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Giuliani's Daughter Ticketed for Shoplifting

8/4/2010 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline will be walking away from a shoplifting arrest with nothing more than a ticket.

Giuliani's Daughter Shoplifting

Law enforcement sources tell us that the former mayor's 20-year old daughter is getting a desk appearance ticket for "petit larceny."

Caroline was arrested earlier today at a Manhattan Sephora after she was seen allegedly putting 5 cosmetic items worth more than $100 in her pocket.  We're told store security called cops after seeing her on security cameras.

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Ben Gleck    

More proof if we deport Republicans crime will go down.

1538 days ago


@#5 Giuliani did great things for new york? Like show up to yankee games for free on the yankees dime? Oh you mean have his cops arrest innocent people to make it look like they were cracking down on serious crime? Oh wait you mean giving cops a license to kill in non well to do neighborhoods? Oh wait no you mean the window cleaner incident with the black man who simply wanted to make a dollar to feed his kids and got screamed at and cursed out by giuliani in front of 20 camera's none of which put it on the news instead it was shown to the masses by a civilians cell phone recording? Oh you mean the quality of life arrests for being homeless? Oh wait you mean cutting nearly 40% of low income funding for shelters, food pantries, and put ny into more debt than it ever had before? Wait I guess you and I have two different definitions of what a great politician is.

1538 days ago


She's a loser like her dad. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

1538 days ago

You Betcha    

More proof if we deport Republicans the crime rate will go down.

1538 days ago


With all the money they have? Her dad must have given her an Am Ex. She needs a smack in the head. Dopey kid.

1538 days ago

Derek For-real    

Damn I thought the recession was over? Guess fact tell her to call me, I'll take care of her cute ass, so she won't have to shoplift anymore.

1538 days ago


A ticket ??? That's all she got? WTF ??? I hope Sephora is pressing charges !!! Give me a break. What a spoiled little bitch !

1538 days ago

be real    



1538 days ago


It amazes me the things you get away with when you are white...

1538 days ago


Time to grow up. Make stupid choices and bad things happen. Looks like she did not receive any preferencial treatment - good. After a kid reaches 18, parents are no longer legally responsible for them.

1538 days ago

Anthony Young    

Smh .. FOllowing her daddys footsteps .. just like he stole a bunch our sense of trust by promising the city BULLS**T .. Long Story short . they shoulda sent her to rikers island for a weekend lmao !!!

1538 days ago


Another dysfunctional republican household. Republicans love to play favoritism with their kids and pit them against one another. Then deny all responsibility for the damage they've done once the other kids reach 18

1538 days ago


Caroline Giuliani, 20, was taken into custody at a branch of the Sephora skin care and makeup store near the home on the tony East Side of Manhattan she shares with her mother, Donna Hanover, a former newscaster who divorced from Giuliani in 2002. Rudy Giuliani one of the biggest phony of all times daughter was caught stealing! The store has decide to not press charges because she is white and the daughter of the so-call crime fighter! Former Mayor Giuliani instructed police to arrest homeless, blacks and other minority for Jaywalking, standing on corners,loud music, stop and frisk black children as young as 6 while walking to and from school! From this behavior he claim he brought crime down! Attacking the poor, homeless and minority especially black people! At the same time Giuliani knew of his family members that where member of a Mafia gang that participated in murders stealing and many other crimes. NEVER did Giuliani go after or investigate his family members!What is so sickening about Giuliani's daughter stealing episode. The accuses given by the white control press! Instead of just saying she is a thief that got caught STEALING! This more then likely WAS NOT her first time! But just like her father stupid mentality, security at that store normally focus on blacks and other minority! White criminals get a past and are able rob stores blind.

1537 days ago


Giulani did great things? hahaha by turning NY into a police state, by throwing drug addicts in jail instead of treating them by cutting school programs? His police commissioner was a criminal, he's in federal prison now. His family wants nothing to do with him ever since he took those wonderful flip flopping conservative values and went up cheating on his wife.

He's a fraud. if her name was Caroline Martinez from the Bronx or Caroline Wong from Queens, she'd be in a jail cell. Get bail and move out. Police have extreme influence on whether charges are filed in NY. They can pressure a store or outlet in so many ways.

Such naivety on the issue. Double standard justice for rich people. Bottom line.

1537 days ago


Her daddy is Rudy; a cheating no good lisping fool - she's been punished enough.

1537 days ago
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