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Paris Hilton -- The Breast She's Ever Looked

8/11/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Dressed in her best Marilyn Monroe drag, natural beauty Paris Hilton showed off her biggest assets at her latest perfume launch at MyStudio nightclub in L.A. last night.


The fragrance is called good bra Tease.



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Paris Hilton has never been pretty, not at all, no matter the expensive clothes, make-up, nothing. Matter of fact, she is very unattractive. Actually, instead of having a boob job, she should have had that huge hook nose fixed. But seriously, does she think she looks good in these photos? She looks like at 50 year old hag. Most women in their 50's are classy and beautiful with the years of life they have experienced. Paris has put her body and head through more than any 20 something should have, and it is really showing. All the money in the world, can't make her normal in any mental compacity, and not in her looks. She is worn out, in every way one can think. But, she has to live with herself. And, we are glad that her 15 minutes of (porn) fame is over. No one gives a **** about her.

1533 days ago


Why won't this tramp just go away! She has over stayed her welcome. She has no talent, No class, And no clue!!!

1533 days ago


She's starting to look pretty old. Whoever did her boobs should be sued, they really look fake.

1533 days ago


Natural Beauty - haha TMZ made a funny.

1533 days ago


I find this very offensive. Marilyn Monroe is an icon. And to have her dress like her is so annoying. U will never be, or measure up to Ms. Monroe!!

1533 days ago


i never use to get it when people called her a tranny look alike but i can see it now

1533 days ago


she looks really nice! i like this look for her alot!

1533 days ago


She looks 40. no offense to people who are 40.

1533 days ago


OMG. PH is looking old - used and abused. I think she is pickling herself from the inside out. Too much booze!

1533 days ago


Dang girl-who did your make-up & wig job? The kids at the School for the Blind? EEEEEK! Scary,Scary.

1533 days ago


I agree with everyone here, PH does look like a drag queen!!! she looks like a dude. FYI PH you're bringing down an American icon M. Monroe....I have seen some awesome drags that do MM as vava boom w/curves but PH needs to stick to day job!

1533 days ago


Based on this and a couple other recent pictures I've seen of her it seems the life of partying is starting to take their toll. She didn't even make it to 30 before the aging effects started taking their toll. By the time she's 35 she'll look like she's in her 40s, and by 40 she'll look every bit of 50+!

1533 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Oh brother wasn't Paris's 15 minutes up ages ago. Let's see.. hair etension line, clothing line, prefume line. album flop, perfume line again, another album flop, recorded another albuim and more perfume again. Man desperate for attention or what? Does she really believe people love and like her this much? Gimmie a break talk about delusions of grandeur...I think she should just go and do her coke and spend her trust fund and go away already..Althought I do paln on buying 500 of copies of Paris's new C.D....I feel I have a psychological edge when I am skeet shooting if I am aiming at a target I know I want to hit..Load Up the Paris album collection guys...

1533 days ago


she looks like zsa zsa gabor. and not the young zsa zsa. today's version.

1533 days ago


this is obviously photo shopped, that is a man's body and neck with a boob job and Paris` face on it. Don't be rediculous

1533 days ago
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