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Flight Attendants: Steven Slater Is Our Frickin' Hero!

8/10/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flight attendants from airlines everywhere are rallying around JetBlue's most famous employee Steven Slater -- praising him for fighting "flight attendant abuse" and even building him a shrine ... on Facebook.

Steve Slater Facebook
TMZ has learned someone created an FB fan page for Slater less than a day ago -- which already has more than 15,000 followers ... and continues to grow by the minute.

But the most interesting part is the comment section, which has been taken over by flight attendants across the country who wish they had the cojones to do what Slater did.

One user wrote, "We (flight attendants) secretly have thought about doing are my hero for taking a stand on flight attendant abuse!!!!"

And another -- "Kudos to you, I am a former flight attendant and only wish I had the nerve to do what you did!!!!!!" And yet another -- "As a former F/A, you made my fantasy come true--you just did what we have all thought about doing a thousand times! Good Luck to you! :)"

As we previously reported, Slater -- who told off a passenger on a JetBlue flight yesterday and then abandoned ship on the emergency chute -- is charged with two counts of reckless endangerment, two counts of criminal mischief and one count of criminal trespass. His bail is set at $2,500.


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1532 days ago


Ya... let's congratulate a guy for losing his cool and breaking the law. Good job!

Flight attendants are just well paid servers... it's part of the "service" industry to deal with customers.

1532 days ago


I was on a JetBlue flight last night out of Syracuse and the CEO of the company came on and thanked us for flying with them, then gave away two free flights anywhere in the country. I guess they were in repair mode

1532 days ago


Harvey Levin is gay??

1532 days ago


Hey Nthe hole? in the hole who is the ***?

1532 days ago


I dont see why what he did is front page worthy. Its just not that big of a deal. Its kind of funny though, im sure he has been taking abuse from passengers for years, and just snapped. I cant say I blame him.

1532 days ago


I fly all the time and a passenger . and I'm with Steve. Passengers can be total as****s.
Way to Go!

1532 days ago


BS this bitch was just another person who thinks she is above the rules. She is running her mouth because she KNOWS she hit him with the door and is afraid that they will charge her and she should be charged . She endangered the people on the flight not him. She was asked to sit down and said vulgar crap to this man. I hope he sues the pants off of this woman and wins.

1532 days ago


I hope this gets attention for flight attendant abuse, and the government enacts tougher laws. No one listens to attendants. Every landing there as been some idiot with his cell already on and trying to text, or some beyotch won't turn her kindle off and stow it, or some dbag is stomping over me to get his bag and we are still not even stopped on the runway. These dirtbags fly all the time and know they don't have to listen to the attendants, they can do what they want. Feel sorry for the guy.

1532 days ago


She was from Texas...nuff said.

I blame her.


1532 days ago


This man did what most do not have the stones to do. Good for him. If the passenger followed instructions and waited until the plane was at the gate to get her bag, not tell him to F--- off twice and hit him in the head with the bag, none of this would have happened. She needs to be charged with assault, since they want to waste tax payers money regarding the way he quit his job.

Considering this man recently lost his father and his mother is terminally ill with cancer, he hit his limit.

1532 days ago

Mark in IAH    

Steven screwed up big time...when he got hit in the head by the passenger's bag...he should have hit the floor, writhing in pain! Lawsuit baby! Not to mention, the passenger should have been charged with interfering with a flight crew. This would have been especilly appropriate if it WAS Sheila Jackson Lee. Was it her? Can anyone let us know? This would be a bigger story!

1532 days ago


To all you flight attendants honoring this wacko - if you dislike your job so much then get the H*ll out. There are plenty of people waiting to replace you. And for a new career you could always pick potatoes in Maine or lettuce in California. Then the only abuse you will have to take is from the natural elements, sun, rain and so on.
Moral - If you don't want to take guff from the public then don't work where you have it to begin with.
P.S. I have flown once since 9-11. The hassle of boarding and excessive fees insure I will not do it again.

1532 days ago

Martha Stewardess    

To Steven Slater- "I get it~ I've thought about it~ But you actually did it !"

1532 days ago


15,000 Face book users need to get a life, The flight attendant is a nut case to open the door of a plane deploy the shoots and slip to the ground, then run off... JetBlue has every right to terminate this guy and prosecute him, also why is this story here On TMZ? And My First Comment was deleted why?

1532 days ago
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