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Not All Kardashian Butts Are Created Equal ...

7/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two hot sisters ... two great physiques ... one massive difference.

Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian (left) took her booty out for a stroll in Cabo ... and unlike her little sister Kim (right), she managed to fit her entire ass into her swimwear.

Question is ...


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it smells like ass!

1461 days ago


Taylor: You wish you could get videoed while taking it up the ass and getting pee'd on just like Kim? Good for you. Nice to see some young people with ambition. Kim has completely ruined any looks she had and she now has a plastic Barbie face. No telling whst she's done to her ass. Gallons of botox, maybe?

1461 days ago


NASTY. If your into that, then that's ok but when the family 1st started showing up every where i always thaught Kourtney was the most beautiful and smartest of them all, very smart. Kloe is the rudest bitch. She thinks she's hot but she's not. If you have a bad attitude and personality, that makes you even more ugly. She calls her mother by her first name, total disrespect. She's a follower but will never keep up. Kim will need surgery when she is older to reme the sag flab. (shane jeremy Detroit)

1461 days ago


Wiley: you are just a bitch and you know it. Do you really think that God is looking over you and smileing at what you are doing and saying right now?? I dont think so. So good luck with you and your sucky life! [: Loves♥
(I only said that because thats what God whould want you to do, just turn the other cheek and keep on going with your life cause you are just some **** faced bitch, and God doesnt like ugly. AKA YOU!! [:

1461 days ago

Karla has a wide load..the focus should stay on her beautiful face.

1461 days ago


It seems like the only people that leave comments are really horny, really single guys or really insecure, really bitchy girls.

I love the Kardashians - they are all gorgeous. Kim's body AND ass are both amazing and if any of you saw her in person you'd be blown away. It pisses me off that Kourtney gets credit for having the "best body"... she's the most proportionate, the skinniest of all three of them. How does "skinny" translate into "best body"? I hate Hollywood for this and many other reasons.

They probably all have better bodies than any of us do, so all you horny *******s with no life should find someone 1/10th as hot as any of them. You'd be so lucky.


1458 days ago


Wow you guys are very opinionated. Bigger butt=bigger crack. And the "depends if youre blak or white" comment must mean ur all white? I'm Mex. Kourt is beautifully petite perfect. But Kim is a treat obviously thicker frame but fat ha. If you see those at work ur lucky I see fatass ladies who look like there asses are about to split up and make a getaway. Kims is right where it should be to "cushion the pushin". Love kOurt but when you go petite with no extra meat eventually the pelvic bone gets a little sore from impact. With Kim more comfort and extra stimulation for every stroke thanks to that extra "fat". I feel its more enjoyable to explore a little b4 you enter. With Kourt not much to explore just two entrances open no search no cushion. Both girls are perfect in their body types though. hope you see my side of the spectrum.

1437 days ago


omg theres no way kim's ass in this pic is real, you can totally tell it's been enlarged in photoshop. I mean come on!

1437 days ago


I can't quit staring at her ass.

1435 days ago


When I saw a picture of Kim, her figure looked exactly like Kourtney. Even though Kim have a nice shape I think her butt is fake. There is a picture on Google were Kim is wearing a red jacket, blue jeans, boots and a hat and her butt and hips are A LOT smaller than that swimsuit picture. Google Kim Kardashian butt implants if you don't believe me.

1432 days ago


Well im black and i think kim butt is wayyy to big ! i totally agree with i am spartcus, kourtney is the hottest of all

1423 days ago

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1411 days ago

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1391 days ago


Kim K has a nice ass. Kim K net worth estimated at almost 50 million, so somebody likes her beside me.

1336 days ago
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