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Michael Jackson's Kids Get Schooled

8/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two of Michael Jackson's kids have taken a big step -- leaving homeschool for one of the most exclusive private schools in the country.

Michael Jackson Kids School
TMZ has learned 13-year-old Prince and 12-year-old Paris started at The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley on Wednesday.   

Family sources tell TMZ ... Prince wanted to go to Buckley to have "a social experience."  Initially, Paris was reluctant but changed her mind in a big way.

As for 8-year-old Blanket -- he's still going to be homeschooled. Katherine Jackson feels he's too young to venture out.

Among the alums -- Matthew Perry, Alyssa Milano, Nicole Richie, Nicollette Sheridan and Laura Dern.

By the way, some other grads even went on to do sex tapes and became famous -- Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.


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Good luck to both Prince and Paris. TMZ really needs to back off Michael's kids. And I have to agree TMZ you are way out of line for posting those disgusting characteristics. Michael's kids are good kids. Michael raised them all well. Stop posting all these negative allusions and find something better to do with your time. Leave Michael's kids alone, let them be kids. They didn't ask nor I do think they want to be the attention of your spotlight.Grow up and stop trying to make assumptions about his kids.

1521 days ago


Finally they get to be around normal people.
As they say the lord works in mysterious ways.

1521 days ago


I think it maybe nice for them to go to a private school.MJ raised HIS children to be well mannered good kids.They are not kleins.They have Jackson blood.

1521 days ago


Well good for them. I'm glad they'll be able to hang around with kids other than their cousins all the time. I think they need to learn how to make friends and be involved in extra curricular activities & hopefully they'll be able to function normally without a whole lotta hoopla. I wish them the best.

1521 days ago


good news...

1521 days ago


Home Schooled at 8yrs old by your grandmother? Is that kid going to have issues down the road?? who the he** homeschools their kids??

1521 days ago


It never ceases to amaze me when TMZ puts up a good story they always have to have a 1 line smut at the end to ruin it. I think it is great they want to venture out and try school other than homeschool but it is people like TMZ that is going to make it tough for them. And the others that keep talking about the paternity of these kids. Just leave it alone. They were Michael's in every way that matters. I really do wish them the best because of who they are I feel they will have a long road ahead of them with the media. Just leave these kids alone.

rip mj

1521 days ago


Blanket will not be homeschooled by Katherine for goodness sake! He'll have a tutor, which is how the kids were homeschooled even when they were with Michael.

1521 days ago


They are going to be just fine. They just need time to be kids. God bless.

1521 days ago

Anne Kervran    

I wish good life to both of them. Prince looks so much like Dr Klein and Paris looks really like Marc Lester. Michael was their true father.

1521 days ago


i can't believe that anyone still thinks those are his bio kids.

1521 days ago


and to the poster who claims that prince has vitiligo... oh jeez. It doesn't cover your entire skin like that, making it a nice even but lighter color!! and learn something about genetics while you're at it. My son has vitiligo, it's in patches. I don't even believe MJ had it, remember all the bleaching solutions that were found at his house>>>

1521 days ago


I believe TMZ added Hilton and Khardasian as a joke. No one has mentioned the other well known celebs that went to this school and came out okay (other then Perry having some problems as an ADULT).

BTW - these kids are of mixed race. If you can't see it - you're blind.

I hope they do well at school. I think they are more normal then we give them credit for. Don't forget - they spent a lot of time with their family - uncles, aunts, cousins, Grandma - so they can't be that unaware of things outside of their home with their Dad. Dad may have been weird, but loved them and raised them right.

1521 days ago


@yomama my son has Vitiligo as well and yes it can look like that. His looks identical to Prince's. Prince also has it on his neck (several small areas)as well as one of his hands. I think you are the one who needs to learn something about genetics. If you are somehow insinuating that the children are not Michael's, that's very ignorant. I am a Caucasian female, my husband is black. We have two children who are often mistaken as bein "white". One has blue eyes and light brown hair, the other has green eyes and dark brown hair. Their skin tone is actually somewhat lighter than all three of Michael's children. Michael did indeed have Vitiligo. This was confirmed in the autopsy report.

1521 days ago


Y'all havin a fit cause TMZ mentions the name of the school. Don't you ever wonder WHO GAVE THEM THAT STORY TO START WITH?? The Jacksons OR Sony probably doesn't want Michael or anything as close to him as those kids, to fade out of the picture. There's still many millions to be made off the fans!

1521 days ago
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