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More Evidence Slater Concocted JetBlue Blowup

8/13/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A passenger on Steven Slater's JetBlue flight tells TMZ there was no evidence of any altercation between Slater and a passenger before the now-famous flight attendant got on the loud speaker and then got on the slide.

Steven Slater Evidence
Gib Mendelson tells TMZ ... he was sitting in the middle of the plane, near an emergency exit.  Gib says, "The first indication we had of the issue was his [Steven] coming on to the PA system with his diatribe.  I did not see anything that precipitated the meltdown."

Gib adds Slater was in a bad mood during the flight -- "He obviously had a bad day."

As we first reported, authorities have not yet identified the passenger who allegedly went for the overhead bin prematurely and then cussed out Slater.  Several people involved in the investigation tell us flatly ... they doubt Slater's story.


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obviously he activated the slide for his safety and for those other passengers who were not subjected to the ongoing CIA MK ULTRA type Mind Control experiments inducing the hallucinations in everyone else aboard. so there.

Posted at 4:12 PM on Aug 13, 2010 by Hugh Jass

That WOULD make him a hero, wouldn't it? LOL

1476 days ago


He looks a little satanic there in that pic.

1476 days ago


There was no passenger who hit him with an overhead bag. He made the whole thing up.

1476 days ago


The bottom line is he refuses to give the seat numbers of the two women who were fighting to the FAA, Airline, & Port Authority. Hysterically, he said it was to "protect the passengers privacy." The real reason is he knows if he gave seat numbers than the occupants and EVERYONE around them would immediately call him a liar. He had that cut on his head when he came to the airport and gave the flight crew a different story on the first flight. He is not a hero just a guy trying to get himself a reality show.

1476 days ago


Evidence? What a thought! When did media become interested in evidence?

1476 days ago


Zzzz. Who cares. Dumbest most pointless story of the year.

1476 days ago

cynical me    

Does no one else think he could have hurt his head some other way. You supporters are a bunch of lemmings and will believe anything.
NOBODY is supporting his story, I'm sure someone nearest to the 'incident' if it had happened would have said "Oh yes I saw it!" but no one is coming forward.
The big baby had a fit and quit, now he's regretting it because he has no money coming in. Next we'll see him being interviewed on The View or some crap.

1476 days ago


if this guy wasnt a homo he would of been able to control him only ferrys like to go down slides

1476 days ago


Its being reported now that he already has the head injury in Philly before the plane took off.

1476 days ago


TMZ This Is A Non Story

1476 days ago


This so called "Hero" is starting to look more like a Diva Bitch.

1476 days ago


unless he's certifiable, which he's not since he's been a flight attendant for 20 years (or maybe he is), then there's truth to what he said. sounds entirely plausible. someone who didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

1475 days ago


Well, if you think about it, the defenders of Jet Blue might have been swayed a bit by the $100 awarded them by Jet Blue. I probably wouldn't have seen or heard anything either. I kind of think if this passenger was in the right, he/she would have been all over TV by now. So far, nada!

1475 days ago


Some of you should look at the vids that are out of passengers that were on that flight. They are saying he had that injury before the flight took off--was slamming overhead doors--was being very rude and refused to help passengers that asked for help telling them "Take care of your own needs--i have to take care of mine." The mystery passenger who "assaulted" Slater cant be found because--she doesn't exist.

1475 days ago

C Carroll Adams PhD    

People who do not believe emergency slides are a danger to those on the ground should take a good look at the surveillance video of the JetBlue aircraft parked and connected to the jetway at the front port door. Many ground staff are doing their duty, which required walking on the starboard side, from which service is normally done. Someone walked under the front starboard door seconds before the slide deployed. No way could anyone inside the aircraft have double checked below the plane.

Never in emergency slide training is anyone outside the plane during slide deployment. In an actual emergency all first responders are aware slides will be used, but in reality almost always the slides are deployed before the responders arrive.

FAA FAR part 121 covers scheduled air carriers, such as JetBlue. Several sections therein prohibit operation of exit doors and slides except in emergencies. Imagine the potential for a dangerous fall if an exit door is opened without a platform or stairs next to it. It is common when using a slide in an emergency that injuries occur. The theory is scrapes and broken bones are not as serious as burning to death in a fire.

1475 days ago
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