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The Hoff -- No Hard Feelings After Ultra-Brutal Roast

8/19/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He was called an alcoholic ... a disgrace ... a disaster -- but David Hasselhoff claims he has no hard feelings from Sunday night's Comedy Central Roast ... telling us, "No one laughed harder than me!"

Hoff -- whose liver was described as being "so black and bloated, it could've starred in 'Precious'" -- made his triumphant return to L.A. last night.

During our convo, it sounded like his speech was a little slurred after the long flight from Biloxi -- but we're hoping it's just because he was tired. 


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Y do he got    


1525 days ago


Whitney ***mings was hilarious at the roast. Highlight of the event.

1525 days ago


excuse me what do you mean his liver was so black and bloated it could have starred in precious. that was not funny and sometimes you are not funny. you could found some other comparison. and you can't seem to understand why black people a morjority of white people are closet racist. he is a nasty drunk and deserved everything they said to him have you ever lived with a drunk. it's not a party time or a humbling fun experience. his liver problem is by his own doing and had nothing to do with being a black person or a overweight black girl.

1525 days ago


Like the great Lisa Lampanelli said:

"It's a roast, a******s!!!"

1525 days ago


I think they said "so black, shriveled, and dead, if you put your ear to his side you an hear it say 'whatchoo talkin bout willis?'"

1525 days ago

I am Spartacus    

hey msfaye, TMZ didnt make the joke. Lisa Lampinelli did. Its a roast. Lisa jokes about all different races. Its not racist so stop being so over-sensitive. People that are uptight like you should not watch a roast because its all jokes that would be considered offensive if the people were clueless like you and didnt understand it was all in good fun and humor. Fat jokes, black jokes, white jokes, drunk jokes, gay jokes, etc. Nothing is off limits. I think Hulk Hogan actually took the worst of it that night. Lisa doing the hand to the ear thing and saying "you hear that? thats the sound of 20 yr old balls smacking your ex wife's chin." Or when someone said something about his daughter. You dont take these things personally.

1525 days ago


It's not like he can deny any of those things.

1525 days ago


So black and bloated, what a cruel, evil thing to say, who actually had those words come out of their mouth I would like to know.

1525 days ago


I thought it was frigging hilarious! Anyone who knows about these Comedy Central Roasts has to know that they are NOT for the weak or easily offended.

1525 days ago


Well thats the problem Rusty I do live in the REAL WORLD and all is not fair in the name of comedy! Ask Gabby how she feels this morning. The roast was about HIM NOT HER DUHHHHHHHH!

1525 days ago


You can take you caps lock off now genius.....And take a grow the hell up pill while your at it.

1525 days ago

northern gypsy    

agree with "noneofyourbusiness" for the people who are sensitive...
ding...ding...don't watch your remote !!!
generally speaking...D.H. is a train wreck...makeing his roast HOT !!!

1525 days ago

I am Spartacus    

DD shut up. Its a roast, people get brought into comedy all the time. When Bob Saget was roasted Jeff Ross joked, "the Olsen Twins were supposed to be here tonight but they heard there would be food." The Olsen Twins werent even there but they were used as the punchline for some jokes. Get over it. Maybe more people should be more upfront and blunt with Gabby instead of being like Oprah and telling her how beautiful she is while she gets fatter and fatter until she dies. Its not healthy to be that big. Stop coddling everyone. So she was the punchline of a few jokes. Aww, lets all feel sad for her. All is fair game in comedy and especially when you're a celebrity you open yourself up to be criticized and joked about.

And if you have such a problem with the jokes then dont watch the roast and if you didnt watch the roast and are only coming on here and seeing the jokes then dont read the article or comment because the jokes of the roast clearly werent intended for someone like you.

1525 days ago


@I am Spartacus...if you don't like my posts, don't read them. Until you own TMZ I will continue to post whatever I want...Therefore you SHUT UP! Rusty you are just plain dumb and immature.

1525 days ago


I laugh! So many people have no idea what a roast is all about. The whole point is to cut down the roastee by making jokes. Are they in good taste? Rarely, but they are funny.

Some people just can't take a joke. Especially fat chicks. And people with an inflated sense of self worth, like Pam Anderson. Apparently she was upset that there were boob jokes, and jokes about the number of men she's banged. Like she's never heard these jokes before. Stupid, stupid, people.

1525 days ago
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