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Heidi and Spencer's

Sex Tape Summit

8/21/2010 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are at the same hotel in Costa Rica ... where Spencer is giving his estranged wife a very clear ultimatum: "Either do another reality show with me or I'm going to release amazing sexual content."

Spencer tells TMZ he and Heidi arranged last Sunday to meet at the hotel under the pretext that he would turn over two of their dogs. Spencer brought the dogs to the hotel, turned them over to Heidi, and then made it clear to her that he was not leaving until they settled their issues.

Spencer tells us Heidi knew since they met four years ago that all he wanted was to become famous ... and nothing will stand in his way now. According to Spencer, Heidi is "freaking out because she doesn't want to do reality TV anymore."

Pratt says they have been staying in separate hotel rooms and they have been having ongoing, semi-hysterical discussions -- in which Spencer has demanded that Heidi tear up the divorce papers and do a revealing reality show on why she needs to get away from him.

As Spencer puts it, "You cannot turn off the Speidi machine."

Spencer is very clear ... he will release a flurry of sex tapes if she does not agree. Spencer added, "I am a wild sexual freak and I love sex."

As TMZ first reported, Spencer has been in touch with Vivid Entertainment prez Steven Hirsch, who is salivating to release the tapes. Spencer believes he and Heidi can make more money off of these tapes than Kim Kardashian made off hers.


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Did they make another chapter in the saga? We want to see everything!!!

1524 days ago

karen dapello    

#2, you took the words right outta my mouth, a beatdown is in order.

1524 days ago


This is 'extortion' he is going to have 'serious' legal problems if he tries to go through with this.

1524 days ago


I value my eyesight too much to lose, or have it impaired, watching those two jackasses bump uglies.

Extortion! It's her call, but it's clearly an extortion case, or just another spoke in the Speidi wheel of fortune plot.

1524 days ago


Talentless slimball! The REAL dirtball comes out and HE doesn't give a sh#T! He'll make a bit of $$ and blow it all be fore he finds another sucker like Heidi.

Probably be DEAD before he's 30 (I hope!).

1524 days ago

You Betcha    

Young people scare me sometimes.

1524 days ago


I'd love to see these tapes! Heidi may be an overly - plastic surgurized freak - but Spence is f*ckin' HOT!

1524 days ago


What's the problem. The tape is of Heidi's old parts. No one will recognize her.

1524 days ago

The Dave    

Enough of these two attention starved whores.

1524 days ago


What in the world is Heidi thinking...she traveled to COSTA RICA? to get the dogs back? How long will it take her to figure out she can't trust this idiot? I hope she brought a tape recorder with her so she can nail his a$$ for extortion...

1524 days ago


ummm wouldn't this be considered blackmail?

1524 days ago


What he is doing is nothing but BLACKMAIL which is a FELONY... There is a LOT more to this ( obviously ) then we know ( now anyway ) but all Heidi has to do is call her lawyer and it would stop him cold.. I felt bad for her in the beginning cuz he is such a tool but not now. She would be able to get around all this and its clear she is choosing to engage him.. She is as much of a fame whore as he is. They deserve each other

1524 days ago


Can't she tape him blackmailing her? I'm not a fan of Heidi, but if this is true, Spenser needs his ass kicked back to last Tuesday. What a loser.

1524 days ago


I STILL do not believe them! This is all part of the plan for them. The only way that Spencer is in the spotlight is when he is doing something annoying. he will never have the kind of fame that he wants. Heidi doesn't have anymore of a career in entertainment either. They both need to go away. No one cares anymore...if they ever even did!

1524 days ago


Umm. Yeah. It's not extortion. She's in on it.

1524 days ago
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