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Oksana Grigorieva -- Extortion Claim a Red Herring

7/23/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ there is "no evidence" to support Mel Gibson's claim that she tried to extort him.


As one source puts it, "Mel and his team are inventing false charges against Oksana as a retaliatory measure to take the heat off of Mel."

The source says Mel's people are trying "to stem the tide of public opinion against Mel Gibson for his continued bigotry and acts of physical and verbal abuse [by] spreading vicious and false rumors that Oksana engaged in an extortion plot against him."


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Dear Harvey, to stand with a vicious words can express my disappointment in you. I will no longer watch your TV show.

1516 days ago


The whole way Oksana has handled this spells extortion. We don't need to see any text messages--we just need to remember her little warning to Mel during her first post-split interview in Russia when she told everyone that there were things she could not talk about regarding the reasons for their breakup, but that the truth would come out. Then things got quiet again while they negotiated the big $$ settlement--no more coy threats in the media from her until she decided to nix the settlement.

After that, Oksana quickly made good on her taped threat "boy, one day, you are going to pay" by taking her case to ROL. This trial by tabliod is not only sweet revenge against someone who did not pay up as expected, but also fantastic free publicity for all the nifty things to come after the support/custody decisions are made and those hefty support payments mandated by law begin to flow into her bank account. I foresee lucrative things for Oksana like book deals, talk show appearances, reality tv, self-help books for abused women, many civil suits against Mel for years to come, and maybe even a spot on Dancing with the Stars!

1516 days ago


#18 - Right on. One less commentor for the rest of us to have to worry about !

1516 days ago


TMZ has been neutral with their news reports. They never sided with either party.
It's the people posting here that have " done some digging" and found out things
about Oksana's troubling past.

Also, the leaked tapes, photos and her own behavior has the public now, seeing her
as a victim but a perpetrator. He actions show a woman hell bent on destroying Mel
and getting as much money in the process.

I'm angry because I believed her in the beginning, and now I see nothing but a liar.

My fear is that she is so relentless that she'll keep going, spinning her lies until there
will be nothing left to do, but to cave in and pay her just to have her go away and
re-gain your peace of mind.
And if you expose her too much, there is no telling what she's capable of.
I would be afraid of this woman.

1516 days ago


why did he leave his wife for the russian gold digging, she is a plain jane, not pretty at all , did he think the pasture was greener on the other side. next time use your head [the one on your shoulder] before you do something dumb like that!!!!!

1516 days ago


What's next Oksana? "Mel was the man on the grassy knoll"?

1516 days ago


The only one who is spreading vicious and false rumors is this lowlife tramp , it's obvious she's feeling the heat now that people are up to her lies.

1516 days ago


This story is hilarious, as are Oksana's "people's" attempts to repair her image. Well for the record, I do think Mel has issues, but this skank has without question milked it, baited and provoked him, and is trying to extort him for all she can. She has a history of being an opportunist with wealthy men, and like they say, one day you're going to cross the wrong one. Her karma is coming back to bite her in the tail, and she's getting a whole lot more now than she bargained for. There is no repairing her reputation after all these recent revelations. She's a joke and a career opportunist. Her image and legacy are hereby solidified. Deal with it.

1516 days ago


To prove that Mel punched her in the mouth - call in CSI to scrape the walls and furniture for evidence of exploding botox.

1516 days ago


"Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ..."

Harvey, stop reporting crap you get from one side of a domestic dispute. You KNOW it's a frigging lie.

Your reports on the Mel/Oksana battle are starting to look desperate. And I'm starting to tire of TMZ.


1516 days ago


Some people have asked "Who are the people making these posts?" I wonder the same thing.
Here's a bit about who I am. "Lisa" is not my real name. I have worked in the film industry for almost 20 years in a senior capacity. We talk about this Mel/Oksana scenario at work.
Less then a year before Oksana met Timothy Dalton, I worked with him for three months. He's really a great guy. He was alone the whole time, and did not appear to have a girlfriend. If anything he was too sweet, and a bit vulnerable. It's how I saw him at the time. Don't get me wrong, he certainly did not strike me as a pushover. I'm Oksana's age. I found myself having a little crush on Dalton, but kept it professional.
What amazes me is how you mention to someone that you work in film, and some people latch on to you, as if you can change their lives. ... And I'm not even a movie star. I'm just a person who works with them, and is friends with a few of them. It can be heartbreaking to see how guarded they have to be to protect themselves from so many users.
Knowing this, it makes me feel protective of their vulnerability.

1516 days ago


Yeah right, because they said so. Oksana is proving extortion with every passing day. And, the is no public tide against Mel to stem. It is Oksana that everyone hates.

1516 days ago


You people have no shame or integrity. Are you going to print every single word the s*** from each camp whispers in your ear? Harvey Levin truly is a bottom feeding lowlife.

1516 days ago


Your "sources" are always going to discredit Gibson. Doesnt mean they are true nor reliable. The law enforcers are the only ones who can give reliable information and until then she should keep her mouth shut. She's playing victim a tad too much now and these allegations are getting ridiculous. Now say all the allegations are untrue, the ones from her, I know I would be more then a tad pissed if someone was saying I did these things. I dont know. I know Gibson has a temper but the more she talks, the more people switch their story, the more I am believing she may be lying about all this.

1516 days ago


Where are all the PR people??? Oh, its Friday night. We'll see how quick we can get to 500 posts on this one.

1516 days ago
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