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Sinatra Jr.'s Son Hospitalized After 'Suicide Attempt'

8/2/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the reclusive 32-year-old son of Frank Sinatra Jr. is currently hospitalized after authorities responded to a 911 call for a possible suicide attempt this afternoon in Downey, CA.

Frank Sinatra Grandson Suicide Attempt
According to law enforcement sources, the patient -- who is also named Frank and is the son of 66-year old Frank Jr. (above) -- had consumed too many pills, but was conscious when authorities arrived on the scene.

A source close to the family tells TMZ it was indeed a "suicide attempt." We're told the younger Sinatra has always shunned the spotlight that's come with the family name.

Sinatra is currently being treated in the ER at Downey Regional Medical Center.


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I guess when you don't do anything except live off the family name and money...thats one way to get attention. Probally pulled the "do you know who my grandfather was" Who cares.

1511 days ago


His name is actually Frank Sinatra III. The photo is of his dad, Frank Sinatra Jr.

1511 days ago


Who damm cares!

1511 days ago


this is my friend and i am disgusted that you posted this considering the sinatra family didn't even want to recognize him as a member of it. you make me want to throw up. this is a time for friends and the family that has really known him throughout his life. take this off your website your horrible vultures.

1511 days ago


he did it his way

1511 days ago


I wish him well. But it must hurt that the MOB is dead.

1511 days ago


# 5 Why do you mention rich, wealthy and millionaire in your post if you don't want women that are into your money???? Hello??? I think YOU like your money more than a relationship.It is obviously very important to you to mention that you have it which in turn makes it suspect that you do..........Anyone with any dollars or sense.....will want someone that doesn't mention it every in every other sentence......

1511 days ago


I agree with #11. Downey is a sh** hole.

1511 days ago

Vanilla Chinchilla    

I know him. We used to hang out & party.... He lived in Fullerton for a while & we lost contact a number of years ago.

1511 days ago

Your Mom    

he doesn't "avoid the spotlight" you douchebags, his piece of garbage father refuses to acknowledge him. the man is going through some hard times. this is why i don't watch your smutty show, and all of you people taking time to make ignorant comments need lives. i can't belive you even considered this news tmz, suckit.

1511 days ago

Gail Knodel    

Some of you and your comments are so cruel-Frank Sinatra, Jr. HAS tried hard to stay out of the spotlight for years. I saw him on a cruise, as the entertainment along with Morty Storm, a comedian approx. 35 years ago and he did not sing any of his father's songs-he did quite well with his own music even though he could have and sounded just like his father. Since then, I have heard little of him at all, or the fact that he even had a son, so this whole issue of his son's ability to live up to the name is being very over stated. His son, like many of us, may have other issues that have nothing to do with a famous name or who he is. I just pray for all of them and hope that his son will appreciate life, as it is so fragile. To take ones own life intentionally, is a selfish act and it may very well have been accidental.

1511 days ago


Dooby Dooby Doooooo

1511 days ago


I know Frank Jr.III very well. He is a wonderful guy, liked by all who knows him. He is a very hard worker and he has never asked his father or the rest of the Sinatra family for a dime.Frank II has three grown children, 2 boys and 1 girl and FrankII doesn't want the public to know. I know for a fact that his father (old blue eyes) told him that if it gets out to the pulic that he would be cut out of the will. FrankII is a big jerk that cares only about money, a terrible person and we don't know how he sleeps at night, just like the rest of them. 32 year old Jr. has never wanted their life or their money. He is just a normal guy having a bad time.

1511 days ago


Frank, Jr had a son named Michael, not Frank III, unless this is another offspring. Michael went to college and has shunned the spotlight.

Sinatra's longtime assistant was named Dorothy. I assume her to be the Aunt Dorothy in the story.

1511 days ago


An unscrupulous police officer or employee at the hospital leaks private details of his life and you claim he is looking for attention. An opportunistic relative looking for a few minutes in the spotlight contacts the media and you think he has his families money and influence. The truth is you don't know anything other than the vague details this bad excuse for entertainment website had to pay someone to obtain.

You want truth? You're not going to find it on this website. You only know the truth if you know Frank. None of you with your hurtful comments or ignorant statements about this incident will ever have the privilege of knowing this amazing young man who is my friend. You'll never know who he is, what his life is like, and the real truth about anything.

Keep talking your talk. Keep posting your comments. Do whatever pathetic little song and dance you need to do. In the end, it just shows you are ignorant, jealous, and sad people.

1511 days ago
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