VH1 Star -- 'I Got Laid By An Insect'

8/11/2010 1:25 PM PDT

VH1 Star -- 'I Got Laid By An Insect'

VH1 reality star Kerry Schwartz has a sense of humor about the insect that burrowed inside of her leg and used her as a human incubator ... telling us last night, "I got laid by an insect!"

TMZ spoke with Kerry on her way to meet with doctors at a New York hospital -- where she told us, "There's actually, like stuff ... stuffed inside of my skin right now that they have to remove ... which is why I'm here."

Kerry -- who's still in a tremendous amount of pain -- also told us doctors believe her uninvited inhabitants may have either been spiders or some sort of fly.

But the chick who won "Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair" says she's staying positive --"I'm thinking maybe I'll get superpowers soon ... because that's what happened to Spider-Man when he got bit."

UPDATE: TMZ has learned Kerry stayed overnight at the hospital -- after doctors decided they wanted to keep an eye on her condition. She's expected to be discharged sometime today.