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Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

$15,000 Porta-Potties

7/27/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unlike everyone else on the planet, Chelsea Clinton's wedding guests won't need gas masks to do their business in a porta-potty -- because Bill's daughter is renting the swankiest outhouses in town.


The portable latrines have actual porcelain toilets that flush, stereo music and hot running water -- oh yeah, and they're HUGE.

We're told Chelsea's getting between 4-6 trailers for the big day -- with a total cost of about $15,000.

For some reason, it just doesn't feel right when the walls aren't blue.


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Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

How would you like Shrillery Hillary for your Mother-in law? Or, horny old Bill for a father-in-law? With this economy, spending 3 million dollars is outragious. How much of it will us taxpayers have to pay? The reason we got stuck with that incompetent dipstick in the White House is Hillary's fault. At the time he seemed better than watching her god-awful speeches for 4 years. We would be much better off with the old man from Arizona. I'm a former Democrat - thank God!

1495 days ago


What tabloid is she going to sell her wedding photos to? Hell...they can make back the money that Billy and Hillary are putting out on this wedding. I heard its gonna cost in the 3-5 million range...hope the marriage lasts or Chelsea will never hear the end of it from old Hillary...and the old man will also get an earful!

1495 days ago


yes, people are out of work. Well, go get a job and stop whining. People complain that 3 mil is too much to spend on a wedding. Who the hell are you people to tell them how much to spend? Suck it up . You want change? It all starts with attitude. Let me ask you - you find a job, start making money, live well, nice cars, etc..You gonna give all of it away? I think not. STFU people, your life is what you make of it...No one owes you ****.

1495 days ago


Odumba is out there cursing and damning people and businesses that have more than a measly $250K in assets, yet his boy Clinton is having no problem flaunting wealth all over the place. Yet you still have some kooks on here defending these Nazi hypocrites. Get an education people and stop relying on propaganda artists like Bill Maher, Colbert and the Daily Show to get your "news."

1495 days ago


Big deal. I've been to lots of weddings and parties with flush toilets like this. Maybe not as big or as many, but just as nice with hot water, mirrors over the sinks and air conditioning too. Not as uncommon as you think. I only see the little porta potties at public events like air shows and rodeos. I would rather spend money on these for my guests than a fancy band or pricey wine.

1495 days ago


They utilize these port-a-potties at the county carnivals that pass through town in South Florida - they are sooooo much better than what was used in the past. They are clean (some nicer than some people's bathrooms at home), they are clean and they actually flush. I've seen them and been in them numerous times in South Florida. Was quite a shock to walk into it at a Fair in Broward - I was expecting a filthy mess.

1495 days ago

Ron Golden    

I'd be in there throwing up if I married her ugly ass

1495 days ago


Ugh, I'm so sick of reading and hearing about people complaining that so and so is spending their money on this or that! Who the eff cares what they spend their money on? Until I see legal do***ents from the IRS or FBI, I will be under the impression that the Clintons got this money from hard work (not by stealing it from Katrina victims like someone mentioned). And, the more money that these people spend, the more people that they have to hire to help out with their wedding. They are putting people to work with their wedding and helping out the economy!

1495 days ago


I don't get it. Why do the rich get married and party in rented TENTS and pee in TRAILERS?????????? Why can't they just use, like the indoors, UNDER ROOF, with indoor bathrooms. I just don't get it.

1495 days ago


America truly is "The Land of Milk and Honey" look what it has done for the Clintons. When they came to the White House they didn't have a pot-to-pee-in much less a $15,000.00 porta-pottie. If this were a Republican or Independent politician the "Press" would be crucifying them. Proves once again how hypocritical they are.

1495 days ago

MIKE E    


1495 days ago


Look at all the jealous haters on here. LOL!

1495 days ago


So what are you saying? Their sh it doesn`t stink?

1495 days ago


They should have porta-potties like these at Coachella.

1495 days ago


Well their will be a lot of politicians at this wedding which will = a lot of _ _ _ T. Thus the need for top notch equipment.

1495 days ago
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