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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Location -- No-Fly Zone

7/29/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton's high profile wedding is expected to draw so many powerful people, that birds will be the only things allowed to fly near the location where she's getting married ... TMZ has learned.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding
According to the FAA, a temporary flight restriction has been issued for the area where Chelsea is tying the knot on Saturday in Rhinebeck, NY -- and will last from 3 PM EDT Saturday until 3:30 AM EDT Sunday.

The flight restriction -- which was issued due to a "VIP (Very Important People) Movement" -- will cover a land mass with a 1.5 nautical mile radius ... and extend from zero to 2000 feet above ground level.

Sorry, paragliding paparazzi ... no shots for you.



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Jill Kennedy    

My boss is going to the wedding this weekend and blogged about all the security that he will face.

Should be some interesting stories next week.

1544 days ago


"Chelsea Clinton's high profile wedding is expected to draw so many powerful people, that birds will be the only things allowed to fly near the location where she's getting married..."

What if the terrorists have been playing "Angry Birds" and plan to use weaponized pigeons or low-yield tactical blue jays or 40mm seagulls on the unsuspecting wedding guests?

1544 days ago


@Ricky -- I thought I should leave something for you. It's rude to come to a party and have all the fun.

1544 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

You must spend alot of time thinking about ways to kill the Clintons.

1544 days ago


Why dwell on killing the Clintons? So many other America-hating SOBs come ahead of Mama and Papa Clintstone. Pelosi, Reid, Kerry. Clyburn, Holder, Wright. George "I'm So Obscenely Wealthy I Can Do Whatever I Want" Soros.

And, at the top of the list, Barack Hussein "I Hate America More Than You Do" Obama.

I just cannot stand the idea of tax money paying for something that is entirely an internal matter.

1544 days ago


With people like Buzzkill around, no wonder the Secret Service is on high alert. Stop crying about your taxes. I'm sure yours couldn't pay for a scarecrow.

1543 days ago


The whole event is under a huge air-conditioned tent. Even if there weren't a No Fly Zone, I don't know if there would be much to see from the air. The wedding is just one big "Networking" event for The Clintons. Never let a good crisis go to waste, and, in this case.... never let a good wedding go to waste, and after all, this IS the Clinton's only child, and they after all, are the Clinton's ! ! !

1543 days ago


WOW! What has happened to good manners and a little grace? I certainly am not a Clinton supporter, but Chelsea always seemed to be a rather normal American daughter growing up - she was in the spotlight because of her parents, nothing she did! I doubt many other Americans look much different, so stop knocking on how she looks! How many of you are ready to have your picture plastered on magazines and the internet? You'd prob look a lot worse!!!

And to "Tree"- What percentage of your income do you give to charities? When was the last time you fed a homeless person? I'm sure not many of us can say when it was we even volunteered a dollar to help someone! So stop complaining! It sounds like Chelsea and her husband to be both make enough money, they could have paid for the wedding themselves anyway. Besides, who wouldn't want their only child's wedding to be perfect?

1543 days ago


@McCarthy -- I suppose you would be just fine with redistributing your wealth to pay my paltry taxes, wouldn't you? A$$.

You assert that I am a dangerous terrorist who should be locked up in a room somewhere and then they throw away the room; I assert that you are a juiceless, boot-licking clown who enjoys knocking people because it boosts your ego in ways the truth never does - never could.

Where does that leave us?

1543 days ago


Aw, did I hurt Buzzkill's itty bitty feelings? Maybe you need some of that "juice" you mentioned. I can only guess what that must be.

1543 days ago


Don't flatter yourself. It sounds like I touched a nerve - you just couldn't leave it alone, could you?

Why don't you turn that energy toward fighting the enemies of America, instead of looking like a moron picking fights to wank your ego?

1543 days ago


Buzzkill, the Clintons want to use your mouth for the wedding reception. And everyone is coming. George Soros will pay you a dollar.

1543 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

Buzzkill - first you claim the taxpayers are paying for Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Then you claim George Soros is paying for it. Why is Soros paying if the taxpayers have already been billed? Maybe you just don't know what you are talking about.

1543 days ago

You Betcha    

@Buzzkill Wow! I like this "fighting the enemies of America" talk. My oh my! You sound like a real Superhero too also!

1543 days ago


Look at his face compared to Chelsea's homely face. He wouldn't look at her twice if she weren't Bill's kid. This marriage will hit the rocks and go down within 2 years.

If he's smart, he'll get her pregnant to really lock in the bucks.

The groom's father is a convicted felon, friend of the Clintons, inventor of major internet scams.

It's sickening that they spent so much money when people are starving in this country.

1543 days ago
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