those annoying hugh sunglasses, to balance out. she is so plastic, and full of make-up she should just go out w/o all that stuff, like sofia v, or megan fox. both beautiful just in sweats and no make-up....try it kim you'll have 5 extra hrs in the morning.

1554 days ago


Kim's behind is faker than a three dollar bill. You can see that is a butt implant a mile away, just like Ice T's wife Coco. No one in Kim's family has a behind like that, not even close. It is not about jealously it is about a fake azz.

1554 days ago


Only men who are LOUSY in bed can look at Kim's bottom and complain. You look great Kim! As for the nasty comments...well just proved your abilities in the sack!

1554 days ago

the truth    

i am so sick of the Kardashian family . i really am. i loved watching the show but im over it now. now i hear that Khloe and her hubby are gonna do a reality show. ENOUGH PLEASE! but Kourt looks better. Kim needs tons of toilet paper for that butt. if she has diarrhea i bet its all over the toilet and her butt. what did Kim do to her face? she doesn't look good anymore but Kourt looks nice. shes cute and tiny with curves. KIM IS A HAS BEEN! we seen her naked , we seen all of her and im so sick and bored with this old girl. .........go buy a ton of toilet paper .the show is doneeeeeeeeeeeeee! i had enough of these people.

1554 days ago



1554 days ago

the truth    

lol kim does not have a fake butt. if you look at pics of her from yrs ago butts were not really in.some pants make your butt look flat. hers is real. but cover that butt crack and your white. you keep talking about being armadien (Sp?) well your also dutch and Scottish YOUR AMERICAN! i remember in an episode Kim had said " I'm a strong woman" why didn't she say shes a strong white woman? black girls say strong black woman so why not strong white woman??? this girl cracks me up.

1554 days ago


Only men who are LOUSY in bed can look at Kim's bottom and complain. You look great Kim! As for the nasty comments...well just proved your abilities in the sack!


I'm a first class F*cking race horse in the sack and that jiggly out of proportion flabby @ss is not on my menu. Don't get me wrong.. I like some big @ss but more taken care of. Look up Katja Kassin. << That's how you do a Big @ss

1554 days ago

the truth    

this is a nice butt

1554 days ago


It's obvious Puppet Master Grandma Kris has had to step in and continually vote for Kim so the spotlight won't only be on Kourtney. Scott should get on and start voting for Kourtney, to make it even of course. . . . even in the sense that whatever Grandma Kris does, Kim's still going to lose!

1554 days ago



1554 days ago


You could show full screen feature films on Kim's fat behind!

1554 days ago

Throwback kid    

Something is wrong with Kim's legs? They are extra short midget legs with no calf muscles. I thoght Kim worked out?

1554 days ago


Kim's butt crack is way toooooooo long and big,her body is way out of porportion. Butt to big. And yes I agree Kourtney is cute and body is in porportion and her son is adorable. Kim has been looking fake ( waxie, stretched out ) lately, not attractive at all. And the other one Klen is just a nasty looking drag queen.

1554 days ago


please make all the kardasians go away!!!! no one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1554 days ago


her ass is real...sum pics r bad angles....if u look all 3 have big asses......kims the biggest yeaah but if u look on kourtney and khloe take miami season 1 where kourt has sex with her brother rob friend jj kourts vi.n that white silk lengerie and u clearly see she has a plump big butt not kim big but big and khloe has a big ass 2...i seen pcs of kkim atr 14 she always has big ass and boobs but ii think kim recently aged annd gained some weight soo now her b ut isnt as perky as it used 2 be..she needs more squats. 2 vget her back 2 her plump ass a few months ago...she just gained a few lbs thats all. and idiots if she had a fake ass it would be plump likecoco;s not round and saggy and it wouldnt jiggle like wee seen it jiggle b4 and there would be a huge scar. kims ass and butt are real but she def has had botox she lookin plastic now.

1554 days ago
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