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Gloria on Tiger Divorce:

He Broke a Lot of Hearts

8/23/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred is weighing in on the news Tiger Woods' divorce is finalized.

She tells TMZ: "Tiger Woods’ marriage appeared to be over long before it became final today. He has broken his wife’s heart and the hearts of many others. His apparent lack of honesty in his relationships doomed his marriage and caused a break that could not be repaired. I wish the best for Tiger’s children, Elin and Tiger as they all start a new chapter in their lives."

Allred continues, "Tiger can begin again but he should never forget the human wreckage that he has left behind and the fact that he has still not been fully accountable for the suffering that he has inflicted on women."


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Yup, the only women he hurt were his, wife, daughter and mother and of course his young son. Gloria Allred, when did you trade in your Girls' High ethic? You should be forced to return you diploma, skank pimp that you are.

1488 days ago


Her eyes are looking in two different directions at once.

1488 days ago


another golddigger hit a jackpot

1488 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

these "women" will all get what they deserve in the long run. Rachael U (u-can-tell-she is a prostitute) and her 10 million dollar payoff will never be a credible anything. I hope she just pisses it all away....

1488 days ago


Who gives a rat's rump what that dried up old c*nt thinks?

1488 days ago


Yep, he did. He broke the hearts of his family - which we are not a part of...And Gloria, you continued the heartbreaking by representing these women. I mean, I will never understand that even though both Tiger AND these women were cavorting together, how is it ALL Tigers fault? These women - clearly over 21 - are also at fault. You must be smoking some good stuff cuz' they share in the heartbreaking.

And HOW on earth do you continue to legally extort money? Oh, this Rachel Whatever got - what - 10 MIL out of Tiger...and your percentage of that was??? That's really the name of the game, ain't it Gloria...PS...PLEASE SHUT YER PIE HOLE!!

You, Joe Jackson and Spencer Pratt are 3 of the biggest media whores in the history of media whores. Off to the "island" for you...

1488 days ago


Snort! As if I'm going to fill bad for a bunch of sluts who thought they might get somewhere by f***ing a married man who's famous. I feel for his wife and children, who have to live with the shame and embarassment. Gloria needs to keep her f***ing mouth shut, stupid bitch.

1488 days ago


I like Gloria, seems I am in the minority. But as a woman if I was in a position that there was a huge disparity in wealth, fame and power and I was trying to get my side of the story out, you bet I'd contact her! She defends her clients well and that is what is important.

1488 days ago


The true broken hearts here belong to Elin and the children. I pray they can move on and have a happy life. The tramps should all be ashamed.. but obviously they don't since they are in the media every chance they get especially the lead tramp, Rachel Uchitel.

1488 days ago


Sooooo I got one more...Here's the exact quote from this site...Allred continues, "Tiger can begin again but he should never forget the human wreckage that he has left behind and the fact that he has still not been fully accountable for the suffering that he has inflicted on women."

Are you kidding me? Are YOU paying attention to the human wreckage YOU have left behind. Seriously, you yourself have inflicted suffering on women everywhere by supporting this trash. Really? I find your comment offensive. And at what point will these women held accountable because they should...Maybe I'll hire a lawyer and sue you. Because everytime you speak, you inflict suffering on all of us. I repeat...shut yer pie hole once!!!

1488 days ago

RJ Hunt    

She is sofa-king full of ****...

1488 days ago


Gloria Allred broke a lot of mirrors. . .

1488 days ago


Allred go away, Allred only cares about her BILLIBLE HOURS AND THE CAMERAS. All the work is done for her and she as always takes the credit. Allred is much more disgusting. I agree just go away and be more concerned for your clients than the camera.

1488 days ago


Gloria the PR WHORE!!!!!

Someone give her $1 so she can buy a rat to knaw that pimple off her face!


1488 days ago


IT'S done. So If I were Tiger, I would tell her in print, in vid, however, to STFU. That would be refreshing.

1488 days ago
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