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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Location -- No-Fly Zone

7/29/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton's high profile wedding is expected to draw so many powerful people, that birds will be the only things allowed to fly near the location where she's getting married ... TMZ has learned.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding
According to the FAA, a temporary flight restriction has been issued for the area where Chelsea is tying the knot on Saturday in Rhinebeck, NY -- and will last from 3 PM EDT Saturday until 3:30 AM EDT Sunday.

The flight restriction -- which was issued due to a "VIP (Very Important People) Movement" -- will cover a land mass with a 1.5 nautical mile radius ... and extend from zero to 2000 feet above ground level.

Sorry, paragliding paparazzi ... no shots for you.



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moe l.    

It's declared a no-fly zone because they didn't want any planes hitting all the women riding brooms that would be in attendance.

1549 days ago


Come on fellow TMZ fans: Chelsea didn't choose to step into the spotlight, her parents did. She grew up in the glare of the national press and I am sure often had regrets that she had no privacy and every move she made was second guessed and visible. I think many of us would wither under the same cir***stances. This young woman (I'm an old guy so I reserve the right to say that!) is getting married; I am sure like any other bride she is nervous, worried, happy and stressed out. No different from most any other woman (or man) getting married. I'm a relatively conservative republican whose views are the antithesis of most of those proclaimed by the Clinton's and I dislike their politics but I wish this young woman a wonderful wedding with no helicopters or RC spy planes or press sullying what should be a personal and cherished celebration done the way she wants. Sure, maybe to many it is wasteful or overdone but if she and her parents have the money, it is their choice to do as they please. Is there a father or mother among us that wouldn't love to give a daughter or son a marriage of her dreams as SHE/HE defines it and is within our family means? I wish Chelsea and her betrothed all good wishes, blessings and success in their marriage - to put her down for having the event of her choosing on her parents' dime is simply mean spirited! Finally, the comments on her appearance are completely unwarranted - she is a normal, conventionally pretty girl (we all can't be Brad or Angelina!) and she may have a wonderful spirit inside which is even more beautiful than any artifice that so many in the TMZ are obsessed with. Hey, I love TMZ like most everybody else here (I assume) but the world is NOT the ten mile zone and the people that inhabit it - it is skewed and often the human personality side of pettiness, meanness and arrogance surfaces most visibly in 'beautiful' people. So people, how's about just wishing her a wonderful ceremony and all success in her marriage.

1549 days ago


Chelsea is what's known as a "Privileged Ten"...that's a 2 with $8 million. It's as if she got all the worst features of both parents. (but at least she's done something about that former Ronald McDonald hair. It's that 'journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step' thing...

1549 days ago


on her parents'

1549 days ago


Man, what a bunch of ****ed up haters.

1549 days ago


Will Webb Hubbell give away the blushing bride?

1549 days ago


I'm in southern Dutchess county, so I reckon we'll get our share of traffic snarls.
I'll stay away from Rhinebeck this weekend.
Congrats, Chelsea and Marc.

1549 days ago


Wonder if they will have A Chelsea Clinton & Mark's Wedding Movie & Commemorative guest book complete with Geo Soros signature & Time or Life ETC special Ed magazine! Who would ever guess, Coming in the very near FUTURE !

1549 days ago


More hypocrisy from the leftist wackjobs. While millions are jobless, the King and Queen of the Democrat Party are spending millions of dollars on their daughter's wedding, while at the same time demanding for others to cut back and pay more taxes to help the "less fortunate." This is why the kooks are quickly becoming extinct.

1549 days ago


oh yuck, my eyes are burning, tmz pleeeaaasseee cover up that girls ugly mug. She may be a smart nice funny interesting person unfourtantly all i can judge her on is how awful her face is. Just goes to show that having parents with power and money only buys you a beautiful wedding they cant do a darn thing for the beauty of the bride.

1549 days ago

Glenda Varner    

Who really cares what she is doing or about her wedding. Ugly is ugly no matter how much you spend.

1549 days ago


omg I am so sick of hearing about this

1549 days ago


I hope the pigeons that F'd up The Kings of Leon concert at the Riverport Amphitheater in St. Louis, Missouri fly over and pelt every last one of those elitist dirtbags with a pound of pigeon guana each! Other than that, I hope they choke on the $11,000.00 cake.

1549 days ago


Time for a revolution. These politicians who live off OUR money are getting to much like royalty. No fly zone? $11000.00 cake? We unwashed are getting damn sick of all of them. Sick of the Clinton's sick of the Bush's sick of the Kennedy's and on and on.
By the way she looks pretty bad. Like the worst features of both parents were given to her. She should be glad her parents have money as we all know the guy is marrying her for that.

1549 days ago


omg I am so sick of hearing about this

Posted at 8:16 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by Emily

then why did you bother to read and post? why not just zoom past this article?

1549 days ago
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