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Gary Coleman's Ex -- They Better Not Sell Our House

8/5/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife Shannon Price is upset that Gary's estate is trying to sell the house they lived in together -- and according to Price's rep, they'll "do everything possible to fight this in court."

As we first reported, Robert Jeffs -- the Special Administrator of Gary's estate -- filed a motion yesterday asking a judge to allow him to sell Gary's Utah home and an adjacent lot for $324,000.

That's not sitting well with Price's rep, Sheilia Erickson, who tells TMZ that 24 hours before Gary died, he told her he "wanted [Shannon] to be taken care of" and that "everything goes to her."

Erickson says, "Gary would want Shannon in that house. It was their house together."

Shannon did live in the house with Gary, but the estate kicked her out in June. She is not named in Gary's currently recognized will.


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The house isn't even paid for. Let her have the house and the mortgage too.

1505 days ago


@18 "I can't see anyone else getting in line for that."


How long have you been on Earth? Some guys would line up to screw a hole in a rotting pig carcass as long as it was still damp.

1505 days ago

Gsharon 710    

This cow has more guts than a slaughter house. Go away. Find your next sucker, if you can. You are not well liked and we had almost laid Gary's case to rest with the love he never got from you, while laying on that floor bleeding, or the lack of love on his dying bed.

Are we really suppose to give a d.a.m.n. if you lose the house?
Did you give a d.a.m.n. about your dying husband who paid for that house?

Did you care that you posed close to him on his death bed for pictures to sell?

Did you care when you had another picture taken after he died?

Did you care when you sent him to make food for you when it had not been long since he had kidney treatments, heart surgery, pneumonia, or the feeling of you being a gold digger.

Evidence proves he did many outward jobs to prove his love for you.

If you need money, go strip somewhere. Where I don't care.

Go to h.e.l.l.

1505 days ago


She'll settle for a box of sugar cubes, a bag of carrots and a bag of apples

1505 days ago


I hope the house is sold. This murdering dog face deserves NOTHING!

1505 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Add.......Oh yes number 20, you can follow Shannon..

1505 days ago


Can't we make a citizens arrest...for Gods sake! SHE KILLED HIM, and then said it was too much trouble to find a towel for his bleeding head. Eye for an eye BITCH

1505 days ago


This is the reason that being stuck-up is not such a bad thing. When you are famous and have any kind of money these kinds of people make it a point to want to be your best friend. Gary Coleman should have left this woman where he found her. If she loved him she would not have sold pictures of him on his death bed. She is sick, greedy, and in need of all the help the good Lord and psychiatric community can give her. Yuck!

1505 days ago


I'm could Gary tell her to have everything 24 hrs before he died...I was under the impression that after he got to the hospital he didn't regain consciousness.

1505 days ago


She shouldn't be entitled to anything. They weren't married. I think she did kill him. If not from the shoving match at the house, it definitely was pulling the plug. All she's out for is his money. This woman don't know love.

1505 days ago


Tell Shannon to get back out there and work the streest like the skank ho she is poor Gary done in by a freak like her no doubt she pushed the sick fella and pulled the plug so he couldn't tell

1505 days ago

Joe Blow    

This woman is a disgusting excuse for a human being. I don't wish harm on many people, but she just might deserve to die screaming for all the crap she's pulled during and since Gary's death.

1505 days ago


Gary said all Shannon cared about was his money. She proved him true by forcing a man with severe health problems to work and take care of her lazy trifling ass!

Also, if Gary wanted Shannon to have everything he had, he would've married her trifling lazy heartless ass!

It is my opinion, and the opinion millions that Shannon was responsible for Gary's death with her no good, sorry lazy, heartless evis trifling ass!

Gary left everything to ANNA GRAY who really LOVED HIM!
I'd bet my last dime that she wouldn't have done anything to hurt Gary or cause his death, which is more than I think about Shannon with her sorry, lazy, heartless trifling ass?

(Either i like the word TRIFLING or it it fits SHANNON to the T!

1505 days ago

Dave Jones    

No matter what you think of her and I am no fan of hers, the rights of a wife and not an estranged one, but a live in wife can overturn nearly all standing wills even if you think she's a money grubbing person. The rights of the widow should never be taken for granted if you find yourself on the opposite side of the Wife. In the USA it's just how it's done hear no matter how angry you get about it.

1505 days ago


she needs to be thrown in jail for being ugly and a murderer...i hate seeing her ugly ass face on the t.v makes me wanna puke!rather be dead than red on the head

1505 days ago
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