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'American Chopper' Star Weds, Dad a No-Show

8/23/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Teutul, Jr. tied the knot this weekend in front of 135 people in New Jersey -- but none of them were his father, "American Chopper" co-star Paul Teutul Sr.

Junior and his bride Rachael married at Bonnet Island Estate in Bonnet Island, NJ. Crazy wedding details included: $28,000 in flower arrangements, a six-tier pink velvet cake with lemon buttercream that featured handmade sugar flowers to match the floral design, and a post-ceremony butterfly release under an arched trellis garden while the strings played "Here Comes the Sun."

Junior and Senior have been in an ongoing legal battle for months now and, according to sources, Senior was invited ... but didn't attend.


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It's so sad how that money can f*ck families/relationships up so much, it's over stock options!! So f*cking dumb, they'll regret it later...

1525 days ago


The Old Man is a Bully D-Bag.
Wait till a real family crisis...
You will wish you stuck together.
Grow up you old fool...
When you die your kids get it anyway.
Put on your big boy pants and cowboy up.

1525 days ago

Oh well    

Come on people, anyone with half a brain knows this is a sham. They are laughing at you all the way to the bank.

1525 days ago


I was on Junior's side to begin with, but this just makes me think even less of the old man. Show up at your son's wedding, for Christ's sake. Most fathers would have to be killed to make them miss that.

1525 days ago


C'mon, if it were truly a "sham", he would still have made it to his son's wedding. There would have been a "fake" fake-truce and would have had a "fake" blow-up later. Sorry, but the dad is a very real d-bag.

1525 days ago

who dat    

If Jr. thinks he is getting screwed over by daddy. Wait a few years down the road. He and the wife get divorced, and she takes half of his new business.

1525 days ago

its me    

you think Jr's wife is going to get half the business if they divorce? right. i'm sure there was some big fat prenup.

1525 days ago

RJ Hunt    

What an A-Hole for a father...

1525 days ago


#1, you are soo correct!!! This whole situation is sad and meaningless. Both will be losers. SR is a bully. Junior is not perfect.
Their T.V. shows will go away and all they will have left is family.

1525 days ago


This whole thing is ridiculous sr is a d@#k he needs to GROW THE F UP and realize that jrs invite was an olive branch stop being so stubborn, he needs to realize the people that work for him only kiss his ass hoping they'll get stock in it when his old as dies poole is a tool quinn is a effin horrible person the only one i like is rick he has a good soul the rest of them can rot in hell and i hope they do!

1525 days ago


Paul Sr. is a loud mouth a**hole. What a shame that his PRIDE kept him from his sons wedding. Why you think you are so special truly escapes me. If it were not for Jr. your show, your bikes...YOU would be nothing because you do not have a CLUE as to what you are is your STAFF that builds those bikes...not you, you idiot

1525 days ago

Ozzie X    

That is sad. His father couldn't have been there one of his most prized moments in life.

1525 days ago


Sr is a total d-bag. Always has been. Always will be. He's a nothing who is still mooching off the money his son's talent earned him. And the business is worthless? Why are they still in business then? Someone is earning a paycheck. Sr has a very nice house and a nice collection of cars for someone who has a company allegedly worth $0. Why would anyone buy from a worthless company? No one ever went out of their way looking for a Sr designed bike. All the "new" bikes from OCC are just rehashed versions of Jr's designs. If he is such a rotten bastard to not attend the wedding, screw him. I hope Jr wins the lawsuit. Cody too. He was under 18 when the bike was "given" to him. There's video proof. Sr steals from children. He doesn't even need his own kids anymore because he's so tight with Beth's sons. Seems he likes them better. Heard Rick left the shop and started his own shop in PA months ago. Good for him.

1525 days ago


Not a single person on here thinks that SR is the better of the two? That's hard to believe. JR always showed up late. He couldn't manage the business on his own. He felt entitled to everything and didn't think he should have to work for anything.

While I agree SR can be a pain in the ass, he does not want the business he worked so hard to build from scratch to go down the drain because of his son(s). You can't blame him for that. Mike is funny but a complete lazy douchbag. He's go no drive, no intelligence and no desire to do or amount to anything.

JR has shown he can't manage anything. He will spend money like crazy and could care less if he finishes a project on time for a customer. I've not had a chance to watch the new TV show, but I'll bet he never hits his commitment dates as he starts his new company. Look at the building he bought for his girlfriend and then wouldn't let her start her business because he felt his was more important. He put his name on the Coleman grill and you've never seen that grill available anywhere. He's been a complete zero and hangs with his head bobbing (always agreeing with anything JR says) life coach and his girlfriend. And did you see all the people JR dated? They all look the same, attractive, blond and complete bimbos. Just the type of people who like to get their hands on money. But he's not sharp enough to even realize it.

1525 days ago


Sham feud or not, a father choosing to not be there when his son gets married is something you can't ever take back.

1525 days ago
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