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Shane West's 'Rear-End' Sparks 11th Hour Lawsuit

8/22/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shane West just got sued for a 2-car smashup he's accused of causing in Hollywood -- two years ago today -- and now the alleged victim is getting a lawsuit in ... just under the wire.


According to the civil lawsuit, the "A Walk to Remember" star ran into the alleged victim, Richard Glenn Grim on Santa Monica Boulevard. Grim's attorney, Frank Ariel, claims his client was stopped at a red light when Shane "rear-ended" him, causing about 5 grand in damage to Grim's car.

But here's the key -- Ariel also says Grim's knee was injured in the bang-up, and that he had to have "two surgeries." The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in California is two years. Grim's suit was filed on the 18th ... two days to spare.

Ariel says, "We would like to reach a fair settlement with Mr. West's auto insurance company."

Shane's rep hasn't gotten back to us.


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1525 days ago


Shane is a celebrity, but especially a human being like everyone else.
Our stars also make us. They also have car accidents, sometimes they are guilty, other times they are innocent.
Of course, if I could cause an accident or was the victim of an accident, I certainly would not appear in the news. Shane and other celebrities pay the price of fame.
What is sad...shameful... is that press and the media, taking advantage on things like these to speak of celebrities.

1525 days ago


I'm calling the knee surgery was based on something else..maybe the statute of limitations needs to be lowered to one year to avoid bogus lawsuits and insurance fraud. Shane's Insurance company should go Darby Crash on him.

1524 days ago


Sadly, insurance companies in California and elsewhere often play "hardball" and fail to settle even the most obvious cases where they have liability. In many cases they try to extend the "negotiation" beyond the Statute of Limitations with the obvious intent of trying to catch the injured party in a position where they cannot file a lawsuit. Employment advancement within insurance companies is often based upon the employees ability to avoid or mitigate loss payments.

1524 days ago


yeah 2 years to complain...Is that really true?
Because if it's true Mr. Grim is using Shane's fame to make money..
This was deduced that the first time I read this new

1524 days ago


If the car was damaged, why haven't they settled an agreement with their auto insurace back then?
The same for the supposedly surgery, he waits 2 years for that too?

That guy waits 2 YEARS to claim for an accident?
This story sounds bull****!

All he wants is...
Money, money, money...

1524 days ago

Ariel Law Group    

For the information of those of you who really care to know the full story, we initially wrote back to TMZ stating that "we will not attempt to take any advantage of Mr. West's fame and notoriety to gain an advantage in this matter". We also told TMZ that this is just an automobile "accident" between two individuals and for any and all information they could refer to filed court do***ents. However, after attempts were made to directly contact our client, Mr. Grim authorized us to release a statement to TMZ stating that this action arises from a rear-end accident which has caused our client to have two knee surgeries.

We also told TMZ that at the time of the accident, to his credit, Mr. West was concerned for our client's well-being and acted very gentlemanly.

Believe it or not, and with full respect to Mr. West and his celebrity status, both my client and I had no idea "who" Mr. West is and about Mr. West's fame as a star until my office staff pointed that out as the complaint was being drafted, just days before it was filed.

We realize that accidents happen. Our job as responsible consumer attorneys, sworn to bring justice to the court of accident victims vs. BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES, is only to fight for a fair and just compensation for our clients.

1524 days ago


We'll be talking about the same Shane West?

Because the actor's real name is Shannon Bruce Snaith.

And if this is true as well as the do***entation from Insurance company will be with the real Shane's name and not with the stage's name in the news as it comes.

Or after all this is just a funny movie?

1524 days ago

Ariel Law Group    

The court papers name the defendant under his real name "aka Shane West".

1524 days ago


@7 Ariel Law Group
If you are really his lawyer... it doesn't explain why wait 2 YEARS to claim for the accident!
You don't want fame or money, so why bring the story to the media!
Also, attorneys don't leave comments on gossip sites :P
You and this Grim guy are a joke!

1524 days ago


I dont buy it.
That nasty tabloid.
Poor Shane. Not remembered anyone else?

1524 days ago

Ariel Law Group    

The California Statute of Limitations allows a "lawsuit" for personal injury to be filed within 2 years from the date of the injury. That is different from a "claim". The accident was reported and a claim was filed with Mr. West's insurance company within DAYS of the accident. With regards to the court action, our client was under treatment until very recently and decision was made to withhold the filing of the lawsuit for as long as we could, therefore allow our client to seek his treatment and healing before insurance company lawyers started sifting through his life.

Neither my client nor this office wen to the media. The media came to us. As stated in our first post this morning, our initial reaction was not to make any comment. However, in order to put a stop to the phone calls, we made a simple statement of the case. That is all.

1524 days ago


The media came to you lol
You must have found very convenient...
Increasingly interesting, is to have a representative in Gossip site to defend your rights lol
Really, who does still believe in this bull**** new? lol

1524 days ago


Yeah right!
Why are you wasting your time posting comments on a gossip site.
You have a case to defend, and what's going on between you and your client, is supposed to be private.
A lawyer is not supposed to comment on a private case to some random people!


1524 days ago


e lawsuit for as long as we could, therefore allow our client to seek his treatment and healing before insurance company lawyers started sifting through his life._________________ LIAR! It's a great strategy that all crooks use to f... both insurance companies and individuals. You had waited till the last day for a very simple reason - get everybody who could verify his "injuries" out of the way. Nobody can tell as of NOW if the injuries were real and truly caused by this accident .....or by something else, or his old precondition. You can fake anything these days when it comes to profit. I was framed in the same way by a crook snow plow PROFESSIONAL driver driving a snow plow three size my vehicle who hit me while negotiating a blind curve, encroached into MY LANE, caused me hit my brakes (which they later used as an excuse to give me a ticket), smacked me against the river fence, knocked me out, totaled my vehicle (basic insurance) and then accused me of his neck injury, while in fact, while I was siting in my car totaly out if it waiting for the ambulance, blocked by my driver's door, hurting everywhere, he was jumping around my car pulling his hair and yelling I Killed her. I killed her. he didn't look injured at all. I did! I was injured but they made the whole scene look innocent. The PA cop - another crook - gave me a ticket to make sure I won'[t sue this ... hole, then they turned my turn my life into a HELL. He filed a lawsuit two weeks before the expiration of the ,limitation. Insurance companies NEED TO be more scrupulous investigating the accidents and BE PRESENT there FROM DAY ONE! They also must be FAIR and DEFEND their client which they don't really cuz they will get back whatever they lost by increasing your premium, a as well as their other clients'. They're just as crooks as the one show sues you.

1524 days ago
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