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Lindsay Lohan

Released from UCLA Rehab

8/25/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been released from the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital ... TMZ has confirmed.

Lindsay was released after 23 days at the Hospital.  Lindsay will receive outpatient care for the foreseeable future.

We're told the doctors at UCLA were very clear with Judge Elden Fox ... they felt Lindsay should be released from the facility immediately, and the judge saw it their way.

Judge Marsha Revel had previously ordered Lindsay to spend 90 days at UCLA.
A court hearing is scheduled tomorrow, although we've learned Lindsay will not be there.


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Allow me to clarify one thing: the cactus episode might be the result of narcotics, too. I just personally think her "poison" was mostly booze paired with her narcissistic "look at me, look at me" need to prove to everyone that she can go out all the time and it doesn't affect her. It seemed to me to be a pathological need to always be seen and "show up" her naysayers. That's just my opinion.

1521 days ago


since her original sentence was based on reactions to medications from a misdiagnosis
I wonder what this means to her year probation
She's supposed to remain clean and sober and report for random drug testing for a year for the terms of her probation

1521 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I was not insulting you in anyway. I was just trying to explain what I feel is the reason why some people are very upset that she has gone outpatient.
If you are under the impression that I WANT Lindsay to die, you could not be more mistaken,
I just am aware that both mental illness and drug addiction are PROGRESSIVE in their course. Now, there are reports that she isnt an addict and she has no "mental" illnesses. Those reports have not be varified in any way BUT SOMETING is amiss in Lindsay lifestyle. Granted lots of young people party, but she has been in rehab numerous time, by her OWN CHOICE, so at some time, she must of thought that drug were a problem for her.
It just doesn't make sence, to me, or a lot of other people why they just let her go into an unsupervised situation when the risk are so high for both her and others of injury/harm possible death. So many people think that just because her crimes are a few years old, that it's a moot point.
To date, Lindsay has not mentioned, or her Mama, that her behaviors are inappropriate. Not all 24 years old hijack cars with people in them, have 3 self-admits to drug rehab or go into court and lie and wear manicure that are antisocial.
The problem I see with some people is they think that just because they wish lindsay will recover, that that is enough. I think she need HELP, and hanging around her old haunts and old friends are going tobe much to tempting for her to overcome.
If my excersing my first amendment rights is a problem for you, I tend to think that it your problem.

1521 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I don't think Lindsay is just going to keel right over and die for no reason. I am concerned that she is going to believe that her behaviors are acceptable and harmless and she is simply going to push the envelope right off the table.
I don't want that.

1521 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

I sent in a post a few minutes ago, but it didn't come up.
My reference to my first amendment rights was based on confusion about what you said about pathological need to show up naysayers. I intretred that originally as a jab at me. Reading it again, it looks like you were talking about Lindsay. Please Forgive my schittyness.

1521 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

And Annie, please be aware I am only offering my opinion based on media reports OK? I do NOT claim to have "the answer" about Lilo in anyway.
Also, don't be too sure that UCLA docs know that much more than some people here.
Wasn't it medical mismanagment that got Lindsay into this mess in the first place.
Many, many docs in my family...Aint proud of a damn one of 'em.

1521 days ago


Oh gee, there goes Harvey's overtime budget for the year.

1521 days ago


it's a brand new day

congrats Lindsay

good luck!

team LiLo team Mel

1521 days ago


to Catherine Malllory

we all know that the UCLA thingy was a BS.
Linsday Lohan is in the show business since she was 9

she's a STAR , talented professional , very busy with her work with a family to support.

A quick look at her last photoshoot will explain how talented she is. She started with Ford in NYC .

and she's not a "regular" girl , since she was 9 she wasn't a "regular" girl . Major Disney productions when she was 10? do we understand how talented and busy and NOT-REGULAR she is?


1521 days ago

Missouri Traveller    

No one can benefit from only 23 days in rehab. Just another example of blatant favoritism towards the Illuminati of La-La Land. Want her well? Want her recovered from her drug and alcohol abuse? Lock her back down for at least two months. Then monitor her for the next two years.

1521 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

#161 Mark
I don't want to ignore your post to me, but I don't much understand it.
You wrote, "UCLA was a BS"....did you mean UCLA WAS BS..or does "was a BS" mean something else? Sorry, I don't understand.
And the "regular girl" thing...mentioned several times, but I don't understand the point you seem to try to be making. I don't think I have ever posted that Lindsday is "regular".
Well, I just didn't want you to think I am ignoring your post, but I don't really have an "intelligent" response since I don't quite understand it.
I would not say she is a "regular" girl given her life cir***stances and challenges, if you somehow thought I was trying to say she was common, or something...???

1521 days ago


we will soon have another tatum o'neal

1521 days ago

Catherine Malllory    

DIdn't Tatum clean up?
Is that suppose to be encouraging? I haven't heard about the little Tatrum in years!!!

1521 days ago


So many of you are totally dismissing the UCLA Medical as a bunch of quacks. It is one of the best in the nation. They actually analyze all the drugs someone is taking, their emotion states, past emotional traumas, drug chemistry, brain chemistry, MRI's, etc etc etc. They are not about to mess up on this case especially because everyone is watching. UCLA is so good, the LA DA wanted her to go there. The last judge Judge Revel got into trouble(she had to excuse herself from the case, because the DA asked for it) trying to put her into a "SPA" rehab, instead of a real one.
I am so glad so many of you know better than actual doctors who treated, studied and analyzed her.I was not aware so many of you have your medical, pharma, and psych degrees.

1521 days ago


I find it amazing that all these Lohan supporters think it's OK to:
Have 2 DUI's
Be found with Coke on you both times.
To claim the guy in the red shirt was driving, then changing it to the guy in the white shirt was driving, instead of taking responsiblity.
To claim that the pants SHE WAS WEARING were someone else's because they had coke in them.
Violated Probation multiple times.

Just shows you what type of people these supporters are.

I feel sorry for Judge Revel. She was only trying to help this poor girl, and keep her away from all these enablers and supporters.

With friends (and family) like that, who needs enemies?

1521 days ago
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