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Spencer to Heidi -- We Need Couples Counseling!

8/26/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Spencer Pratt still believes there's a chance to save his marriage to Heidi Montag as long as they get some "relationship counseling" -- and sources close to the couple tell us Heidi is totally on board.


We're told Spencer -- who's currently hocking sex tapes starring himself, Heidi and a Playmate -- still "loves" his estranged wife ... and is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the divorce.

In fact, we're told Spencer has finally admitted to having a "fame addiction" ... and wants to seek help for that too.

As for Heidi -- we're told she's down to work things out ... despite all of the public drama he's put her through recently.

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TMZ, you look like fools. Stop reporting on these two. You're either completely ignorant of the fact that all the "drama" they are manufacturing is for publicity, or... you're in it with them. Hmm... maybe that's why TMZ is the ONLY website so intent on publishing every non-story about these two non-celebrities? I'm not sure which I'd rather believe: that TMZ is really stupid enough to believe everything they are writing about these "reality stars", or that they are in on their evil fame plot. Either way, you're losing credibility TMZ.

1521 days ago


he looks like a decendent of wolf boy

1521 days ago


Marriage always works best under black mail conditions. How could you two even think a real marriage is possible? Now you know what he truly is a psychopath.

1521 days ago


This is what passes for reporting in the internet age. TMZ just mindlessly repeats whatever these two tell them, without any attempt to verify the information.

TMZ can't even be bothered to pick up a dictionary and look up the definition of "hock".

1521 days ago


Ugh. I should have known their 'divorce' and her "I hate my boobs now" was just a publicity stunt. The sooner these two vapid wastes of oxygen are ignored, the sooner they will go away. I'm talking to you, TMZ. Can't we boycott anything Speidi?

1521 days ago


You are doing precisely what these two talentless losers want you to do - pay attention to them. Why not just put a moratorium on publishing any stories involving Speidi?! That will really tick them off. They will do and say anything for publicity - it's boring!

1521 days ago


How much do they pay you to keep pushing this story? Everyone knows they are full of it and they seem to have you on the strings pushing every story the way they want you to push it.

1521 days ago


For one they should stop trying to sell those tapes of theirs that
"NOBODY WANT'S TO SEE" because 'they' are not that "GOODLOOKING"

People look like their pets, "SO WHERE'S THEIR HORSE?"

1521 days ago


Dude looks like a Wookie. She needs to get away from him before she picks up his fleas.

1521 days ago


We dont want to hear anything bout these 2 low lives anymore.
All people who were watching THE HILLS have no lives.
Im glad the crap is over. Their 15 min is up.

1521 days ago


Oh please. This is so manufactured & orchestrated that it's disgusting. These 2 are attention whoring douchebags who will say & do ANYTHING to get attention. Personally, I'm surprised that ***ggboy spencer isn't trying to hock a tape of him & heidi taking dumps; they'd try to if they thought they could make any money on it.

I hate both of these douchebags with a passion. I hope they get in a very painful fatal car crash very soon...

1521 days ago



1521 days ago


I think this is all a publicity stunt!

1521 days ago


This whole thing was fake from the start. Seriously she should leave the loser. I never liked the guy from the start.

TMZ I think you guys are the only ones that are chassing these 2. Let them dissapear.

1521 days ago


both of them are major ass clowns. that **** may fly on the west coast, not here in NY. NEXT!

1521 days ago
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