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Mel Gibson Case

Headed to D.A.'s Office

8/9/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. County Sheriff's Department will turn the Mel Gibson domestic violence case over to prosecutors in 2 weeks.

L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ investigators are "nearing the end of the investigation," adding, "The goal is turning the case over two weeks from today."

We're told all of the interviews -- including those of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- have been completed and the Department is waiting to receive certain documentation.

Whitmore says the L.A. County District Attorney's Office has had "extensive involvement" during the investigation so the D.A. will not be in for any big surprises when the case is referred.

  Whitmore says his Department will not make any recommendations as to whether Gibson should be charged with any crime.  The investigation centers on three possible crimes -- domestic violence, assault with a deadly weapon and child endangerment.


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I hope the DA that gets the case is a Gay Black Russian Jew - Mel will sh-t his pants.

1514 days ago


Rant time.

I'm getting a tad tired of the comparison between Nicole Simpson Brown and Miss Oksana.

The whole has heard the recording Miss Oksana did in February, all in a single night where she was in "fear for her life".

Did everyone hear her voice? Did you all listen closely?

Now listen to Nicole.
*WARNING - this may be a trigger for those of you who have suffered through the horror of actual domestic violence. You may want to skip the experience of a 911 call made by Nicole.*

Explain to me how a recording proven to have been tampered with is similar to that.

1514 days ago


Gosh over 13,000 votes in the poll, but only 42 posts. I think Ox's people are stacking it!

1514 days ago


Did anyone ever consider that maybe the police are sending it to the DA because then...If we all beleive what "mel" states here from her knowledge of the situation, Mel Gibson will be asked to take a DNA test the results will become clear and the extortion issues will come into...They may have enough evidence against her, not Mel...just a thought..but I do think the DA will the police are making it look as though they are investigating the whole issue....they would open themselves up to Gloria if they did not look into it....

1514 days ago

Paula Schultze    

WHOA PEOPLE: In the USA, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. If there is evidence presented in court that Mel abused and beat Oksana and the baby, then I will believe it. However, to date we have a case of he said/she said. They have very different versions of what transpired on the date of Jan. 6th. And what makes many of us suspicious about her side of the story is the fact that she was photographed in public with Mel several times after this date looking fine and happy with him. ONLY after the issue of child custody came up did she claim abuse. I have no doubt personally that he was verbally abusive, jealous and possessive. I don't excuse this behavior however it is not illegal to make racial comments or call your girlfriend names. She was stupid to tolerate it. But I doubt very seriously he beat her, and I KNOW he doesn't beat his baby girl. Overall, Mel Gibson has shown himself to be a good person with a kind heart. Just because he made a statement in a drunken stupor about Jews years ago doesn't mean he's evil. He was drunk, for God's sake. And let's face it, those who were mad at him then are never going to let him live it down. That doesn't mean he's a baby beater or anything else. Let's see what the court case unveils.

1514 days ago


And of course, don't forget the Wife, Robyn who stated under oath, that Mel has never in the 30 years of them being together EVER abused her or the kids in any way shape or form.

And Robyn is a Super Power Player in Hollywood. She wouldn't say any of that if it weren't true. Cause if it came out that it HAD happened, she would be cooked! Not only with the court but with the Hollywood people who really like and trust her.

Posted at 12:43 PM on Aug 9, 2010 by Michael

Robyn is NOT a SUPER POWER PLAYER in HOLLYWOOD....not sure where you get your facts....please double check them.

ALSO, OF COURSE Robyn came to Mel's "defense". Her divorce from him is not yet final and she HAD to protect her 1/2 of the settlement....I'd put money on the fact that HAD their divorce been final she would not have come to his rescue.

Oh and Robyn only said that Mel was never PHYSICALLY abusive...she did not say anything about mental or emotional abuse.

1514 days ago


Paula -

I fully agree. Make it a thorough investgation, do it strictly by the book, cross every "t", dot every "i".

So far, all we have online is what is produced by the tabloids. We can speculate and form opinions and change our minds to our little hearts content.

But the only thing that really matters is what the evidence in the hands of the authorites supports.

1514 days ago


I am disgusted with those who are supporting Mel.Gibson. Shame on each and every one of you! You've obviously never been in an abusive relationship before. Until you are...shut up. It's not so easy to be judgemental when you've been there. For people to say there's no proof to the allegations..wake up. Your ignorance is showing. What more proof do you need than when you hear it straight from the horses mouth? I hope that public opinion doesn't sway the investigation away from the matter at heart. He broke the law..period. No one deserves this lifestyle OR your critisism.

1514 days ago


In my opinion...based on the information we have, given ALL the inconsistancies in Oksana's stories, ALL of these supposed witnesses which were NEVER brought up before, all the people jumping from her ship, the fake accusation the Mel was going to kill the guy from TMZ....

ALL OF THAT....makes me believe that there is a clear lack of evidence to go after Mel.

Again, I am TEAM TRUTH!!

1514 days ago


@chris - Robyn is a highly respected person in Hollywood and is a super power player. She has legal rights being his wife so she has no reason to lie. I will put money on that!

1514 days ago


I have been and I but I didn't report it. nor did I use it against him to get more money during my divorce. I made a stupid choice not to report him, and it was not out of fear of him, it was because I didn't want my small town to get wind of it ofr my families sake....So whe I see her actions I am sickened by her, she opted not to report him also, but to extort money from him....big difference

1514 days ago

Paula Schultze    

I might add that Oksana was jealous of Mel's ex-wife and his children. She may be trying to cover that issue up, but in some of her remarks it becomes clear. And let's also not forget, Mel dumped her. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. So wait for all the facts, evidence and investigations by the authorities to come out before jumping to conclusions.

1514 days ago


Chris -

Why is it so easy for you to beleive that a wife of 28 years will lie to protect her divorce settlement . . .

But a girlfriend of less than two years won't lie to get a better pay off?

Besides, if ROL is to be trusted, CPS has already said both Mr. Mel and Miss Oksana have been deemed for the baby to be around.

That sort of kicks the whole abuse angle out the window, doesn't it?

1514 days ago


To #53...

The comment about Robyn being a Super Power Player, that is what was said on this site and many others. How she is one of the most respected and influential women in Hollywood.

As for the other comment, about her stating she was never physically orother wise abused, again, stated on here and many other sites.

To #55...


I love women who come on here and just go off.

How do you know what has happened to ANY OF US???

How do you know we are not a doctor or lawyer or grief counselor? SOMEONE who deals with this on a daily basis???


Also, given that, how do you know we are not basing our opinions on all of that experience and of course what we se on a daily basis in those professions??


So, before you jump all over people for being Team Mel or Team Oksana, how about THINKING!!!

This is exactly why men in this country and others get in trouble because people ASSUME that they know what the h3ll is going on when they have NO CLUE!!

1514 days ago


Seriously? Comparing the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman to HerpeSana and Mel Gibson? Are you people retarded???? or just have **** for brains?! There is no comparison and why would anyone in their right frame of mind even think that is a comparison? Oinksana is alive and well. There is no evidence she was ever abused. There is police evidence, actual pictures & witnesses to the fact that OJ beat the living crap out of Nicole. I believe in karma and he will get his just like the fools comparing this situation will.

1514 days ago
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