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Mel Gibson Case

Headed to D.A.'s Office

8/9/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department will turn the Mel Gibson domestic violence case over to prosecutors in 2 weeks.

L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ investigators are "nearing the end of the investigation," adding, "The goal is turning the case over two weeks from today."

We're told all of the interviews -- including those of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- have been completed and the Department is waiting to receive certain documentation.

Whitmore says the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has had "extensive involvement" during the investigation so the D.A. will not be in for any big surprises when the case is referred.

  Whitmore says his Department will not make any recommendations as to whether Gibson should be charged with any crime.  The investigation centers on three possible crimes -- domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment.


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Thanks for the clarification. It's always been my understanding that the police investigate the charges as thoroughly as possible, then present their findings to the DA for evaluation. It is the DA who determines if the results of the police investigation provide sufficient evidence to move forward with filing any charges.


I believe the projected 6 month timeframe was to complete the investigation of all allegations in this case, with the possible extortion issue expected to be the most complex aspect.

I could be wrong, but the DV case being ready to present to the DA within the next 2 weeks sounds like the police have heard all they need to in order to determine their opinion regarding the possible validity (or invalidity) of the case. So the "new star witness" soundguy popping up now is nothing more than additional smoke Oksana's team is trying to blow to cloud the fact that the cops seem satisfied with what they have.

1538 days ago



You are so way off here!

I am not anti-mel or oksana.

I am anti-extortion and many many others!

The issue is this looks and sounds to be a case of false accusations.

She has WAY to many inconsistancies to make it credible.

As for the comments about the DA, THEY make the charges but the Grand Jury decides whether they are warranted and can actually CHANGE things if they wish. The sad thing is is that Mel and his Attorney is usually, and I say USUALLY not allowed into a Grand Jury deliberation to combat the charges. The court believes that is what a trial is for. BUT, we could avoid a ton of court expenses if the other side can provide evidence to counter things and move things forward better.

Just my opinion.


1538 days ago


Reposting because the first part of the first sentence is missing from the post. It should have read:

There would have been a huge public outcry by the Oksana
supporters if the police didn't refer the case to the DA. Therefore, the police ,to show that they are not taking the matter lightly, will refer the case to the DA so the DA can determine whether or not to charge Gibson on any of the charges.

If he is charged with child endangerment, it will be very surprising in light of the fact that the child protective services bureau found that Gibson is a good parent to the child and recommended neither limiting his visitation nor imposing any requirement of supervision during visitation -- which Gibson wisely chose to do voluntarily to protect himself (and his child) against false accusations of abuse while the child is with Gibson.

Does anyone know if it is against the law in California to call someone bad names? Certainly that doesn't constitute physical abuse, especially when the bad names were said over the phone or to voice mail.

1538 days ago


That was a lot quicker than the six months originally projected.

Two more weeks. Ok, I think I can hang on that long, lol.

Posted at 11:55 AM on Aug 9, 2010 by Curious

After all this time, might as

1538 days ago


If this case turns out well for this Russian woman then the rich familymen in L A better REALLY controll their zippers.

Because if it´s legal to do secrets recordings + recieve a lifetime support by them then my guess is there will be another case like this in the near future and another and another and ...

1538 days ago


She’s just soooo full of crap. Yeah, he said some pretty awful **** to her but isn’t it amazing that she released all those tapes all over the internet but doesn’t have one picture or other proof of him beating her? She’s clearly thinking money and collecting all the evidence she can so why wouldn’t there be any pictures? Only one stupid one of her chipped teeth but I would really like to know how you can hit a woman so hard you knock part of her teeth off yet leave no bruises behind?

1538 days ago


Thank you #34!

Good to see some other people out there that think the same, that the LAPD or LASD have to move things along to apease people considering the media push by Oksana and her peeps.

The issue is whether he did the three or four or who knows how many things they charge him with.

Then comes his guys, is she lying, is she trying to extort money from him.

Things will eventually get to the last sentence. The backlash of the first is too much for them to even deal with right now.

1538 days ago


Deport "Oksana bin laden" back to her country money hungry a.. bea... and also its good that this **** happen to him there are plenty alots of Nenas Lindas in America you moron

1538 days ago


I believe the projected 6 month timeframe was to complete the investigation of all allegations in this case, with the possible extortion issue expected to be the most complex aspect.

Posted at 12:13 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by sobeyondcaring

Ah, thank you, Sobeyondcaring.

I confused myself thinking the six months applied to the DV case with the extortion issue being handled separately.

It does make one wonder why Mr. Jimmy hasn't come forward before to validate Miss Oksana's claims. "Star witness". Uh huh.

1538 days ago


It seems people have already forgotten O.J. Simpson.

These types of women bashers have to be dealt with because they just don't stop on their own, they just get worse.

1538 days ago


It is disgusting to me that with all of these allegations people are still supporting Mel. He clearly has a history of erratic behavior. This is exactly why women continue to allow themselves to be victims of domestic violence. Because we as a society doubt and blame them!! This is sick to me. Mel chose to have a child with this woman. The biggest victim of all is that poor child. We need to stop letting our children think that we are supporting this or that it is ok to hit women as long as you are a successful movie star; or whatever the excuse may be.

1538 days ago


What I do not understand is how some are in favor of a charge. It is possible that he abused her, but with all the lying and fradu that has taken place on her end, nothing should happen. I am not in favor in letting him off, but I think her credibility is gone and nothing she says will seem truthful. Thats what happens when ulterior motives are in place, and money appears to be hers. If she were scared, she would not have made a 15 million dollar deal or let her child be with this man. As a mother, nothing would keep me from protecting them from a so called monster, both the baby and her son. I think she is a fraud and no longer the victim of him.

1538 days ago


Must be more lectures coming up from the 'government advisor' and our local DV 'experts.' Or maybe the 'doctor' from a few days ago. Tee hee

Just a stray thought: anybody know if the DA is up for an election any time soon? Giggles

1538 days ago


This has been said on here before #41.

OJ was WAAAAAAY different.

Nicol and her whole family had called about OJ and his DV abuse. And they called MANY times!

Oksana has never called, although I wouldn't doubt that will come out soon, that she HAD called before! And they did nothing about it.

Also, she stayed with him for another 5 months!

While I agree that many women do not come forward due to financial and physical fears, the evidence she is providing contradicts itself over and over again!

ALSO, what about all the women who abuse men?

Brooke Mueller went after Charlie Sheen FIRST!! BUT< since he has the past and he is the guy, they took him away. ALSO, Kate Gosslin. She was verbally abusing Jon for 10 years! While he may have liked it, it happened! Watch the older episodes of their show. Every single one of them she is railing into him. Yet, nothing is done to her?


Again, there are WAY too many issues to go into with all of this.

And of course, don't forget the Wife, Robyn who stated under oath, that Mel has never in the 30 years of them being together EVER abused her or the kids in any way shape or form.

And Robyn is a Super Power Player in Hollywood. She wouldn't say any of that if it weren't true. Cause if it came out that it HAD happened, she would be cooked! Not only with the court but with the Hollywood people who really like and trust her.

1538 days ago


"Actions speak louder than words!" To me Oksana's actions have been so manipulative that any words she may speak would be total fabrications.
I look forward to these allegations being dismissed and the extortion case to begin -

1538 days ago
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