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Mel's Alleged Mistress:

I Have Text Messages

8/15/2010 10:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims to have been Mel Gibson's mistress at the time of the now-famous January 6 blowout says she was badgered by Mel's bodyguard to keep her mouth shut ... this according to sources who have been in touch with the woman.

Sources say Violet Kowal claims she was communicating with Mel on January 6 about his blowup with Oksana Grigorieva

In the days following -- January 7, 8 and 9 --  Violet Kowal claims she was contacted by one of Mel's bodyguards.  We're told Kowal says the bodyguard sent text messages, warning her that she couldn't talk about the incident and that she should "disappear" for a price.

And sources say Kowal -- who is now repped by Gloria Allred -- has phone records and text messages.

Sources also say ... Kowal claims to have an email she received recently from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, the Sensitive Case Unit, informing her they wanted to speak with her.  So far, we're told, Kowal has not met with anyone from DCFS.


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So this has come to be about "ANON" the one who in previous threads wrote she wanted Mel Gibson to kill his children and commit suicide?

You are all getting off course. This piss ant poster is not the topic.

♥♥♥TEAM MEL!!♥♥♥

1493 days ago


here's the list of men she has had....

Igor Radkov (musician - Saransk, Mordova)
Igor Baranov (1st husband -lawyer Saransk, Mordova)
Matthew Simmons (vicar’s son-Shoreham, England)
Andrew Alridge(former business.partner of N. Rowland, London)
Nicholas Rowland (2nd husband, graphic designer, London)
Alan Bergman (retired ballet dancer & businessman, London)
Lord Lichfield (Patrick Ansen, photographer,London)
TimothyDalton (actor, London & Los Angeles)
Peter Blomquist (businessman) ***I don't have him in LONDON. I have him in USA. Currently living in CO. Used to be a stockbroker, involved in 'domestic gambling' trade
David Foster (music producer, Los Angeles)
Mel Gibson (actor/director/producer, Los Angeles)

1493 days ago


Tara, you are the one that used your profession as a method to elevate your opinion, then gave a 1 800 Psychic diagnosis regarding a situation you have maybe 10% of the information on. A professional would never ever do that unless they were bad at their job.

Shell, you have a long way to go before you can point the finger at anyone else. If you think the sky is blue and someone else says it's greyish, you call them stupid. That doesn't make you smart, it just means your view is limited to your own opinion and the only people you think are intelligent are those that say you are right.

1493 days ago


Agreed Barnswella!


1493 days ago


Mel Gibson in Car Crash
New TMZ headline.
He's fine thank God

1493 days ago


IF, as most Mel's supporters seem to agree on, Oxa had planned the whole meltdown scenario in close connection with the Moskow mafia, it seems strange they would use a close-to-death wetback to do the babysitting job? And even one, who was hired by Mel? It would certainly have been wiser to use a stronger person (of course best a wetback Mel wouldn't like), ready to widness when the (arranged) phonecall from Violet came in & initiated the rage of Mel.

The weakness of the plot makes it likely to me, that the whole situation was not planned like this, but within a few moments confronted all implicated players with some unbearable facts, thus the final countdown ..

Oxa is not sharp, she is playing her cards rather clumsy, still her motives, as I have argued in posts above, could be others than assumed by team Mel. They could basicly be the anger & revenge of an offended woman, taking irrational directions, but by no means evil in their own context.

1493 days ago


barnswella, you have lost your mind. I have never said that. You are ridiculous.

1493 days ago



OKSANA WAS!!! She cut his brakes! HA!

That would be funny!

1493 days ago


@ Observer --

The WWII hero was Ms. Oksana's first husband's family -- Baranov. You know, the ones who were angry about being used for 'passport replacement.' The ones who were not happy about her first husband being described as a 'drug addict.' There were pictures of her 1st wedding posted here and it did remind me to go through my old pictures and make sure there was nothing TOO 'fashion forward' lurking around. Tee hee

1493 days ago


But the next story would be that Mel crashed on his way over to beat her some more and HE was going to cut her brakes!

That would be the funny rub!


1493 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

Ok we know ox has a sordid past history of men but i don't get the connection, well not really... she thought that she had moved up in the world and deserved better (richer) men, then got all the money she could before they realized what she was doing and likely kick her to the curb (and before you ox supporters jump on me for that i'm making an ASSUMPTION not based on facts), or she got the hell out. In the case of Dalton, she wanted too much money out him, wouldn't marry her unless she signed a prenup which she refused and left him.

This woman's money grabbing is out of control... all her money and all her fame she claims she has and she's pennyless??? WTF??? that's not possible, what is she spending it on, she lives in a house MEL bought so that's not it, so what? plastic surgery? jewelry? she has got NOTHING to show for her broke ass

1493 days ago

Paula Schultze    

I have no vested interest in this one way or another. However, I think it is wrong, based on the facts and evidence I have seen, to charge Mel with a crime. The photo of the baby is not abuse. The photo of Oksana's eye looks just like the one on fanpix taken long before she claims to have been hit. The photo of her teeth, even if genuine, does not prove he hit her. There is no swelling or bruising of her lips or gums. I think she threw herself on the ground in a tantrum...just like he said before the tapes were ever released...and perhaps bumped her head and chipped off the veneers...consistent with what the dentist said. I don't believe the D.A. has enough to charge him, based on what I have seen. As for the's unfortunate that he was so enraged with her, however I don't think what he said is illegal (I'm not sure about that.) If it is he will probably be ordered to go to anger management or put on probation for a short period of time. That is if these are found to be genuine and admissible in court. In the meantime, he has been found to be safe with his baby. That's the main point. The relationship is long over...hopefully they both live and learn and raise their child peacefully. As for extortion, I have no clue as to what the evidence is so have no opinion. I think Oksana has done a lot of damage to all concerned. I think Mel needs to do some soul searching. In the end, I hope the children are not exposed to anymore nonsense. Gotta go now, have a good day all.

1493 days ago



The past few weeks the posters on this site have uncovered a lot
of extremely damaging information about Oksana. They also
caught Oksana's lies, one after the other, and offered proof.

The posters continue to uncover more and more facts and
poke holes in Oksana's story. So now the TMZ comments site
is becoming problematic for Oksana's case, and its in their best
interest to somehow interrupt the flow of information.

The logical solution is to place a group of posters here to distract
this momentum of fact finding and fervently support Oksana.

That is what I'm seeing now, like never before.

My suggestion would be to continue the research and questioning
and not get sidetracked by this mostly new crop of Oksana supporters,
unless of course they offer intelligent arguments.

I like Michael's approach of not using this as a platform for Team Mel,
but rather as Team Truth.

And since Oksana seems to be in short supply of truth, Team Truth
is looking a lot like Team Mel.

I'm off to do some work, but I'll be back later. I'm still waiting
for Oksana to pull another surprise on us. Trust me she will
never stop.

1493 days ago


I wonder how many phones Mel has? I wonder how much access Oksana had to his phones. I'm so sick of new "exclusives" coming out everyday. And people wonder why we are suspicious of a woman who goes out of her way to break a court order every chance she gets... desperation?

1493 days ago

annette fortier    

get real, its all a money game. what some people wont do for the almighty buck

1493 days ago
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