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Hunter Tylo Sued By ... Nearly Everyone

8/27/2010 9:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check your calendars -- August 27 is National Sue Hunter Tylo Day ... and her manager, security firm and lawyers are all getting in on the act.

The story is the same for all three -- so they filed a joint lawsuit today in Los Angeles Superior Court. Each of them -- Marv Dauer (manager), The Centurion Group (security firm) and The Law Offices of Lon B. Isaacson (guess) claim they worked for Tylo and are still owed cash.

The biggest claim belongs to Dauer, who claims Tylo owes him $250,000.

A rep for Tylo could not be reached for comment.


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I suppose we have that info on good authority?
I hope you are wrong and MT does have physical custody, her choices right now are not good for them. First an abusive BF and now married to a man that was jailed on similar charges?..who she met on the Internet no less.
She lost my respect after her tell-all book, there is nothing she won't do for publicity and money!
She ruined her only real 'talent' which was her looks.

1454 days ago


I usually do not leave comments, but I thought this was a great post!...

1454 days ago


It's all about the bejamins, everyone is after Hunter's money!
Maybe it's good that she won't have any so all the users will leave her the h*ll alone! BTW, Mr.Tylo does NOT have custody of their 2 daughters. He only has visitation on weekends. People should shut up if they don't know what they are talking about!
And Hunter didn't just up and leave her kids to go to India to have an affair-SHE was WORKING over there doing a movie!

1453 days ago


She had a home near me in Henderson NV. The home where her son drowned. She let it go into foreclosure after the incident.

1453 days ago


#21 got it right. The worst actor on TV

1452 days ago


Hunter Tylo is a nice person, but I just feel sorry that she has run into these bad times. The therapist lawsuits and now this? It's also true about the plastic surgery, I know people don't want to grow old in Hollywood, but Hunter did NOT NEED ANY of that! Especially the lip enhancements,that was really really stupid.She was a natural beauty, one of the most beautiful on tv. If I looked like she USED TO, I would die first before letting a plastic surgeon anywhere near my face!

1451 days ago


Personally, I thought this was a beautiful woman. Still do, but wouldn't have recognized her as Tylo.

1451 days ago


Time to trash 2 once gorgeous soap opera stars from an every day person
1) Katherine Kelly Lang
When she started she was a fresh, sweet, beautiful young woman. Now she looks like a hag. When she got her hair cut it looked very attractive, but has she ever heard of a beauty salon for cuts and color? And as a young woman she had a normally, large set of boobs. Now they look like she could feed the entire city of Los Angeles with them. Also, became a soft-porn star with Ian something from 90210. Google it and see the artificial boobs! Her sexual escapades on BB border on soft porn and if she could get away with it, we would all see more.
Now for Hunter Tylo
Probably the most beautiful woman of this generation. Nothing about her was less than superb. Great figure and large boobs that went with her body. Now she could stay afloat the Pacific Ocean with those gigantic boobies forever if she could stay on her back. She must keep her husband busy for months with those if she does not suffocate him first.
Hunter? What is she hunting for a new plastic surgeon to deal with those blubber lips? I do feel sorry for her. She has had numerous problems, for instance, got pregnant with first child unwed, had an abortion, is alcoholic, had a child with cancer, had an affair with a married man, lost a son, lost a great job due to pregnancy. Many of these things happen to a lot of us. But has addiction issues that need to be dealt with. Also, does she realize the damage she has done to her children and her new husband's children with her affair. Obviously has a sex addiction- cannot keep her legs together most probably because her large chest and big boobs won't let her. And she aborted a child because it was too difficult for her to raise another. And then starts a website to repent as a born again Christian. Has she ever heard of birth control. Now there will be those who scream out about this post, but what about personal responsibility? Sex, alcohol, plastic surgery etc. It appears that she needs some therapy to deal with her multiple issues. But maybe she could just have plastic surgery of the brain

1439 days ago

Jade Amoli-Jackson    

You're just jealous! She is beautiful and a great actress, leave her alone!

1436 days ago


Jealous of what? A former beautiful woman who is now a blubber lipped huge boob nutcase? I am jealous that she aborted a child, had an affair with a married man, alcoholic, sex addict, plastic surgery addict, and cannot pay her bills. She is not a great actress. I would reserve that term for Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Taylor, or Katherine Hepburn. But Hunter? A soap opera star who is not even that good on the show? I bet you read Harlequin romances too and think they should be given the Newberry Awards.

1427 days ago


I used to think Hunter was a beautiful woman. What has she done to herself? Those lips? Horrendous! A really bad boob job. I mean gee*****he men on the show don't even seem to thrilled to have to kiss her (but that could also be for other reasons I suppose)? Maybe that they don't care for her? But ick! And her story line is SO lame these days. Her two kids are sociopaths (on the show of course) and she plays a psychiatrist that does not see the manipulations and her own twisted thinking. I think her time is up. As to the lawsuit, it makes me very angry when I hear of rich people not paying their debts. I hope they prevailed!

1014 days ago
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