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Dina & Ali -- Lindsay's Bag Ladies

7/30/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina and Ali Lohan left Lynwood Jail on Thursday carrying bags of letters and books that Lindsay Lohan's remaining fans have mailed to the incarcerated former actress.

It's great to see Dina making herself useful.


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Joe Blow    

So nice of Dina to pose and smile for the camera's instead of maybe trying to hide and not be an attention whore for once. Way to go Super Mom!

1513 days ago


They are a beautiful family; both girls and both boys, the parents just need to learn some real parental leadership skills to help their children go in the "way they should go." It's not too late Mr. & Mrs. Lohan - don't wait until something tragic has ocurred............

1513 days ago


HAHA, fan mail. Well I guess there are some 40 something balding guys who live in their moms basement watching parent trap over and over who have the time to write to her lol.
It is nice to see Dina doing something nice and bringing lilo her mail....oh wait, there were cameras there thats right. Of course thats the only reason to keep bringing a minor child with her to the jail too. All about the face time for all these losers who don't have jobs or skills. Ali, homeschooling isn't going to work for you, you are not going to be an actress, you have no talent, you look 40, and you will never be in the movies, unless it is a vivid entertainment production, go back to a real school and learn something while you still have a chance.

1513 days ago


People should read the article, they're not bringing her mail, they're picking itup from the jail.

1513 days ago


See shes not reading them and dosent give a horses ass about you, you pathetic pieces of dog ****! HAHAHAHA!

1513 days ago


Dipsh*t...should've made herself *useful* during Lindsay's formative years.

1513 days ago


i'm surprised she still has fans at all and as for her mother don't get me started on her

1513 days ago


I read that Dina said Lindsay was being treated like a "common criminal" idiot!!

1512 days ago


I don't think that she should get that much mail from outside sources because if it was me i would only get one or two pieces of mail at a time. She shouldn't be treated any better than any "JANE DOE" would be.Wow! what money and celebrity can get you!!!!!

1511 days ago

air jordan 2010    

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1471 days ago

sharat bowers    

dina, is a low life, she lives off of her daughters money and that is why she refuses to get her help, she thinks the gravy train will stop if she starts acting like a mother, how selfish of her. she care more about money and status than her own child. lindsey needs to be in jail, and then from there she needs to be court ordered to a 18 month drug rehab, not ninety days. she has a real problem, and the only way she will get help if she does the who 18 months. dina is trash, probably always was. i am glad lindsey father got hisself together so he could be there for his daughter, because it seems like he is the only one that truly cares about her and not who she is and what she has, good for him. dina go straight to hell, you are dispicable, and to call yourself a mother, that is laughable, ha!

1457 days ago
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