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Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

Cops to the Rescue

8/21/2010 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finally had a moment to themselves the other day -- thanks to the actions of some quick thinking cops.

Sources involved in the situation tell us Rob and Kristen were on their way home from LAX airport earlier this week -- when they noticed several paparazzi weaving through traffic to keep up.

We're told ... the couple -- concerned for their safety -- ducked into a nearby police station, hoping the cops could help out.

We're told the officers figured out a way to sneak the "Twilight" stars out of the building ... and they were able to get back on the road ... without the paps on their tail.


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That filthy haired dope is just using her for a beard.

1491 days ago


# 2 beat me to it. I say, tho, let the young kids enjoy the illusion of a real romance with these two. Twilight is actually a morally well done book and movie (I've read the whole series.) This is harmless fun for young girls.

1491 days ago

Sugar Kitty    

Wow, there are actually people who think he is straight, they are a real couple and that she can act. Wow, interesting.

1491 days ago


the twilight is horrid?it earned billion.

1491 days ago


Your celebs and you chose to be actors so they need to deal with it themselves. Us cops aren't gonna be around for them forever and waste our time for them....jeesh,

1491 days ago


I find this story very very unlikely. One, as has been pointed out, they don't live together so the 'heading home' is just overblown. two, because of the paps, they have constant security, including drivers who meet them at the airport so they can get in a car right out of baggage claim etc. And those drivers are trained on how to ditch a tail and such. No need to go to the police station.
Plus there was not one cop at that station gutsy enough to snag a phone cam shot of them for his little girls. Seriously. Doubt it.
Hell lets overlook that Rob flew up with his best friend who happened to have a role in a film that also has KStew in it. Something he would have done without her in the pic. Because he loves hanging with his BFF. And he was probably on the same flight as his non girlfriend due to those security needs. Putting them on the same flight means only needing one detail etc.

Also @Grace -- Despite certain tabs trying to tell us that Rob and TomS are actually BGFFs neither of them are. They are 100% hetero. But lets just say that all 3 musketeers can say that they have 'kissed a girl' and they like it. And that is part of why Summit encourages folks not to flat out deny this alleged relationship and why they leak fake stories to the tabs who are more than happy provide the films with free press while getting hits and sales for their stuff.

1491 days ago


@31, you're a moron. Rob is NOT gay. Neither is Kristen. They're dating.

1491 days ago


#31 and others: The purpose of a bearded "showmance" is to put on an affectionate SHOW in public. These two go out of their way to hide their , which defeats the entire purpose of having a "beard." So no, she isn't his beard.

1491 days ago


This is hilarious reading all these while killing time waiting on my kids. Americans are insane! Leave these poor people alone or we will have another Lady Diana story. That is awful that they are being hounded so much. Oh and if you don't like their acting don't watch them. Wow that is easy isn't it? Kristen Stewart is a good actress the Twilight series hasn't done her justice and that is the script writers fault. Have you seen Speak or Adventureland - good movies. Remember Me was also way under-rated for Rob. Looking forward to Bel Ami and Water for Elephants.

1491 days ago


I'll take this "story" with a grain of salt right now. Why take so long to report it? Who's the "source"? We have video proof that Police do squat to help when the Paps are following, anybody recall the video of Rob asking for help a few weeks ago when he was being followed? And finally, TMZ as the only one reporting this? Yeah, pass the salt.

1491 days ago


Rob and Kristen are stalked by the paps. Everyone deserves respect and privacy and Rob and Kristen can't have it. They shouldn't have to have their every move photographed and their privacy constantly invaded. They may be actors and famous but they didn't sign up for this. I doubt the police station story but who knows. They definitely seem to be together and living together as recently pictures of their "private" love nest were published. Nothing private about it now. Also the photos of him visiting her in Canada. Leave them alone.

Love Rob and Robsten. I think they are both talented - quit the hate people. Don't follow stories of them if you hate them!

1491 days ago


come on, it was not enough what happend to LADY DY???
you must learn that nobody what the story repeated

1491 days ago


I don't believe this story for a second. I saw her leaving the airport giving the paz the finger. She was with other people and Rob wasn't one of them. Did they stop and switch cars and then just those 2 drove off? There would be pictures or better yet video not of them being chased but them running into the police station. Come on this is dumb.

1491 days ago


tmz = stop harassing those kills

1490 days ago


Maybe they should know better than to drive home from the airport together. Sure no one likes the paparazzi, but the stars know they are out there. Come home on different flights and go home alone, then meet up later.

1490 days ago
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