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Adderall May Have

Unhinged Lindsay Lohan

8/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's Adderall dependence -- the result of a medical misdiagnosis -- may have been the reason she went off the rails.

As we first reported, the docs at the UCLA rehab facility believe Lindsay was misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ... and was prescribed Adderall to treat the phantom affliction.

Dr. Joe Haraszti -- a prominent L.A. addiction specialist -- tells TMZ ... people who take Adderall when they don't need it can experience similar effects as people who use cocaine or methamphetamine.

Dr. Haraszti tells us ... people who unnecessarily take Adderall can display manic symptoms ... and often do things like "driving around until all hours of the morning ... smoking heavily ... tweeting ... and texting all night long." The doc adds, "They can become very impulsive."

The doc also notes that people in that situation "might then complain of insomnia and then take Ambien or other sleep aids to help fall asleep ... it's a vicious cycle"

Dr. Marc Kern -- another addiction expert -- tells us alcohol abuse is also very common among patients who take Adderall.

Dr. Kern tells us, "The Adderall counteracts the sedative side effects of alcohol use … making these people often drink more than someone who does not take the drug."

Bottom line -- a bad medical diagnosis may have set the ball rolling that unhinged Lindsay's life.


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This story is bs...people abuse adderall the same way they abuse coke. She concocted an adhd diagnosis so she could abuse adderall...and now, her people are going to blame her craziness on a "misdiagnosis" so YET AGAIN she doesnt have to take responsibility for her behavior.

She's an entitled narcissist that will do anything but take responsibilty for her behavior.

1528 days ago


Be careful...
People with ADHD usually have bigger probability of being addicts so it is not rare to link Adderall to substance abuse.
Lindsay's problems come from her childhood filled with violence and unstability, agravated later when she went to Hollywood too young.

1528 days ago

Peter Sc    

How many of the kids in High School on ADHD medication does have the illness?

Maybe 10% of those who gets the prescription!

In most western countries the number of kids on ADHD medication is only 10 percent of the number on medication in the U.S. I don't believe that the kids in the U.S. High School system are so much weaker than the average high school kid abroad, so 90% of the kids must be misdiagnosed.

It is not Lindsay's fault that she is on this medical. It is her parents fault. She has been on them as long as she can remember. Try to count how many of the member of Mickey Mouse club actors and actresses who have forced on to medication by their parents so they can provide an income for their family.

Lindsay's story is about the ambitions of her parents. The same goes for kids on the school system who are so-called unruly and can not get the grades their parents believe is possible. It is an ordinary story about an ordinary girl. We only learn of this because Lindsay is in the media, but you can go down to the nearest high school and get the same story from there.

Parents must let their children underperform if their children is not emotionally ready to do their best. The alternative is to create new Lindsay-copies!!

1528 days ago

Gloria Unread    

So, this "misdiagnosis" caused Lindsay to get coked up, steal an SUV, run over a guy's foot, and then blame it all on "the black guy"? Ahh, that completely makes sense!

I think she should sue the quack doctor who obviously is responsible for every single bad thing Lindsay has done for the last few years. She's the real victim here! She deserves several million dollars worth compensation!!

1528 days ago


This chick is a mess, no doubt about it but I seriously doubt any doctor from UCLA is talking to TMZ or any other tabloids.

1528 days ago


Thanks to her lawyer insisting on her being sent to the right, qualified facility, the could be taken off all the drugs, and alcohol - and she experienced NO withdrawal OR symptoms of ADHD. She is not an addict and she does not suffer from ADHD.

This is great news! She can now get the right counseling for the right things, and you haters and mongers of homemeade theories of a person you never met, can go away and gossip about someone else.

Now let's leave Lindsay Lohan alone. I want to see her only as an actress, with a private life that stays private.

1528 days ago

TC in IN    

Quit trying to place blame elsewhere! It begins with YOUR actions Ms. Lohan! It cannot be everyone else's fault for the stupid ways in which you handle yourself. When is Lindsay, the adult, going to take responsibility for her actions instead of playing the spoiled brat? Probably about the same time her parents come out of denial and admit their errors~ especially mom, Dina. You cannot be a good parent AND an enabler.I really had an admiration for the young Lindsay as an actress, but she has steadily and continuously lost points over the years. I would like to see these celebs ~who are famous for nothing but the trouble they can get into~ holding down down real jobs, of any kind, and having real responsibilities, of any kind. They can't even be successful in the fantasy world of Hollywierdos!
This behavior isn't tolerated in the real world, and most bratty children have to grow up before they reach elementary school! Apparently celeb brats are the exception!

1528 days ago


Yeah. Adderall has completely changed my life. It's chemical drive. I started taking it at 25 and I've gone from a slothful, lazy t.v.-watcher, to a driven, industrious, book reader and do***entary junkie.

I think it's obvious that Lindsay has major ADHD. She constantly needs attention - THIS IS INDICATIVE OF ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER.

1528 days ago


And what about people like Lindsay who take Adderall AND do cocaine?

1528 days ago



She is riddled with ADHD. She is the dictionary definition of ADHD.

She constantly needs attention and is constantly hyperactive!!

1528 days ago


or maybe it is what it is and she is a dope addict

1528 days ago


guess it party time for her & her mom, i am shocked

1528 days ago


As a former mental health professional I can almost guarantee that Lindsay Lohan was misdiagnosed just like 99.9 percent of the other people that are diagnosed with this "disorder".

Psychiatrist's frequently make this diagnosis because they can prescribe medication. If they can prescribe medication they can continue to see the "patient" continue to prescribe medications they don't need, and continue to BILL the insurance company or the patient.

What they should be doing is sending the child for a second and third opinion before being put on stimulants. They should then send the family to family counseling as in the 15 years I worked in the field (with adolescents) I have NEVER seen this diagnosis made on a person with an intact stable family life.

Sorry Jennifer Aniston but that's an undisputed fact no matter how much we want to dance around the issue.

1528 days ago


Can't you people read? If you DO NOT have ADHD, but still take medication, it will give you ADHD symptoms. This seems to be what happened to Lindsay, according to the doctors. When she's on the med, she behaves like a maniac, but when she's off them, she's normal. OK?

1528 days ago


IMHO,LL is the poster girl for Antisocial Personality Disorder. She is also suffering from serious long term alcoholism and is cross addicted to both prescription and illegal, recreational and street drugs. I hope she can be saved from herself and will not be found dead of an overdose of alcohol and drugs.

1528 days ago
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