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Hunter Tylo Sued By ... Nearly Everyone

8/27/2010 9:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check your calendars -- August 27 is National Sue Hunter Tylo Day ... and her manager, security firm and lawyers are all getting in on the act.

The story is the same for all three -- so they filed a joint lawsuit today in Los Angeles Superior Court. Each of them -- Marv Dauer (manager), The Centurion Group (security firm) and The Law Offices of Lon B. Isaacson (guess) claim they worked for Tylo and are still owed cash.

The biggest claim belongs to Dauer, who claims Tylo owes him $250,000.

A rep for Tylo could not be reached for comment.


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I have nothing against plastic surgery, but the idea of this woman suing anyone who crosses her path offends me.

Looks like karma is biting her on the butt.

1519 days ago


Everytime I see her I think- WTF did you do to your beautiful face? I wonder if these people own mirrors.

1519 days ago


it's called karma, Hunter won a ridiculous lawsuit when she chose to get pregnant over doing a tv series, and ever since she's had personal turmoil, including divorce, the death of her son, and financial difficulties, what goes around comes around.

1519 days ago


Wow you people r a bunch of F ing retards or bored Fa** Yes she has had a ruff time dealing with her sons death and with the HD bull she has had a bit plastic surgery done but give the girl a break she has done B&B for quite a few years now She is and still will be a great actor for years to come!!!!

1519 days ago


Who? I've never heard of her.

1519 days ago


That photo was probably taken in 1981. I think her real name is Fifi Dombrowski or something. But goodness gracious folks...THIS is news? Aging porn star? How about weather lady on some UHF channel in the mid-west somewhere?

1519 days ago


I can't wait till Hunter writes her next book... I'm sure she'll give us all this inside dirt on all these people.

1519 days ago



1519 days ago


this woman has been through so much... i just think this has just slipped her mind. jeez ppl should leave her alone already!!!

1519 days ago


Oh .. this is that woman who sued Aaron Spelling ... that's her great claim to fame. That's how people know her, that's what people know her from. Tylo sues Aaron Spelling. She did look so different back then ... back in the 80's there was this craze about plastic surgery, she had to much done, that can't be undone. Ever since that court case that's the only news you see of this woman ... she even turned her son's death into a law suit news story. Maybe she's just a lost and confused woman ... she took the idea of a sexy woman way to far.

1519 days ago


How disgusting some of you people can be?? It makes me sick to my stomach when I read your comments. The woman has been through hell when her daughter was battling cancer and then she lost her son, and all you can do is badmouth her and her plastic surgeries??? What kind of people are you?? I swear to God, I hope all of you, who are without a bit of compassion and human decency, go through HALF of what she has gone through. DEATH of a loved one is the most horrible thing anyone can go through and only heartles people, who you apparently are, would be able to say things that you did.

1519 days ago


Granted she has gone through the death of a child, but just what does that have to do with the fact that she is being sued for not paying her employees? She dragged that SW's name through the mud and she threw a lot of money away to do it. She should fire her lawyer and hire a financial advisor, then maybe she wouldn't be facing lawsuits for not paying employees.

1519 days ago


This woman is a publicity w$*#@. Now, I hope she is enjoying all the publicity she is getting! I still crack up each time I think of her saying she has NEVER had plastic surgery! There isn't a part of her body that hasn't been under the knife. She even made the list on She is a terrible mother. She left her young children to have an affair with a married man. The wife begged Tylo to send her husband home, and Tylo refused. Now, she has exposed her two young daughters to abusers--one she lived with, and the other she married after meeting him on an internet date site. I read that Michael now has custody of the girls. For their sake, I hope that is correct.

1518 days ago


Good information here. I really enjoy reading them every day. I've learned a lot from them.

1518 days ago


Michael does not have custody, he got remarried and rarely sees the girls.

1518 days ago
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