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Lindsay Lohan -- The Secret Jailhouse Hobby

8/3/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan used her time behind bars to brush up on one of her favorite hobbies ... writing -- and TMZ has learned she plans on turning her work into a profit. 

One of Lindsay Lohan Hobbies is Writing

Sources connected to the jailbird tell us Lohan filled up several notebooks during her incarceration ... documenting "every single thing about her life" in jail ... in the hopes that she can eventually turn the "journal" into a book.

We're told Lohan wrote about everything from her relationships to her family -- and even scribbled about her dreams.

It's not the first time Lindsay's tried to get her writing published ... just ask Judge Revel.


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Ughhhgh. What a loser. Lindsay's favorite word "C U N T" - so classy! Yes, we all want to be you Lindsay! Remember that load of crap that spewed from your vile mouth?! Karma's a b i t c h, remember?! :)

1541 days ago


Jesus, like anyone would read your drivel. As if you could actually string two intelligent sentences together without using the words C U N T or W H O R E or "Everyone's wants to be me, you're just jealous!" hahaha. Who has the last laugh now?! LOL, felon!

1541 days ago


thats gonna be a small boook.heck she didnt spend but 13 days in jail who cares thats nothing.

1541 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Typical speed freak behavior.
I have seen many of these epic tomes. Make no sense whatever.
She will need three ghost writers on a par with Earnest Hemingway.
Could be interesting to read how she is studying for her upcoming, much publicized movie role.
Maybe that person, whom I decline to name, will buy several copies.

1541 days ago


Lindsay Lohan, the next Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn with her own version of The Gulag Archipelago! Who knew she was going to be our generations next literary genius?

1541 days ago


The book might have interested more people if she'd actually done the 90 days, or 60, or even 30.

No one writes a book after less than 14 days, what a joke.

@InTheKnow- You're making about as much of an ass out of yourself as Miss Lohan. "lol felon"? She's not a felon, Einstein. Better brush up on those law books before making those kinds of "insults". This chick disgusts me all the way, but that's not a reason for being ignorant.

1541 days ago


I thought you can't make money on your crimes????

1541 days ago


I think we all (including TMZ) needs to STOP putting Ms.Lohan in the spot light. TAKE IT WAY!!!! What little talent she has, I have seen more in others more worthy. What the media needs to do is STOP writting about her. I mean after all..IS THIS THE KIND OF ROLL MODEL you want your little girls to be going after. Wasn't enought to watch the down spiral of Ms.Spears n family. (and we all can thank Ms Hilton & Ms.Richy for this EXCEPTED behavior).
Now I tell you KIDDIE of the world, when are you going to Stop behaving like TRAMP/Sluts and become a REAL role model. Come on PEOPLE OF THE WORLD....PLEASE LET'S CLEAN UP YOUR ACT!(Manners,Politeness and Kindness...when was the last time you said Please and Thank you?) ..I'm just saying. Thank you...if you do

1541 days ago


At least, there's something provocative about her "future book". She will use the money for blow and alcohol. Linds will be a literary legend.

1541 days ago


Its not like she was in jail for years... She was in there for what, 2 weeks? Maybe she wrote really big or drew illustrations..

1541 days ago


#9 -- I got a kick out of your snarky comments about Lohan, Spears, and Hilton, and then your your advise for people to have "Manners, Politeness and Kindness." lol

1541 days ago


I think it will be a good read her courtroom notes were meticulous.

1541 days ago


At least, she is expressing herself in a harmless outlet. Better than taking drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

1541 days ago


TMZ (and others) are already making money just writing about a "possible" book.

now think about this, people: see the hypocrisy here?

look at the "tone" of the editorial .. and they ARE making money with it...

pathetic. while I am with LiLo 100% . if I write about my life then nobody cares but if she does .. then....

well done, girl .. make some money and make also the industry (including TMZ) rich (don't worry about what they say... they want da money , always).

1541 days ago

Dead jesus lives    

eye wish eye culd reed sew eye culd bye this book,,,an then wi culd awl enjoi lohan necked as a jaybird

1541 days ago
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