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Michelle McGee, Violet Kowal -- The Stripper Tour

8/8/2010 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dave Matthews Band? Lady Gaga? Nope ... the hottest tour of 2010 is going to be Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Violet Kowal -- coming to a strip club your significant other hopes is not near you!

TMZ has learned the infamous other women will unite for some kind of strip club tour. McGee and Kowal -- Mel Gibson's alleged mistress -- had their first dual outing in Hollywood last week. Sources close to the pair tell us the strip tour dates and locations are TBD.

As we first reported, Kowal just hired Gloria Allred and she shares the same manager as Bombshell.

0809_mcgee_tmz_videoGuess that won't be the only thing they share.


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TMZ needs to quit wasting time glorifying whores. I'm sick of hearing about Fishburne's daughter, these sluts, all the celeb mistresses etc.

1503 days ago


GDslayer that was beautiful. Right down to the "something shiny" comment. As a 40+ yr old woman who has her **** together I happen to agree.

As for the other women reading this, admit it. You know it's true. Gold-digging is no different than chicks who get pregnant to snag their man. It's pathetic. Create your own life to be proud of so that you can SHARE in what you accomplish and not USE someone for what they have.

The only problem with all of this is that (sorry GDslayer) but since the dawn of time men have thought with their ****s. Unless that changes, the problem will never go away.

1503 days ago

The Truth    

Arnt they a little late? Arnt the mistresses already on tour? Funny they must have not gotten picked, hence the way they look. LOL!

1503 days ago


TMZ is now PR manager for the whores ??????

1503 days ago

The Truth    

They should of both signed up with DD Management they would of already been making money and not getting tossed out of clubs. The new mistress Violet is making a mistake attaching herself to this one. LOL Michelle is trying to get back in the press by stealing some of Violets spotlight! If your out there Violet RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

1503 days ago


How to make a living out of Mistresses Club. What has this world had come to?

1503 days ago


Prostitution is illegal.....

1503 days ago


I was just starting to think TMZ was better.However its just another Radaronline. Why does TMZ think showing these skanks make for news. These woman have no morals, let alone anything else, so why are they promoting them. If I wanted to read about them or see them, I would go to a porn site, however I dont want to see or know anything about them and I am discussed, that they are on view here.

1503 days ago


They need to do a girl-girl video, hawt!

1503 days ago


cdm8513 #1 comment says it all hahahaha GROSSSSSSSSS is right!! Add Rachel Uchtel and you can have a triple strip show!!!! hahahaha
Do they really think they are that good looking?? SKANKS would be the best description!! I gather they need to get to a local Walmart an purchase a mirror!!! ;)

1503 days ago


good luck mel, I don't trust this one....what's with two ruskies in a row? I probably would have gone Irish or somethin....

1503 days ago


I just figured it out mel, she's a plant...a ringer... a set-up...

1503 days ago


Bombshell is absolutely disgusting. I can't stand looking at her she is a disgusting human being. Nuff' said

1503 days ago

JR Jake    

I don't know if the color black in clothes was a genetic hand down or what; but the more black I see on people and the 'deeds' they perform it definitely gives me pause on my color choices. I think i will head down to the outlet malls today or tomorrow, I got to get a new wardrobe fer sure.................

1503 days ago


GDslayer --

Again, you're correct. I've been in raging battles with women over this very subject and get accused of being on the "man's side". Yep. In this case, I am. We dumb ourselves down because we're convinced we have to. We allow ourselves to be dragged around by our hair in the cave because self-esteem (or lack of it) dictates our lives. We think that the proverbial 15 minutes of fame is worth it yet are disgusted by women standing on Street Corner, USA. Double fking standard to say the least.

Men and women are different. As soon as folks realize that, the world will be a better place. The whole Mars/Venus thing applies. We once used our wombs as a placeholder for finding a mate and now, we've "evolved" and figured out that there's no need to go through the trouble of childbirth when we can simply use our vaginas instead.

I'm not sure about you but I can figure out what someone's agenda is within about 5 minutes of meeting.. often less. Dating sites like you mentioned, only leave the poster hoping to find someone to take them away from their woes and leaves the seeker always looking at the next profile in search of someone/something better. Chemistry isn't there... communication is far more than a few words on a screen. Body language, hygiene, poise....all of it is lacking with dating sites. What these women do is make a profession out of it. Much like fishing, you get your tools, bait your hook, go to where you hear the fish are biting and wait for the catch of the day. In some cases (Bombshells of the world), catch of the century then fking whine when they gut and filet you.

Guys will continue to fall for it as long as their dix show signs of life ...and when they don't, there's a handy new pill for that.

Public stoning now comes in the form of the TMZ's of the world who out them. Good. Women deserve whatever they get when they have this type of agenda. It's prostitution. It's not rocket science.

As my grandmother used to say "You burn your azz, you sit on the blisters!"

1503 days ago
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