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Laurence Fishburne -- The Cry for Attention

8/9/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since his daughter released a sex tape, Laurence Fishburne was seen out in L.A. this weekend ... wearing a shirt that reminded everyone who really deserves the attention in his family.

Fishburne -- who had just performed in a stage production of "Thurgood" -- was leaving the theater hand-in-hand with his wife Gina Torres.

As we previously reported, Laurence has not spoken with his daughter Montana since she announced her move to do porn ... despite support from her mother Hajna Moss-Fishburne.

Montana Fishburne Sextape Photos


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The mother "supports" her daughter´s porn career?? Holy Fright! No wonder Fishburne divorced her.

1506 days ago


It certainly didn't sound like the mother gave her a ringing endorsement.

1506 days ago


Don't know why people have children anymore. Whether they're healthy or not, they break your heart.

1506 days ago


I feel for Laurence & his family. I don't think Montana is a bad person. I mean, to each their own. She's an adult and can do what she wants. I think the problem is that she is yapping about her porno to anyone that will listen. She apprently wants attention and may have some serious issues that need to be resolved. She's not going to be famous in the adult entertainment world either unless she can get herself together. She wants quick fame. That isn't how it works. You need talent in whatever you decide to get in to. I think when this doesn't work out for her or she doesn't get the fame she is seeking, she's going to fall very hard.

1506 days ago


Feel bad for Lawence and his daughter because it doesn't appear she's making good long term decisions for herself and it has to be hard for him to be forced into an audience for a performance he would rather not watch (her behavior and not the movie). His daughter is obviously free to do whatever she wants, however she needs to make a decision if being involved in porn is more important than alienating her father. If so she should quit whining and leave him alone.

1506 days ago


I dont even think praying for Montana will help,and it would only piss god off-
Another sad mind of mush in America-
To do what she did,a premeditated family destroying sex tape.Her poor family knew of it before it happened-
I couldnt imagine doing that to my family and giving notice it was coming out!!
Seriously,Kanye we need you and your microphone-Kanye,please come to the front office,Knaye-To the front office-Thank you

1506 days ago


I think she got jealous when her dad and his wife had a daughter a couple of years ago.

1506 days ago


The Matrix!

1506 days ago


I think "support" may be the wrong word for Montana's mother. She's probably just been the first parent to speak and I think she is shocked and terrified for her daughter if you read the full statement of what Montana said her mom's feelings are. She's worried like Laurence must be.

I don't knock Laurence Fishburne for not talking to his daughter just yet. It's A LOT to swallow. When he is ready he will talk to her. I think he's hesitant because he is still very upset and a conversation without a level head will just end up being a shouting match, which will do no one any good.

I say he should take his time and when he is ready, he'll talk to Montana. What's the rush? She didn't talk to him before openeing her legs to the camera!

*TMZ, is it true she was arrested for prostitution last year?! My local news channel had that story on today. Whoa!!!!!

1506 days ago


To her, it's not just a job, it a Beee Jaaaay!

1506 days ago


I would dis own my daughter too if she did porn.... I would never say another word to her for the rest of my life not matter how much I loved her.... She be lucky to live another day... I'd rather see her dead then do porn...

1506 days ago


I think there's a world of difference in interpretation between a mom saying "You're my baby and I'll love you no matter what" and "Ya, go ahead. I fully endorse and approve of your choice to screw your brains out on camera and pimp yourself on street-corners like a common wh0re, because no manipulative predator who works in the sex-trade will ever think about hooking you on crack, robbing & beating you within an inch of you live in some misdirected, jealous-of-your-life vendetta against you or your A-list family. Nope. Never happen. Even less of a chance some fat, sweaty Pap will use you & ply for personal info on your family. Hey, you know what? Let me go buy you some ping-pong balls."

Cut her off the $$$ train already! The only thing spoiled Hollywood kids listen to is money.

1506 days ago


I'm not sure where tmz gets her mother supports her.

According to the tmz report, Montana Fishburne said her mother loves her and is worried about her.

Loving your child is unconditional... that doesn't mean she supports her career decision (which it doesn't sound like if she supposedly used the words loves her and is WORRIED about her)

Sounds like just the opposite of support. Sounds like concern.

I feel bad for Lawerence. His daughter is whoring herself out for attention or fame, or whatever her reason. She's putting her physical health at risk (STDs, Pregnancy, abuse) and she's tearing her family apart.

She needs a swift kick in the ass of reality.

1506 days ago


Let's get one thing straight, the only reason girls get into porn is DADDY ISSUES, no matter what bullsh/t excuse they throw out about just making extra money, being a powerful independent girl, etc. If a girl loves and respects her dad she does not intentionally put him through the humiliation of letting the world see guys jiszz all over her face repeatedly.

There is more to the relationship than we know.

1506 days ago

Donald Ray    

Man, his 'ol lady has some JUICY, KISSABLE lips and that's WITHOUT botox. All the little White girls must be jealous.

1506 days ago
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